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How to Stop Sinning and Slim Down in 7 Secs

Gluttony is a sin, which you do. Jesus said "sin no more". How do you stop the sin of gluttony, of overeating?

You are at perfect weight when your waist is 70% (female) or 90% (male) of your hips in circumference. Measure yourself with a measuring tape right now.

The wages of sin is death. The consequence of sin is in your health. As you sow, so you reap. For example, overeating fats gives you heart disease, diabetes and death. Overeating protein gives you cancer and cataracts.

So eat fruit only for breakfast. If you eat dried fruit, for each swallow of dried fruit - such as "Bliss Balls" or "Protein Balls" drink three swallows of purified water immediately afterwards to feel full.

For each swallow of purified water Laugh Down on "suu" as in "wood". This gives you a feeling of satiation. It releases your food addiction, but reveals what's under it - love depletion. 

So then Laugh Down on "tuu" to fill yourself with love, to overcome the cause of overeating and yoyo dieting and regain control of your emotional life. Hug yourself at the same time to feel fully embraced.

I learned to do this when 13 others died in my life in 13 months, and 33 in nine years. I had nobody to hug me. A 14 breath hug turns on all your hormones, including those that give you satiation and prevent addiction. I became obese through "comfort eating".


Drink purified water instead of snacks. Your body needs 1 litre per 23kgs of body weight per day, plus more for exercise or fever.


When you eat lunch, start with tubers. For each swallow of tuber drink one swallow of water. For each swallow of grains - such as bread -  drink two swallows of purified water.

Remember that Jesus didn't eat cream buns. He didn't eat bread - what we call bread - either. Flour mills were only invented a couple of centuries ago.

He ate sprouted grain bread, also called Ezekiel or Essene bread. The grain were sprouted, then slow baked below 120 degrees. So the sprouted loaf was alkaline and brimming with vitamins!


Then have salad with a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice, mixed together, on top. This prevents calcifications, such as gall stones, kidney stones, arthritic nodules and limestone prostate. 

If you are in Australia, where the soil is deficient in selenium, grate two Brazil nuts on top of your salad, or three if you are over 5'9" tall. For each swallow of nuts drink three swallows of purified water.

Selenium toxicity can occur with acute or chronic eating of excess Brazil nuts. Symptoms of selenium toxicity include nausea; vomiting; nail discoloration, brittleness, and loss; hair loss; fatigue; irritability; and foul breath odor (often described as “garlic breath”).

Selenium is found in the environment in soil. It is also in red blood cells walls and crucial for energy from oxygen. It is stripped from red blood cells walls by Covid, so you may suffer from selenium deficiency and think that you have "long Covid" which is just a nutritional deficiency.


In fact, an intake of 5,000 mcg of selenium, which is the amount in approximately 50 average-sized Brazil nuts, can lead to toxicity. This dangerous condition is known as selenosis and can cause breathing problems, heart attack, and kidney failure, but as an Australian chronically deficient in selenium you might simply find that 9-12 Brazil nuts a day for 2-3 days simply sends your energy levels sky high!


No need for the artificial stimulation of drugs such as caffeine and sugar, just boost your levels of oxygen to every cell by intaking selenium naturally, from sources OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA. Read the fine print on the packaging.

Then have four handfuls of greens, such as sweet potato leaves, dandelions or spinach. And finish your meal with seaweed, such as nori, for the trace minerals - good nutrition. It makes you feel full when you add four swallows of water for one swallow of dried nori, whereas white bread makes you feel full because of its glue (made from the excess protein in it). 


Laugh Yourself Slim - how to Feel Full, Satiated and Loved in 7 Secs

How to feel full

1 Drink purified water. If your body weight is 23kgs you need 1 litre per day, plus more for exercise or fever.

23kgs = 1 litre

46kgs = 2 litres

69kgs = 3 litres

92kgs = 4 litres

115kgs = 5 litres

138kgs = 6 litres

161kgs = 7 litres

184kgs = 8 litres

207kgs = 9 litres

2 Swallow water after each mouthful of food. For example, after one swallow of tubers drink one swallow of water.

Fruit = 0 

Salad Veggies = 0

Tubers = 1

Grains = 2

Nuts = 3

Seeds = 3

Dried Fruit = 3

Seaweed = 4

How to feel satiated

3 Laugh Down on "suu" to feel satiated and release addictions. "Suu" stimulates neurotransmitters like the hormones serotonin, dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine, adrenalin and histamine.

How to feel loved

4 Laugh Down on "tuu" to boost oxytocina and feel loved. Hug yourself 14 times a day, especially using Rainbow Tapping, on 14 x 14 Laugh Downs.

