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How to Pray for Miracles, including Miracle Speed Healing

The Miracle of the Bike

I woke up. My bike was gone. The chain was snipped, lying on the ground with the padlock.


I told some residents of my hostel. I reported to the police, without real hope. This is the Gold Coast in Australia, and the police don't come. I told my local shelter for homeless people. The word went out.


Then I walked the streets and prayed.


In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray for a bike

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


I decided to go up to Thomson St to see if it had been left in the bushes. It was the most logical thing to do.

Jesus said NO. I knew this by the immediate response in my Upper Belly breathing. So I asked God. God disapproved too. I knew this by the immediate response in my Lower Belly breathing.

Then I realised that I was running around dominated by my ego - shame, anxiety, grief, fear, anger, panic, guilt were all in my mind. I was chest breathing.


So I turned around and walked the opposite way to Thomson St. Jesus was okay with that. God approved. Again, their response was in my Upper Belly and Lower Belly breathing.


I came to a road to the left. Jesus said YES. God approved. Strong Upper Belly and Lower Belly breathing.


I walked till there was a crossroads. Jesus said YES to going right. God approved. Strong Upper Belly and Lower Belly breathing again.


I saw a cafe at the end of the street. Surely I wasn't going there?! I don't drink coffee and Jesus doesn't eat cream buns.


Jesus disagreed. God agreed with him. No Upper Belly or Lower Belly breathing. So I went to the cafe. The Holy Spirit started pumping - Full Body breathing including Back Breathing.


My old friend Pat was sitting there with a mate, John. I told Pat my story.


John said "Would you like a new bike?"


I said "How much?"


John said "Free, but you have to go to St Vincent de Paul's in South Tweed to get the bike voucher."


I said "I can do that. "And you need to go to the local cycle shop up there and pick a bike at a reasonable price."


I said "I can do that." John walked away to use his phone and I said "Pat, who is he?"


Pat said "He's my boss - the head of the charitable organisation (Our Lady of Mercy) I belong to. He's been doing this work for 40 years so don't worry. If he asks for a favour, it will happen."


So here's the lesson. From prayer to its fulfilment took less than half an hour. I asked, and then I listened to Jesus and God.


So pray. Sustain the prayer as you do when using Sustained Healing Prayer - as shown in my books and the blog on the Singing Angel. Use your Singing Angel.


Then feel your breathing for directions. God approves when your Lower Belly Breathing is switched on. Jesus says YES when your Upper Belly breathing dominates. Your ego is getting in your way when you are locked into chest breathing.


And the Holy Spirit supports you when you have a full breath, starting with Lower Belly, moving to Upper Belly, then going up to chest - on both in breath and out breath - and including Back Breathing.


I prayed for a bike and got one, and I also prayed "Right now", not Thursday (three days away). So in the afternoon my old bike came back to me, brought by some gentlemen off the streets, who said "We figured out who did it and found him at the bus stop with your bike."


They taught him a lesson - to respect his elders - and got the bike back. Thank you Jesus, thank you God and thank you street elders.


The police didn't come. This is the Gold Coast.


The deeper lesson is this. Breath is life. God breathes through me with every breath. Therefore if God does not approve my breath will not be connected at the level of the lower belly.


And if Jesus says NO my breath will not be connected at the level of the upper belly.


And if my Soul - who I am authentically - is not comfortable with it my breathing in my chest will be so shallow that all I can feel moving will be the rise and fall of my shoulders. This is very poor breathing. Good breathing starts with the out and in of the lower belly.


And if the Holy Spirit does not support it, my breath will not be connected. It will stop. No outbreath, no back breathing, back pain! Yes, Full Breathing massages your back and relieves back pain, and if you cut off from the Holy Spirit enough you may well get back pain and stiffness, including pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulders!


Lower Belly = God approves.


Upper Belly = Jesus says YES.


Lower Chest = Soul feels comfortable.

Upper Chest = Heaven is within you.

Gospel of Thomas, Verse (3) Jesus said, "If those who lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you.


Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty."


Full breathing, from pubic bone to rising shoulders,

all the way up on the in breath and all the way up on the out breath, including back breathing = Holy Spirit moves strongly through you.


