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Fat Freeing Hormones

You can boost your hormones by Singing Down, massage, or Sustained Affirmations or Prayers, using the correct Angel to do the Sustaining.

Leptin and Irisin

Leptin is your fullness hormone. Leptin resistance or insensitivity stops you learning when you are full. This creates overeating, oversize, overweight and obesity.


Irisin burns fat. It also lets you know when you are replete. It doesn't stop you eating - as leptin does - it prevents you from overeating. So it's the hormone of choice for over 60% of modern monkeys.


The Miracle of Shedding 1cm in Two Minutes

I woke up, lay in bed on my back, placed my elbows beside me and clasped my hands over my belly. Then I Sang Down “Irisin levels boost rapidly now”. My hands moved towards each other.


So I placed them by my sides and waited for 14 breaths. Then I clasped them again and prayed, because prayer gives me healing at twice the speed of affirmation (because I have friends helping).

In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray to boost my irisin levels

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


Then I took 14 breaths using the Trauma Turning Tongue Position. On average I take seven breaths per minute, so 14 breaths takes me two minutes. In 14 breaths my hands moved over 1cm towards each other – more like an inch.


Irisin with massage

And irisin is easy to find on the back of your right hand. Just go to the webbing between your thumb and index finger. It has three along the bottom of it - one nearest the index finger, one in the middle and one nearest your thumb. Are you looking at the back of your right hand? Good!


The dip nearest your thumb is for vaspin, which reduces blood sugar and improves your digestive flow.


The dip just above it - up the side of your thumb but still in the webbing - is for irisin. The real question is, why is it down?


It's simple. You don't trust. You sabotage yourself with a losing pattern of behaviour. For example, I don't trust Mama Monkeys. You see, my wife ran off with the wedding photographer - five months after the wedding to me.


So I tried living with a girlfriend. I went overseas teaching natural health seminars for a month, and she monkeyed around with my flatmate. Then, when I returned, she wanted to get together again. I assented. Bad move. I formed a relationship with no basis in trust.


Ever since then I have been with women who don't keep their agreements. Somehow, unconsciously, because I accept such a low standard of behaviour, I pick according to that pattern.


To attract a Mama Monkey who is trustworthy I need to follow the rules. Start them at zero and test their trustworthiness in different situations. This I know:


1 If they do it in the small things they will do it in the large.

2 Some are givers. Some are takers or users. Don't trust takers or users.

3 Some are whiners, complainers or drama queens. Don't trust them.

4 Some give back. That's trustworthy.

5 Some say they love you but don't give back. That's not trustworthy.

6 Some are married. Don't go there - if you're not trustworthy you cannot expect any Mama to be loyal to you.


Yesterday I walked into a shop in Forest Park called Spirit's Gift. I shared some of my knowledge.


The Mama Monkey in charge appreciated my sharing and gave back. She gave me a spherical, golden crystal. I gave her a 10% Trustworthiness rating, which is better than zero. I hope it builds.


Unfortunately she's married and half my age, but she could be a worthwhile friend.


The Golden Sphere crystal had a slightly flat base. I placed it on my navel to Sustain the Affirmation "Fat reduces rapidly now".


My third chakra at the front - which had been shattered and scattered since my wife ran off with the wedding photographer - drew itself together again, as happens with vaspin, irisin, whose massage points are at the back of the thumb's webbing.


The best way to Sustain Healing Affirmations or Prayers is with your Singing Angel. Place the BLUE (-) dot in your navel and Sing Down the affirmation or prayer ONCE ONLY.


"Fat reduces rapidly now"




"In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray to reduce fat

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen."


Remember that prayer is twice as powerful as affirmation, because you have friends helping you, so if you have the time, take the time to do the prayer.


Combine massage with prayer

For Miracle Speed Healing massage your point for irisin and Sing Down your prayer, then breathe with your God Breathing (Trauma Turning) Tongue Position.

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