5 Only eat Vitarian foods. Vitarian eating includes fruit, veggies, ...

Is there an Ideal Diet?

How do you know what is ideal food and what is not? You Breath Test!!

If it's ideal Lower Belly Breathing will be Correct, because God gives you life. If Lower Belly Breathing gives a Perverse response - your lower belly goes in when you breathe in and out when you breathe out - it's not.

Compare these two Hand Positions. The first interlaces your fingers at your first (distal) bones. It activates Correct Lower Belly Breathing. That is ideal breathing.

The second reverses the interlacing of your fingers at your first bones. It activates Perverse (reverse) Lower Belly Breathing. It's not ideal.

Now compare these two Hand Positions. The first interlaces your fingers at your second (medial) bones. It activates Correct Upper Belly Breathing. It's ideal.

The second reverses the interlacing of your fingers at your first bones. It activates Perverse (reverse) Upper Belly Breathing. It's not.

Now compare these two Hand Positions. The first interlaces your fingers at your third (proximal) bones. It activates Correct Lower Chest Breathing. It's ideal.

The second reverses the interlacing of your fingers at your third bones. It activates Perverse (reverse) Lower Chest Breathing. It's Egotistical.

Now compare these two Hand Positions. The first interlaces your fingers at your third (proximal) bones and brings your palms together. It activates Correct Upper Chest Breathing. It's ideal.

The second reverses the interlacing of your fingers at your third bones and brings your palms together. It activates Perverse (reverse) Upper Chest Breathing. It's not ideal.

In other words, you can breathe to change your state from focussing on the ideal to focussing on what's not at any time. Observe your breathing. Are you doing Good Breathing (Correct, Lower Belly Breathing) or Poor Breathing (Perverse, Lower Belly Breathing). If the latter, change it. 

About 20% of people are locked into Perverse Breathing most of the time. If you are, practise Correct Breathing at all four levels until you breathe normally this way. Most people who are so afflicted take about 3-6 weeks to change. One woman took a year, but after that most of her ailments subsided or dis-appeared.

So please, when you wake up in the morning, Sing Down a little prayer, sip two glasses of purified water and do half an hour of Laugh Downs to heal yourself and boost your energy.

Now Breath Test the five types of food that are ideal. Firstly, there's fruit. Cross your ankles left over right and Sing Down "Fruit eating". Result: Lower Belly Breathing.

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Vegetable eating". Result: Upper Belly Breathing.

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Grain eating". Result: Lower Chest Breathing.

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Nuit eating". Result: Upper Chest Breathing.

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Seed eating". Result: Back Breathing.

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Meat eating". Result: Perverse Lower Belly Breathing!

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Meat eating". Result: Perverse Lower Belly Breathing!

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Poultry eating". Result: Perverse Upper Belly Breathing!

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Milk eating" or "Cheese eating" or "Yogurt  eating". Result: Perverse Lower Chest Breathing!

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Egg eating". Result: Perverse Upper Chest Breathing!

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Legume eating". Result: Perverse Back Breathing!

Now uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths, then cross them and Sing Down "Seaweed eating". Result: Good Upper Belly Breathing. Yes, seaweed is a vegetable.

Breath Test all of your foods. You will find that each one relates to a band in Band Breathing. Stop eating Perverse Foods. They open the doors to bad health.

Yes, I love peanuts. But peanuts give Perverse Back Breathing, because they are a legume. Rice is the same, and I am a big fan of whole, brown rice. But it's a legume.

Choose whatever gives you Correct Breathing, not what gives you Perverse Breathing. Choose life over death. If you want to reverse aging, choose fruits, vegetables including seaweeds, grains, nuts and seeds rather than meat, poultry, milk, eggs or legumes. Please don't take my word for it. Please Breath Test what I have done, and let your body tell you truly what you need. 

Occasionally your body may indicate that you need a food that causes Perverse Breathing. Maybe that's because you are low in a nutrient that a particular food is abundant in. A good example is meat. 

I have been vegan for 47 years, but some women have said that they went vegan but lost too much iron and went back to eating meat. When I am low in iron I have Iron Rich Ice Cream and Pecan and Olive Beetroot Stew, both of which are on this website in recipe or song recipe form. So they went back to meat eating because of their ignorance of where iron for humans comes from - beetroot, olives, pecans, fennel and especially dill. 

I have four cups of deep green, leafy vegetables every day if I can. I like to pick them fresh and eat then without washing, straight from the garden. That gives me plenty of iron and plenty of vitamin B12 (from the bacteria on the deep green, leafy vegetables), which is highly involved in iron metabolism in the body. 

