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Better than a Medical Doctor ... most of the Time

You don't need a medical doctor to heal most dis-eases, which are metabolic and can easily be changed by lifestyle, which medical doctors don't study and which they have massive ignorance about. That's why they correctly say "We can't do anything for you." THEY can't. YOU can!

There are seven levels of healing, and drug and dagger dealers use the most radical - drugs and surgery. On this list the most conservative, and often the most effective,  treatments are up the top. 

1 Spiritual

2 Natural Health

3 Natural Healing

4 Alternative Healing

5 Herbs

6 Drugs

7 Surgery

      Healers, Natural Health                   and Natural Healing

If you need plumbing, get a plumber. If you need wiring, get an electrician – not a plumber.

If you need drugs and surgery, get a medical doctor, not a naturopath. Medical doctors spend six years studying drugs and surgery, with zero hours relating to diet, exercise and natural health and healing.


If you need supplements get a naturopath.


If you need herbs get a herbalist, not a medical doctor.


If you need massage, get a massage practitioner, not a medical doctor. A massage practitioner cannot recommend a drug and a medical doctor has no skills – and usually no knowledge – about what a massage practitioner can do.


If you need natural healing – and probably you do – get a natural healer, not a medical doctor, who studies zero hours in natural healing in six years of drugs and surgery.


Different practitioners do different things and one doesn’t know the amazing results that you can get from the skills of another.


If you need natural health, learn from this website – from the blogs, books, posters, charts and music. Natural healers don’t know what natural health can do for you.


There are seven levels of treatment, from conservative at the top to radical at the bottom.


1 Spiritual – affirm or pray your stress away, especially using breathing or boosted breathing (laughing). If you need spiritual healing learn from this website, watch comedy movies or read joke books. Laugh with your tongue forward. Especially, practise laughing with pure vowels, using Tongue Positions and Hand Positions to guide the energy to the body part you want. Don’t ask a dentist, medical doctor, natural healer or natural health teacher what spiritual healing can do. They haven’t studied it.


2 Natural Health – change your lifestyle by including affirmations or prayers, exercises, breathing techniques, habits and practices, purified water, organic nutrition (Vitarian), supersoft sunshine and deep rest (sleep and meditation).


3 Natural Healing – get an ameliorative treatment such as massage, acupuncture, kinesiology, osteopathy, reflexology, orthobionomy.


4 Alternative Healing – invasive manipulation like physiotherapy or chiropractic.


5 Herbs – concentrated nourishment when deficiency occurs. Orthomolecular medicine using massive doses of supplements like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and electrolytes may also help.


6 Drugs – poisons that mask your symptoms to get by. Drugs include medications, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, nicotine and marijuana.


7 Surgery – have your tooth pulled out. Find a good dentist with gentle hands – I have had a tooth extraction with zero pain using a wonderful dentist and a specific prayer – “In the name of Jesus Christ I pray for immediate pain relief. Thank you, God. Amen.”

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