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 Physiological Hand Positions

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Hand Positions for your 14 Physiological Systems

You have 14 Physiological Systems. You can use Hand Breathing to activate one physiological system by itself, so that you energise it with oxygen and detoxify it by releasing excess fat and other toxins. Your fat cells are the place where you store most toxins and which you need to target if you want to live a long, healthy life.

You see, you replace all of your cells in seven years, so you are only seven years old, even at your seventieth birthday! You may, however, be 70 years toxic. It's the toxicity that you need to release if you want to reverse the symptoms of aging.

And you do that mainly by breathing and drinking lots of water to flush out the fat and toxins.


Your 14 Physiological Systems

Before you start, sit on a chair and feel your knees. Above them are hollows - broad dips in the musculature. This is where you place your hands to work specifically with a physiological system.

Place your palms down. Feel how the front of your body expands more on your in breath and contracts more on your out breath.

Place your palms up. Feel how the back of your body expands more on your in breath and contracts more on your out breath.

Place your palms inwards so that your knuckles are to the sides. Feel how your body expands more to the sides on your in breath and contracts more to your centre line on your out breath.

Place your fingers and thumbs together, side by side. Feel how your breathing minimises. Now spread your fingers. Feel how your breathing maximises its expansion. Do this for your front with your palms down, your back with your palms up and your sides with your palms inwards.

When breathing for one, physiological system only, place the other hand on its side with the fingers together. In this way you will minimise the breathing on that side and bring full attention to the breathing on the other side.

For example, to breathe better in your left side place your hands with your palms inwards, spread the fingers of your left hand and put them together with the right hand. This gives you left breathing only. This is useful for those who have had one lung collapsed or who have damage to one lung. To see more go BANANA.



1 Your Nervous System governs how your body coordinates its functions for well being. It includes your brain and spinal cord as well as your peripheral nerves and Autonomic Nervous System. It's useful for conditions including poor absorption of nutrition, poor coordination and Parkinson's dis-ease. To see more go BANANA.


2 Your Surfactant System governs how your body clears toxins from surfaces such as your mouth, gums, esophagus, stomach and lungs. It's useful for poor digestion of protein, Omicron and other digestive difficulties. To see more go BANANA.


3 Your Lymphatic System governs how your body clears lymph from the spaces between your cells - the interstitial spaces- and transports the toxins in the interstitial fluid to your bloodstream, filtering them on the way. It also governs the absorption of fat in your intestines, because fat gets absorbed by small, lymphatic vessels called lacteals, whereas most of your food gets absorbed into your portal system. Your portal system is a one way system of blood that takes your nutrition to your liver for detoxification and transmutation into usable products like Vitamin K.

Thus, your fats get to your bloodstream and your cells faster than your sugars, blocking your insulin receptors so that your blood sugar spikes, leading to more storage of fat, obesity and diabetes. For this reason, do not combine fats and sugars or carbohydrates at the same meal.

Use this hand position when you have swollen lymph glands in your neck, armpits or groin. To see more go BANANA.


4 Your Urinary System governs your bladder. Your Bladder Meridian (a line of ionic energy) runs up your spine, helping you to keep a straight back. It also includes your cartilage, so it's useful for building vertebrae and intervertebral discs, and may help with back pain by giving your spine more traction. To see more go BANANA.


5 Your Buffering System helps to buffer you from the effects of imbalances of biochemical imbalance, and includes your Gall Bladder. When you feel rage you lose emotional and biochemical imbalance, causing pain in many places and especially your subdermis (the third layer of your skin). Thus, breathing like this may help with nerve pain (neuropathy) and intestinal pain. To see more go BANANA.


6 Your Digestive System actually relates to the submucosal lining of your respiratory system, gastro-intestinal system and genito-urinary system. Its conditions vary and include breathing difficulties, lack of energy, digestive difficulties, mouth or gum infection, urinary tract infection. To see more go BANANA.


7 Your Immune System helps to fight pathogenic invasion, including bacteria, viruses, colds, flus, amoeba and fungi. It has two parts - the Adaptive, which goes out and kills - and the Innate, which tells the Adaptive what to kill. When the Innate lacks strength the Adaptive goes out and kills your own body's cells, leading to immune system disorders. To see more go BANANA.