Your Ideal Diet can be made real. Just eat fruit, veggies (including seaweed), grains, nuts and seeds. Your body will love it! I suggest fruit in the morning, plus tubers or grains for lunch with salad and deep green, leafy veggies.

The Myths about Iron

You are feeling weak and lethargic – lacking in energy. It’s like after your bleeding each month, but it drags on. You are probably low in iron.

Your drug and dagger dealer recommends that you eat meat. It has 2.6 grams of iron per 100 grams. But in six years of studying drugs and surgery, he has done zero hours of study on nutrition. You don’t trust him, rightfully so, because of his total ignorance about foods.

So you look up cashew nuts. 6.7 grams, which is 2—3 times that of meat! But your drug and dagger dealer questions how much you can absorb from it. You discover that phytic acid, which stops nuts and seeds from sprouting, stops you from absorbing half the nutrients from nuts and seeds.

That still makes cashews a better source of iron than meat! And you go one better – you soak the nuts overnight to get the phytic acid into the water, and drain off the water. This simple process is called activation.

Then you eat a big handful of activated cashews a day (about 30 grams) to get the same amount of iron as red meat, but with much less cost. You can do the same with other nuts too.

Low Iron (mgs/100gms)

Pork 0.8

Snapper 0.3

Egg 0.9

Avocado 0.9

Banana 0.4

Chicken 1.3

Tuna 1.4

Strawberry 0.4

Pea 1.5



Beef 2.6

Spinach 2.7



Sweet potato leaves

Deep green leafy vegetables are high in Vitamin C, which helps absorb the iron better.

Pecan 2.5

Walnuts 2.7

Brazils 2.4

Pumpkin 3.3

Almonds 3.7

Hazel 4.7

Peanuts 4.6

Pine 5.5

Sunflower 5.3

Cashew 6.7

Tahini (sesame seed butter) 8.9!

Heme iron, the type found predominantly in blood and muscle, is absorbed better than the non-heme iron that predominates in plants, but may increase the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome.


People may take iron to help treat iron deficiency anemia or to supplement their diet. However, oral iron supplements may cause or worsen constipation. Experts suggest that unabsorbed iron in the gut may cause stools to harden and other gastrointestinal side effects, such as pain and bloating.


Life Stage

Recommended Amount

Teen girls 14–18 years

15 mg per day

Adult men 19–50 years

8 mg per day

Adult women 19–50 years

18 mg per day

Adults 51 years and older

8 mg per day


For those suffering from iron-deficiency anemia, hibiscus tea wins! An 8-fluid-ounce serving delivers a suprising 20 mgs of iron—an important mineral that keeps the immune system balanced and helps the body to maintain red blood cells (the carriers of oxygen around the body).

Or you can pick hibiscus petals and chew them, or add them as a colourful garnish to your salad. 

Be careful! The stamen (central part that sticks up from the flower) will constipate you. Half a stamen is good to stop diarrhea, but too much will stop your intestines from moving your feces through!


Eat three ripe, juicy, Bowen mangoes. You feel full because mangoes have 84% moisture content.

Then open your pyloric sphincter (a round muscle between your stomach and small intestine) by massaging Small Intestine 1 (an acupuncture point) on the LEFT little finger. This allows some food that has not been fully digested through into your small intestine. You get dysbiosis – imbalance of the bacterial population in your gut.

From dysbiosis you get all sorts of gut symptoms and brain symptoms, such as brain fog, dullness and lethargy.  

Instead of the above, stop eating until you are no longer full. Then eat some deep green, leafy veggies such as spinach, lettuce, dandelion, dill or sweet potato leaves. Feel how your digestion corrects itself. Four cups a day of deep, leafy greens corrects many ailments.

Copper for Energy!

Many nuts and seeds have high levels of copper. You need about 900mcgs per day, and nuts and seeds often provide more than that, per 100gms. For example,

Almonds 1.11

Pistachios 1.15

Hazels 1.2

Pecans 1.2

Brazils 1.7

Pine 1.8

Copper helps to absorb iron, form hemoglobin, make red blood cells and ensure adequate blood oxygenation. Of course, practise breathing correctly (diaphragmatic breathing) by practising your Laugh Downs (on this website) every day.

How to Prevent Dysbiosis

Eat dessert first! That's right, eat sugars before carbs, carbs before proteins, proteins before fats, fats before salad and salad before deep, leafy greens. You see, if you eat greens, which take 3-4 hours to digest in the stomach, before fruit, which takes half an hour, the fruit will ferment, causing fermentation, gas, wind and bloating.


Fruit takes half an hour to digest, carbs one hour, protein two hours, fat three hours, salad three hours plus and deep greens four hours. So just have fruit in the morning. That's breakfast. 