In all these four ways, when your breathe in your lower belly goes down and out, and when you breathe out your lower belly goes up and in. Think opposites.


You can explore these five ways of breathing in the Grinning Gorilla Medicine blog.


If you do the reverse of this you get the worst breathing - Reverse Breathing, also called Perverse Breathing.


You can explore these four ways of breathing in the Grinning Gorilla Medicine blog.


Yes, you can communicate with God, Jesus, your Soul and the Holy Spirit by making a statement and observing the breath response. Remember this:


Lower Belly = God

Upper Belly = Jesus

Lower Chest = Soul

Upper Chest = Heaven

Holy Spirit = Full Connected Breathing, including Back Breathing


For more stories on Miracles read the book "Saved! How to Make Miracles with Sustained Healing Prayer", available from this website on the Christmas Light page right now. Simply press the BANANA button.

The Miracle of Allergies Alleviated

In 2017 I got anaphylaxis from tomatoes. My skin got a red rash on it and my throat began closing over.


In 2022 I tried a little tomato with no reaction. The next week, Saturday lunchtime, I tried a lot - the equivalent of a whole tomato. Again, I got no reaction until Monday morning, when I woke up with an itch on my chest, where I had the red rashes before.


"No problem," I thought. "I'll just ask Jesus for a foot massage."


To my utter surprise and dismay, Jesus refused. He wouldn't even allow me to pray for a foot massage, as per usual. Let me tell you - I was pissed off with him!


Then I realised that Jesus wasn't just a great healer. He was also a great teacher. What was he telling me?


So, while I could feel the itch, I went in search of the massage point to get rid of the itch and the allergy - and I found it on my feet! So I massaged the point and my itch reduced.


I had been having foot massage from Jesus for nine months, and they had reduced my allergies. But now I knew how to prevent and alleviate them myself, so I can share that knowledge with the whole world.


it's a lymphatic point, reflex to a part of the immune system. To laugh your allergies away, press the BANANA button now.


Jesus said "Go your way and sin no more." But his followers don't follow his instructions. They get healing and neglect their sins day after day, week after week and year after year. This is called lack of Client Compliance, and is a major problem for all therapists in all healing professions.


A sin is a mistake. And you make so many mistakes in your biological lifestyle that it takes me a whole book to point out what you are not doing and educate you into what your body needs you to do for it to be healthy.


So go ahead - to alleviate allergies now, go BANANA.


What good is reading the book if you don't apply it? So make the vow "I will do whatever it takes in changing my lifestyle to alleviate my allergies long term." And press the BANANA button.


For more stories on Miracles read the book "Saved! How to Make Miracles with Sustained Healing Prayer", available from this website on the Christmas Light page right now. Simply press the BANANA button. (LINK YET TO WORK)

The Humour of God
"If God is perfect he must have a perfect sense of humour"

God (my parrot) said "2,000 years ago I gave his first job to an unemployed student of mine, when he was 30 years old". Today I have just given his first job to an unemployed student of mine at the age of 73 - King Charles. He's had much longer training. So now, FOLLOW Charles.


God (my parrot) said "God is not infallible. I gave people choice, and they make many, odd choices that I cannot predict. Jesus (my Doberman) looks up to me for advice, through prayer - especially for his dog biscuits. Therefore, Jesus is not perfect. Sometimes he barks at the wrong people."


God (my parrot) said "Jesus is not literate. Otherwise, where are his writings!? Did he dig a hole and bury them?"


Jesus growled.


Holy Spirit (my cat, who I sometimes call Prana and sometimes Qi) ran in scattered directions. She does that when things aren't congruent.

Magic Monkey Relationships

My allergies went. I even had a whole tomato - no reaction on Saturday and Sunday, mild itching on Monday morning.


"Easy," I thought, "I'll just ask Jesus for a foot massage." At that stage he had been massaging my feet for 9-10 months, most mornings.


To my surprise and dismay, for the first time, Jesus refused! No foot massage! I got angry with him, shaking my finger at him. That, of course, did no good. Anger is pushing away.


Then I realised that Jesus is not just a great healer, he's also a great teacher. So I wondered what he was allowing me to learn.