You can release over activity in your Adaptive Immune System or strengthen your Innate Immune System to control the over activity of your Adaptive Immune System. You can tell which one you need by which hand position relaxes your whole body - and especially your breathing - the most. To see more go BANANA.

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8 Your Cardiovascular System governs the flow of blood to your cells. It picks up oxygen from your lungs and transports it to your cells. When it has an abundance of red blood cells you have abundant energy, because the red blood cells pick up the oxygen and transport it. To see more go BANANA.


But when you have damaged red blood cells your energy flags or takes a dive. Usually this is because of your menses, so you need iron, combined with Vitamin C to absorb it and Vitamin B12 to metabolise it well.

You get this all in one when you eat deep green, leafy vegetables freshly picked from your garden and not washed. That's because the leaves have the iron and Vitamin C in them, and the bacteria on the leaves make the B12. So grow lots of dandelion, cat's ears, sweet potato leaves, mint and other greens.

Many women know that beetroot has lots of iron. Pecan nuts, fennel greens and olives have three times more. Dill has 16 times more! So grow lots of greens - especially dill - and make Pecan and Olive Beetroot Stew (the Russians call it borscht). Click here to hear the recipe in a song.

The secret key to energy post Covid

The Covid virus strips your body of selenium. Selenium, like iron, makes part of the red blood cell wall. So after Covid people say that they have "long Covid". No, they have lack of nutrition.

In Australia this is particularly the case, because Australian soil lacks selenium. Thus, you need your coffee hit, sugar hit or other artificial stimulation because your red blood cells cannot carry your oxygen to your cells efficiently. You call this a caffeine addiction or sugar addiction, but actually its cause is lack of selenium.

Fortunately, 2-3 Brazil nuts per day gives you the selenium that you require. Within hours of having Brazil nut paste my energy picks up, so now I have 2-3 Brazil nuts every day for abundant energy. The Brazil nuts must be from Brazil or somewhere other than Australia, of course.

When I had Omicron - a variant of Covid - I needed 6, 9 or 12 Brazil nuts a day, as well as more iron and Vitamin B12. I felt great! One day I pedalled my bicycle 30kms up hill to a friend's birthday party and 30kms back, swam in the sea and did my exercises - while carrying Covid!

That's right. Flus, viruses, colds and Covids are a nutritional problem, so if you have them or expect to have them read my book called "Virus! How to Reverse Viral Symptoms in 7 Minutes". To see more go BANANA.


9 Your Muscular System governs your muscles, spleen and pancreas, including your pancreatic islets and therefore the hormones insulin, amylin, glucagon, somatotropin and VIP (Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide), which relate to blood sugar and blood pressure. Conditions include muscular aches and pains, diabetes, pre-diabetes, hyperglycemia, metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and much more. To see more go BANANA.


10 Your Respiratory System governs your lungs. It is useful in conditions of bronchitis, asthma, catarrh, congestion and pneumonia. To see more go BANANA.


11 Your Skeletal System governs your kidneys, thyroid, bones and skin glands. It is useful in conditions of rickets, osteoporosis, osteopenia, fractures and back pain. To see more go BANANA.


12 Your Detoxifying System governs your liver and pineal gland. It is useful in conditions of nausea, vomiting, biliousness, headaches and migraines. To see more go BANANA.


13 Your Reproductive System governs your gonads (sex organs) as well as your pericardium (sac around your heart) and joints. It is useful for lack of sex drive (libido, oomph), arthritis, bursitis and other joint aches and pains, including back pain. To see more go BANANA.


14 Your Adipose System governs your Visceral (belly) and Subcutaneous (under the skin) fat. It is useful for obesity, overweight, oversize, diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Its organ is the peritoneum, which is the sac around your abdominal organs, and its meridian runs from your middle toe, along your sole, up the backs of your legs, thighs, buttocks and back, up your neck and over your face. Thus, it is also useful for back pain, neck pain and stiffness, sore shoulders and facial tension. You can use it to relax your face upwards and lighten wrinkles. To see more go BANANA.

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