Then have carbs (vine fruit, such as taro, potato, sweet potato, yam, beetroot and celeriac) for lunch followed by a palmful of nuts and salad, followed by greens with a little olive oil and lemon juice drizzled over them. No fermentation, no gas, no wind, no bloating, no dysbiosis - or at least, a minimum of those things. It all comes from eating the foods that God designed you for, in their order of best digestion.

Water and Food

If you are overweight drink water with your meals to feel full and lower your stomach acidity, so that you eat less. If you are underweight don't drink water with your meals so that you absorb more.


Only drink purified water. Your body needs 1litre/23kgs of body weight of H2O daily. Babies are 90% water, the elderly 60%. 

Vitarian Diet

Wet Food

The best medium for digestion has 86%-88% water content. That's human mother's breast milk. Of course, with food that has more water than than, such as watermelon, you don't need to drink water with your food. There is already enough.

Dry Food

But with food that has less than 86%, such as banana, which has 73%, you need to sip some water. So Banana Smoothies work really well. 

Genesis 1:29

And God said, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." In other words, eat  fruit, nuts, seeds and greens. You were designed for this. 

Vegan Diet

Because it includes cooked food, which inflames the intestines, the vegan diet is not ideal. The Garden of Eden had no kitchen. 

A vegan diet includes legumes, which are mostly far too high in protein and can be very acidic. You get fermentation, gas, wind and bloating from them.

It also includes grains, again, too high in protein. Excess protein causes congestion through hydrophilic gels, causing cataracts, cancer, cough, colds, covids, catarrh and many more ailments.

Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarians consume cow juice and eggs. They are twice as likely to get cardiovascular dis-eases, cancer, diabetes, kidney dis-eases, respiratory syndromes, salmonella poisoning and many other dis-eases than vegans. 2-3 eggs/week gives you 200%-300% more chance of getting breast cancer. 

Fishy Diet

Fish and shellfish have 70%-84% water content. You need to drink water with them. They are also very toxic, because with 8 billion people on the planet the oceans have become a sewer. 

Toxic Diet

Animal products such as beef, veal, lamb and mutton have about 60% water content. You need to drink a lot of water if consuming them.

Super Toxic Diet

Pork is even more dry, about 53% water, so you need to drink even more water.

Super Dry Diet

Dried fruit contains 22%-33% water, so you need to soak it overnight before eating. Try this experiment. Feel your skin. Then eat three, dried apricots. Then feel your skin again. Feel how it got drier because the water went from the body proper into your stomach to help wet the dried apricots. You get dryness of the body proper and its consequent dis-eases. 

Nut Supplements

Nuts often contain an abundance of minerals or a particular mineral. For example, cashews contain large amounts of iron and magnesium, so if your hand has a mild tremor the trembling may cease after eating a handful of cashews.

But they are very, very dry, so grate them and add water, then drizzle them as a dressing onto your salads, or blend them into your smoothies or ice creams.

Poisons (drugs)

Caffeine in coffee, tea, cola, cocoa, cacao (raw cocoa), chocolate and guarana raises blood pressure and eye pressure and weakens blood vessel walls, causing strokes, paralysis, impotence, low libido, headaches, digestive stress, diarrhea, incontinence and 40% of deaths in Australia. 

Caffeine boosts hunger and gives you the munchies. You put on weight and pee more. 

Sugar in canned, packaged and processed foods weakens blood vessel walls, causing varicose veins, hemorrhoids (piles), spider veins, facial sag, tummy sag, weak muscles and other saggy bits, and low energy. Boost your appetite so that you put on weight without sugar. Sugar is extremely dry. 

Theobromine in tea (black tea is fermented green tea, so it's three times as toxic, but both are toxic). The combination of its vasodilation abilities, diuretic effects, and gastrointestinal upset means that, in very high amounts, theobromine can cause a rapid heart rate, loss of appetite, sweating, trembling, and a severe headache.

So it actually takes water out of the body, which is extremely drying! Batteries need fluid to function. Every one of your cells has a positive and negative pole, so with dryness comes  lowered function and dis-ease.

Evolution or Creationism?

It doesn't matter if you believe that Charles Darwin is God or if you think that God created us without evolution. The fact is that primates eat plants, not rocks. If you eat rocks, such as salt, or Himalayan Salt, or minerals of any kind, they line your living parts. For example, calcium added to cow juice and other supermarket foods ends up lining your prostate, so you get a limestone cave. No wonder it goes hard!

Monkeys eat fruit. Gorillas eat greens. Genesis 1:29 says that God designed us to eat fruit and herbs. Science-based folks call that a Vitarian diet and God-based folks call it a Genesis diet because the Christian Holy Bible says "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. ". In other words, don't eat meat, eat fruit and veggies, especially herbs such as dandelion, cat's ears, rocket, sage, parsley, thyme, rosemary, dill, fennel, comfrey, lettuce, carrot tops, sweet potato leaves and much more".