I itched, and he refused to ease it by massaging my feet, so I reasoned that the point for self-healing of allergies - which I wanted to learn - was on my feet. I tested two likely points and the second one met approval. It's a point that relates to my immune system, so it makes sense. I massaged it and the itching disappeared within seven minutes.


More importantly I learned that my relationship with my friend Jesus was broader than simply health and healing. It was also learning from his teaching. Because I have realised that his teaching comes through my upper belly breathing (Mid Lobe Breathing) and know the Tongue Position for that, I can now ask him about healing and relationships to people.


The key is that lower belly relates to God and my relationship to the universe, like the weather, such as lightning bolts, and that upper belly relates to Jesus and my relationship to people - and therefore money, because money doesn't grow on trees, it grows on people.


Chest breathing relates to me, myself, I. It's where I store my embarrassment, anxiety, grief, fear, anger, shame and guilt. In panic, I chest breathe without it being related to belly breathing - both upper and lower belly. In calm, I breathe in from my lower belly to my upper belly to my chest, then out from my lower belly to my upper belly to my chest. That tells me that I'm going in the right direction - it's a good decision for me.


If, on the other hand, I get shallow, tight, constricted chest breathing without lower and upper belly starting the breath I am in my head, my ego, unrelated to reality.


You see, lower belly relates to things, upper belly to relationships and chest to ideas. Chest breathing without belly breathing is ungrounded and impractical. My ideas will not bear fruit in my relationships and my physical universe. God controls the physical universe, Jesus Christ helps us with our relationships and we need to help ourselves with our ideas - we need to check them with others and the physical universe.


For example, if your Breath Testing says YES to going vitarian, try it for 3-6 weeks. And if it says YES to meeting a partner, try it and check potential partners with your Breath Testing. And if it says YES to writing a book, start writing - set aside a little time each day to write.


For more stories on Miracles read the book "Saved! How to Make Miracles with Sustained Healing Prayer", available from this website on the Christmas Light page right now. Simply press the BANANA button. (LINK YET TO WORK)

Take the Dry Path

My landlady objected to me going out on my bicycle. "It's raining!" she said. "You'll get wet!"


"No, sweetie," I replied. "I pray for a dry path and God gives it to me. When I go out it stops raining. Then it starts again when I am in the library. And when I want to come home it stops, and when I get back home it starts again. It'll be alright."


She looked at me very surprised. Faith is a muscle - you need to test it every day. I do that with Breath Testing for the weather. If God approves (Lower Belly Breathing) I go out.


For more stories on Miracles read the book "Saved! How to Make Miracles with Sustained Healing Prayer", available from this website on the Christmas Light page right now. Simply press the BANANA button. 

Miracle in the Courthouse

I had several Hearings in the Court against a man who stabbed me and was harrassing me. Then, on the way to the Courthouse, I prayed for a good outcome. My assailant admitted in Court that he "prodded" me but that "it was only once"!


I applied for a transcript but the organisation doing it was new and didn't have their act together. Even the Registrar of the Courthouse was confused.


On the way to the next Hearing, again I prayed for a good outcome. "No transcript!" I was informed.


The arrangements for the morning went weird. The Magistrate took a "rest break" for half an hour, before coming to my case, which was last and would only have taken a few minutes!


The Registrar sat in place of the normal Clerk of the Court! I put up my hand and said "I request an adjournment because the evidence which I need to rely on hasn't come."


The Magistrate said "What if I have already heard that evidence? Can we proceed then?"


I replied "That would be wonderful!"


She said "The Registrar and I have listened to it" and turned to my assailant and asked if he would now accede to the Orders or if he still wanted to contest them. He acceded!


Conclusion: Jesus got into the Registrar's Heart. The Registrar got into the Magistrate's ear. The Magistrate realised that my assailant had admitted the assault, and gave Orders for the full two years! Thank you Jesus, thank you God and thank you to the beautiful Registrar!


For more stories on Miracles read the book "Saved! How to Make Miracles with Sustained Healing Prayer", available from this website on the Christmas Light page right now. Simply press the BANANA button. 

