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Creationist Biology and Weight Loss

God creates. We just have to cleanse the toxins in the way of His creation, regardless if they are physical, emotional, mental or motivational (desire) toxins.

Body Regrows in 7 Seconds!

I was standing outside church one Saturday with Pastor David, who runs three churches and is obese. He had pain below both calves. I felt bubbles there - varicose veins from standing too long with heavy weight.

I asked him to Laugh Down once on "cha" which is for the Circulatory System. We felt his legs again - no bubbles! In other words, in one out breath the deformed veins had re-formed! So body regrowth occurs, not by breathing in and oxygenating your system, but by breathing out and removing the toxins from your system.

Does a lizard regrow its tail?

Does it sit there and focus on - meditate on - tail regrowth to get a new tail? If it does, then you are more stupid than a lizard because you can't do that!

Alternatively, you can accept that the lizard doesn't regrow its tail - God does! So God can do it with you too. You just have to breathe out the related toxins to allow God the space in which to rebuild. You do this by Laughing Down.

House Building

A woman wants a home. Her man builds a house. When he's finished building she wails that there is a wheelbarrow in the lounge and bricks all around the house. To live in it must be cleaned!


The same is true of your body. To become a comfortable place for you it needs cleaning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and sometimes longer term too, such as a good, long fast ruled in its length by your Breath Testing, tested daily.

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