Both ways, it's the same diet. It's not a diet with animal products. It's not acidic, it's alkaline. We thrive on it. 

Personally, I believe that God created us WITH evolution. We are in a game that grows! It's not a picture, it's a video.

It's like the second coming of Jesus Christ. He is already here. When he chooses to reveal himself in the clouds - whether it's the clouds over our heads or the clouds where we store data on the internet - makes it a video, not a photo.


Have you ever watched a movie called The Truman Show? The second coming of Christ will be like that, as the interest in his healing work grows and his influence spreads. He will NOT ram his message down the throats of anybody. He will gain their trust through his loving care.

Heavenly Eating

Some little monkeys imagine that Heaven is a Garden of Eden, where you can pig out on all manner of tasty fruits and veggies. After some reflection, however, most mature gorillas realise that Heaven is living in the grace of God, without addiction to any food or drug (such as salt, fat and sugar, which keep you addicted to junk food).

The limit to the amount that you can eat is your duodenum, the tube below your stomach. If it cannot cope the door to it - called your pyloric sphincter - tenses up and won't allow the contents of your stomach through, so the food in your stomach ferments, causing toxicity and indigestion, gas, wind, bloating and "acid reflux" or "heartburn".

Is this Heaven? No. So Bloat Busting Eating needs to be in the amounts that allow your pyloric sphincter to open. This is not amounts on a pair of scales. This is amounts measured by your own body.

Closed Fist, Open Hand - Perfect, Personal Proportions

To achieve your perfect weight, eat, by the proportions of your own body, for your perfect weight. You can eat three, open hands of fruit for your breakfast, such as three mangoes or three, large bananas. If you prefer fruitarian eating you can snack on two, open hands of fruit in the mid morning, but then you cannot eat carbohydrates for lunch.

You can eat two, open hands of complex carbohydrates - such as pumpkin (which is a vine fruit), squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplant, cassava, taro or yam - for lunch. In a perfect, Vitarian world you don't eat legumes or grains, but if you cannot get the tubers then the same measurements apply to the grains.

Legumes such as tofu, peanuts and rice are a choice of last resort, due to their high protein level, which is as high as 48% in tofu, 23% in peanuts and 2% in whole rice. Mother's milk is 2% in the first two months, then goes down to 1.4%.


Yet babies grow three times their weight in the first, six months on milk. Milk is 86%-88% water, 7% carbohydrates, 3%-5% fat and, at its highest, 2% protein (yet protein is touted as being for growth, such as growing muscles, and babies grow faster than anybody!). As an adult, eating more than these percentages causes indigestion, fermentation, gas, wind and bloating. 

You can eat three, open hands of veggies for lunch, including broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, capsicum, artichoke, okra and asparagus - and four open hands of deep green, leafy veggies like kale, dandelion and spinach.

You can eat one, closed fist of seeds a day - preferably in the morning - and one closed fist of nuts a day - preferably at lunch.

You can drink Nature's Champagne for dinner and go to bed early. For protection while asleep, think of pink sunshine.

Excess carbohydrates causes bloating from fermentation. Excess fats causes excess fat, especially in the belly region. Excess protein causes excess gel, causing congestion, clotting, cataracts, cancer and catarrh, which gives your bacteria and viruses safe harbour for growth, feeding infection, colds, coughs, covids, flus and much more. 

That's right! My parents succumbed to advertising in the 1930s that proclaimed that smoking was good for them. Today you succumb to advertising that proclaims that protein is good for you. It is, but not in excess amounts, which is over 1.4% in the foods that you buy. So check the labelling and work out that you need less than 1.4 gms per 100 gms.

If you eat by your personal, perfect proportions and you still get "acid reflux" then your pyloric sphincter is too tense and needs to be relaxed, which you can do by massaging its reflex point with your tongue in the Cramps Relieving Tongue Position. The reflex point is Small Intestine Sinew Meridian 1.1, which is on the lateral corner of your little finger nail bed. "Lateral" is taken from when your body is in Star Position.

Here is the Cramps Relieving Tongue Position.






And here is the Small Intestine Sinew Meridian 1.1 point.

Cramps Tongue Position_edited.jpg

Weight Management

When you eat by your personal, perfect proportions your weight will stabilise so that your waist is 90% of your hips in circumference, for males, and 70% for females. These are your perfect, personal, postural proportions in a Daily Checklist.