Miracle Monkey Praying

It's not much use praying just with your intellect. That's just wishing and hoping.


A sincere, heartfelt prayer with your whole being gets quick, strong results. This includes your Unconscious Mind, which doesn't listen to what you say. And it's about 90% of your mind, so you need to include it - especially considering that it governs your health.


To get your Unconscious Mind to listen is easy - sing to it! Sing Down from high to low, from loud to soft and from fast to slow, and close your eyes near the end. I have used this for years for healing, a dry path, a good outcome in a court case and so on, with surprisingly great results - miracles!


When music is playing somewhere in the park, your Unconscious Mind hears it first - it loves music. So Sing Down and Sustain your Prayer with your Ankle Sustain, Arm Sustain or Angel Sustain, depending on how long you wish to hold your prayer.


The format is


In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray for/to/that...

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


The only part of the prayer that changes is the second line. Possible second lines include "I pray for better health", "I pray for less pain" or "I pray for smoother skin". Test this one out.


Feel your skin, then pray for smoother skin, then relax with God Breathing for 14 breaths, then feel your skin again. Unless you are a habitual chest breather (and about 20% of people are) your skin will be smoother. Great results for only two minutes spent on self-care!


How to Pray

Pray to God to ask for his will to be done, for your needs to be met, for forgiveness and for victory over temptation. Keep your prayer time secret and never a source of pride.


Prayers don't need to be long, but do need a reverent attitude to God. Ask in faith, knowing that God will answer your prayers.


Forgive others for your sins prior to your prayers, if you want your prayers to be heard, and submit to God's laws, including the laws of biology (because God made you). As well, be thankful for God's blessings in your life - so that you pray with humility and reverence.


Jesus Didn't Eat Cream Buns

Jesus didn't even eat bread. He ate sprouts which were then hand ground and cooked slowly in the sun. It's called Essene bread or Ezekiel bread. Sprouts have far more nutrition than grains.


My wife died of chocolate eclairs. She loved cream buns. Even though she spent eight years going to healer after healer, she couldn't get rid of her cancer. Why?


She filled her body with poisons - acids from her diet - every day.


You were created with a certain biology. You have no claws, no fangs and a long intestine. You were meant to eat fruit and greens, not meat or milk. No animal drinks its own mother's milk after it's weaned, let alone the milk of another mother. So follow the rules of your own biology - pray, laugh (boosted breathing), move (Buzz), drink Nature's Champagne, enjoy supersoft sunshine and sleep with the sun. Meditate in the early morning, half an hour before the sun rises.


Miracle Monkey Breathing

Do God Breathing. Place the tip of your tongue just outside your lips. Breathe in God, breathe out trauma. To see more, press the BANANA button.


Now do Jesus Breathing. Place the tip of your tongue just inside your lips, so that it's supported by your teeth and lips. Breathe in Jesus, breathe out relationship trauma.

To see more, go BANANA.


Now do Soul Breathing. Place the tip of your tongue so that it touches the back of your top and bottom teeth, which are lightly closed. Breathe in your Higher Self, your Observer, the one who watches your thoughts and can ease you into detachment, and breathe out psychological trauma. To see more, go BANANA.


Now do Holy Spirit Breathing. Place the tip of your tongue on the skin outside your top lip, so that it touches the outside middle of your upper lip. Breathe in Holy Spirit. To see more, go BANANA.


Then place the tip of your tongue on the skin outside your mouth, in the dip just above your chin. Breathe out excess energy. To see more, go BANANA.


Now do Soul Breathing. Place the tip of your tongue on the skin outside your mouth, in the dip just above your top lip. Breathe in your Soul.


Then place the tip of your tongue on the skin outside your mouth, on the dip just below your bottom lip. Breathe out trauma from your deep past. To see more, go BANANA.


The Prayer of Jabez

Jabez asks God to give him more influence and opportunity to bring glory to God. This is a specific goal, making a bold request for big things. You can also enlarge your wisdom, understanding, humility, patience, and love and joy. You can do this too. Sing is down and Sustain it with your Singing Angel.