1 Breakfast = three open hands of fruit + one closed fist of seeds (or a tablespoon of seed paste, such as unhulled tahini, which has 3-4 times more iron than red meat)

2 Morning snack = two open hands of fruit or just purified water

3 Lunch = two open hands of tubers, grains or legumes IF you have not had a morning snack

PLUS three open hands of edible flowers (hibiscus petals, rose petals or nasturtiums), veggies or deep green leafy veggies, such as spinach, dandelion, watercress, coriander, dill (which has 16 times more iron than beetroot), fennel or parsley.

PLUS one closed fist of nuts

To make it simple, you could say "Fruit for breakfast, greens for lunch".

Taste Sensation!

Many believe that a fruit and veggie diet by itself will be boring. But they haven't tried Jodi Havill's pancakes, which are awesome! I asked Jodi how she gives them such a deep, strong, umami flavour, and she replied "olives, sun dried tomatoes, grated carrot, grated zucchini, thyme, parsley, chives and Celtic salt 😉". I asked her for the full recipe, and she offered to give me the link to her website when it's ready. She makes great curry puffs too!

For those who wish to grow closer to God in their Christian faith, include a Vitarian diet as part of walking your talk. Your talk is that you want to walk closer to God.


To walk that path you need to eat what God designed us to eat originally, which is fully given in Genesis 1:29  “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."   


Another translation says "I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." In other words, don't eat meat, eat fruit and herbs.

Vitamins, Euphemisms and Buzz Words

A euphemism is a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing. Buzz words are popular euphemisms, often used by advertisers but with little, no or misleading meaning.

For example, you say "I want to go to the doctor to get surgery". The word "doctor" is a euphemism. Your drug and dagger dealer has no doctorate, no PhD, no Doctor in the Philosophy of Medicine.

He is not even a GP - General Practioner.  He spent six years studying drugs and surgery with zero hours on naturopathy, nutrition, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and other, traditional methods of healing. He is a specialist, not a generalist. and therefore only able to offer you specialist advice, which is often "We can't do anything about it." 

He's right. HE can't. But YOU can if you follow a general, natural health program, as given on the website, which sets you free from most dis-eases. Your "doctor" or "General Practitioner - both of them misleading titles - is simply ignorant of what YOU can do for it.

So instead, go to a herbalist, osteopath, naturopath or other practitioners who know something - generally not everything - YOU can do for it. Go to many of them, Breath Test who you go to and Breath Test their suggestions. Use what's relevant for YOU.

Buzz Words

Words are symbols. They are not the truth. The truth is that I chew my fingernails. The words that closely represent that are "puts his fingers in his mouth". So words are symbols that closely represent truth. How closely depends on your perception, and each of us perceives different.

Truth is relative. If I say "My name is Elvis Pavarottti it's true to the extent that others call me that, because words are symbols which communicate ideas - representations of the truth. Elvis Pavarotti is my stage name, so that statement is partially true - 60% true.

If you say

Vitarian/Not Vitarian

Basically, Vitarian is Vegan without the legumes and most grains. If you sprout the grains, nuts and seeds, they are Vitarian. If not, they are Vegan. 

Vegan is about compassion for animals. Vitarian is about compassion for yourself - doing what's healthy for you and the planet. So let's look at some products that may be Vitarian or may be Vegan, or may be neither.

Canned or Bottled Fruit

Vegan yes. It's fruit in fruit juice. But if it's commercial, it's picked hard (unripe), cooked (losing many nutrients), canned and pasteurised (quidkly heated to a very high temperature, losing many more nutrients). 

Unripe, cooked food inlames your intestines, so it's NOT Vitarian. 

Worst of all, if it's not organic, it's got pesticides (90% of them carcinogenic), herbicides (60% of them carcinogenic) and/or fungicides (90% of them carcinogenic). DEFINITELY NOT Vitarian. 


The supermarkets sell them as superfoods because they have masses of purple anti-oxidants, which is anti-carcinogenic. That's because they are small, so you are eating mouthfuls of blueberry skin. 

BUT from supermarkets they have been poisoned with carcinogenic pesticides, herbicids or fungicides. And they have a great deal of surface area for the toxic spray to stick to, because they are small. So they are not superfoods, they are superpoisons. So only buy the organic ones, or at least the spray and dusting free ones.

Cooked Food

This inflames your intestines. May be vegan, NOT Vitarian.

Blended Fruit

The blender chews it 1,000 times, freeing many nutrients. VERY vitality boosting, VERY Vitarian.

Blended, Frozen Fruit

The freezing bursts open the cells, making a sweet and rich ice cream. VERY vitality boosting, VERY Vitarian.

Cola Drinks

They're Vegan because they have no animal products. But they're not Vitarian because they have such a high acidity that you can remove blood from the road with them. Acidic foods are not Vitarian.

Red Bull

Unlike other energy drinks Red Bull does not contain Taurine, which is an acid found in the intestines of animals. Vegan but certainly not Vitarian.

Spicy Sweet Chilli Doritos

Vegan, yes. All other Doritos have milk powder, buttermilk and whey Not vegan, not Vitarian


Some beers, especially the British brewed, are not Vegan because they use isinglass from fish bladders to make them look clearer, brighter and more appealing to drinkers. 

They are certainly not Vitarian, because your own body makes two glasses of alcohol per day, which is enough. 

Dairy Milk Chocolate

Not vegan because it contains milk. Even if the dark chocolate is vegan, the caffeine raises blood pressure and weakens blood vessel walls, so it's not Vitarian.

Worcestershire Sauce

Not vegetarian, not vegan, not vitarian because it contains fermented anchovies (small fish). 

Ajita's Vege Chips

I wrote to the Vege Chip Company on the Gold Coast of Australia. "There are certain words on you packs of chips that concern me. Please tell me what "Yeast extract" means.?


Unlike many, large companies, they replied! "Yeast extract does not contain MSG or Monosodium Glutamate, it is derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and can be derived from Brewers yeast."


What about "Natural colour"?

Example on BOP Natural Colour: (Paprika, Caramel)


"Natural flavour"?  example can be Ginger Oil, or Rosemary extract.


What is "Oyster Sauce (Vegan)"? It is a sauce that is suitable for vegans, there is plenty of vegan suitable oyster sauce available.

EXAMPLE: Lee Kum Kee Vegan Oyster Flavoured Sauce contains shiitake mushrooms and has a great umami flavour and an even, velvety-smooth texture. It is excellent for stir-frying, enriching any vegetarian dish, and is great as a dip.


Is your "Maize Starch" genetically modified? NO


What is "Plant Fibre" it is derived from bamboo or pea. It is a fibre from either bamboo or pea.


And "Pea Protein?"  Pea protein is the protein from pea.

It seems that these chips are real! They are certainly vegan, and could be vitarian. They taste great!

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

These are the only vegan Doritos available. CHECK!!!


Not even vegan, because they often contain beef fat.

Pills and Tablets

Many medicines are not vegan, because they contain lactose (milk sugar) and gelatine (a protein from horses hooves) in their coating - especially Paracetamol. Look for other ways to relieve your pain - natural ways like breathing and various herbs.


Preserve, jam or jelly is vegan because it's made from plants - unless it's made from gelatine, which is a protein extracted from horse's hooves. Many brands use pectin, which is a gel extracted from plants. 

But it's not Vitarian, because it has two parts to it that are detrimental to your health. The first is sugar, which can raise your blood sugar. The second is protein, which clumps water together in a lump. If it clumps together in a lump inside your body you will get cancer lumps (tumours) or blood clots (coagulations). Both cause death, heart dis-ease and strokes.

Sweet and Sour Sauce

This combination of agave syrup and vinegar may be vegan, but check the labels. Some are flavoured with honey and anchovy.

Smokey Bacon Pringles

Pringles are generally vegan but only 42% potato.


This dip or spread is made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, garlic and lemon juice along with a little oil, salt and pepper. Its popularity has spread from the Mediterranean region to the whole world, but it is not Vitarian, because chickpeas are legumes.

Tomato Ketchup

This is vegan and Vitarian if you make it yourself. 

Lindt Dark Chocolate

This is vegan because is has no animal products, but not Vitarian because it has choke-a-lot and sugar.

Black Iced Coffee

Again, with caffeine and theobromine, this is vegan but not Vitarian.


Pesto is a combination of basil and cheese, usually parmesan cheese. But I have made it with plant-based cheese.

Caesar Dressing

Many Caesar dressings use anchovy paste and dairy products, so unless it says "Vegan" it's probably not. And if it's not vegan it's certainly not Vitarian.


Croissants contain butter and milk, so they are definitely not vegan or Vitarian. Butter and milk are key ingredients for making puff pastry, so beware of that too. 


Many sweets or lollies contain gelatine to give them that "gummy" texture. Some will contain beeswax in their glazing agent. So they are not vegan and definitely not Vitrarian.


90% of Australians are constipated. Most of them are not vegans, because vegans eat a lot more fibre. Figs relieve constipation. What comes in must go out, so if you have three meals a day you need to have three bowel motions a day.

Orange Juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice is excellent for your health but if not freshly squeezed it may contain Vitamin D3 from lanolin from sheep's wool. So read the label carefully.


Wine is filtered through agents which can include blood, marrow, milk protein and fibres from crustacean shells, to reduce haziness and cloudiness in the liquid. So it's not vegan and certainly not Vitarian.

Fresh Pasta

This is made from egg and flour - not vegan. There is a way to make it from semolina flour and water. That's vegan but not Vitarian, because semolina is high in protein - gluten.

Vegetable Soup

Make your own. If you are eating out, check that they have not put chicken, beef or fish stock into it.


Many breads, bagels and pizzas contain L-cysteine, an amino acid most commonly synthesised from human hair, duck feathers, cow horns and pig bristles. 


Some honey is made without harming bees, but most is not. Not only that, you are robbing the hive, so you get the angry vibes from the bees in the honey. Not worth it, may be or may not be vegan, certainly is not Vitarian.

Five Pound Notes in the UK

These contain traces of animal fat to give them anti-static and anti-slip properties. They are tear and water resistant, but not vegan or Vitarian.

Diet Pepsi

Cultured fetal cells used to be a feature of Pepsi. Yes, Pepsi drinkers are cannibals. OOps! Not vegan, nowhere near Vitarian.


Ciders such as Strongbow use gelatine from horse's hooves in the production process. Ouch! Not vegan or Vitarian.

Icing Sugar

This often contains egg whites, so beware of frosty glazing. 


This can contain whey, gelatine and milk proteins. Check the labels.

Granola Bars

As vegan becomes the trend the old granola bars, many of which were vegan, have been superceded by granola bars with slick advertising, chemical overloads and junk food sugars and animal products. Beware! Read the fine print!

Campbells' Mushroom Gravy

This may be vegan, but why support a company that makes beef and turkey gravy. Make your own gravies and sauces at home. They taste better and are better for you


Most mustards are meat and dairy free. Check the label but it should be good.

French Fries

If they are not fried in animal fat they are vegan, although the pre-cooked variety bought by fish and chip shops are often pre-fried in animal fat, but not fried in animal fat at the local fish and chip shop. And even if they are truly vegan, the fat they use is often a harmful variety, such as canola oil, which is cheap and nasty - full of chemicals. Definitely not Vitarian.

Chicken Fajita Kit

Although designed to be used with chicken, the ingredients ae vegan and you can replace the chicken with veggies. Just fill the wraps with mushroom, tomato and bell peppers all diced up. Vegan, not Vitarian due to the mushroom, but tasty!


Vegan but not Vitarian.

Ritz Crackers

Vegan but not Vitarian.


Vegan but not Vitarian due to caffeine and sugar. Vitarians don't do drugs.

Greek Style Yogurt

This yogurt is made thicker by straining the whey away, removing the liquid. Not vegan and certainly not Vitarian.

Lactose-free Milk

It's milk without the milk sugar but still with the milk proteins that cause so much congestion, catarrh, coughs, colds, covids, cancers, coagulations, flus and viruses. Not vegan and certainly not Vitarian.


Protein attracts water, creating jelly. 14 of the 21 proteins that we eat are hydophilic, which means that they attract water, causing congestion and coagulation. That causes lung dis-eases, cancers and cataracts. Gelatine is one such protein and it comes from pigs. 

Refried Beans

A can of refried beans may contain lard and milk, so always check the label. May be vegan, certainly not Vitarian.

Dark Chocolate

No milk, so it's vegan, but caffeine, so it's not Vitarian.

Gravy Granules

Some are vegan, some are not. Not Vitarian. Check the labels.

Kettle Chips

You can enjoy the Sea Salt, Balsamic Vinegar and Cracked Pepper varieties as a vegan. As a Vitarian? Too much fat to be really healthy. Most chips like this ae two thirds carbs and one third fat - hardly a healthy food!

Jolly Ranchers (Candies)

Although vegan because they contain no gelatine, they are sweeties. 


An addictive, chewy sweet to rot your teeth. Vegan, certainly not Vitarian.


Vegan, not Vitarian.


Water, flour, yeast and salt - vegan. But Jesus Christ didn't eat cream buns, or bread. He ate sprouted bread, otherwise known as Essene bread or Ezekial bread, made of sprouts. In other words, the phytates had been removed so that the goodness in the sprouts could be absorbed.


Not vegan, not Vitarian.

Apple Juice

Filtered with isinglass from fish bladders, clear apple juice is a clear, non-vegan way to toxify your body, just like traditional ales. Cloudy apple juices may be okay - Breath Test them.

Chewing Gum

This has glycerine and aspartame, both derived from animals. Not vegan, not Vitarian.

Lay's BBQ, Deli, Classic, Original and Salt and Vinegar Chips

Vegan but not Vitarian.

Cracker Jacks

Popcorn, peanuts, sugar and soybean oils. Vegan but not Vitarian.

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