In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray for more influence to bring glory to God,

including wisdom, understanding, humility, patience, love and joy

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


Praying for Laughing Gas

You can also pray for more nitric oxide, which opens your blood vessels. This is important for cardiovascular disease such as E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction or floppy dick syndrome).


Amazingly, only 5% of ED cases need more testosterone. The main cause of ED is clogging of the penile artery, which is only one millimetre in diameter.


Opening it up with Viagra - a drug which induces nitric oxide release from the walls of your blood vessels - can lead to excessively long and even painful erections. But opening it up under your own control, using the hormonal point for Apelin - a hormone that your own body makes - is far more gentle. You may also need the hormone receptor point for Apelin and this prayer.


In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray to optimise Apelin production and the openness of my Apelin receptors

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.

The Miracle of Free Dentistry

I was homeless and living in poverty. It was Christmas. I went to see a private dentist and said “I don’t have much.” He said “I believe you.”


So he sent me to the hospital for its free services. But I couldn’t get in for weeks. So, prepared to pay it off, I went back to the dentist, praying hard on the way.


He gave me a filling but refused payment! I felt very grateful at his Christmas generosity. So I saved up – luckily, because during that half year I needed seven fillings.


I kept going back to him. To my surprise, each time he gave me free dentistry. The money I saved went into building this website, so you have him to thank for the knowledge and wisdom that you receive from it.


Because of his golden heart he is the best dentist I have ever met. His hands are sooo gentle that he gave me a tooth extraction with zero pain in 10 minutes. His mind is sooo good that he remembers clients and their cases from decades ago. And his receptionists are totally smiles.


So if you want an amazing dentist go to see Dr Safe, Forest Park, Bongo Bongo.

How did I get this miracle? I pray 20 hours a day, using Sustained Prayer. It’s a format that really works for me.


For more stories on Miracles read the book "Saved! How to Make Miracles with Sustained Healing Prayer", available from this website on the Christmas Light page right now. Simply press the BANANA button. 

How to Pray for Miracle Speed Healing

How to Pray for Miracle Speed Healing

1 Remove all distractions

2 Remove all metal and synthetic clothing

3 Sip 2 glasses of purified water

4 Cross your left ankle over your right

5 Hum Down the God Breathing Tongue Position

6 Use the Divine Sandwich prayer formula – sandwich what you want between two names of the Divine. For example

In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray for/to/that …

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.

7 Sing Down your prayer ONCE ONLY, from high to low, fast to slow and loud to soft.

8 Close your eyes, relax and breathe so that when you breathe in your belly goes out and when you breathe out your belly goes in.

9 Do 14 breaths. That’s about two minutes. Your pain may fade or disappear.

10 Do 49 breaths. That’s about 7 minutes. Your function may be restored.

11 Continue for 2-3 days to get massive speed of recovery, either using Ankle Sustain, Aroma Sustain or Angel Sustain.

12 Live so that you don’t block the process of healing – a full, natural health lifestyle program including Buzzing, Buzz Breathing, Nature’s Champagne, God’s Food, Supersoft Sunshine and deep rest (including Circadian Rhythm sleep and Profound Meditation).

13 Give thanks to God every step of the way. If you choose health every 14 breaths you will grow in health.


The Miracle of Relationship

I hang out with Jesus Christ most of the day, in Upper Belly Breathing. My problem is that I can't work out how to set up the payment pathway on my website. I feel stuck, very confused and exasperated.


By 10.20am I realise that I need to see a similar website, on the same website platform that I am using to build my website. I need a musician with an online presence. But where do I get such a person? I don't know, so I go on with other work.


At 4pm I go to the beach. Jesus says - through Upper Belly Breathing - that I need to sit about 100 yards south of where I normally sit. That's right - he stops my breathing in the upper belly if I go further north, or even further south. I sit quietly near the ocean's edge, mulling over what to do.


I think that I will get up and go for a swim. He stops my breathing in the Upper Belly again. Ten minutes later I try to go for a swim again, and he stops me again. Ten minutes later I try to go for a swim again, and he stops me again. What is he trying to teach me?


Patience, maybe? I feel frustrated even more, both with the website blockage and with being stopped from going anywhere. Perhaps he wants to give me a thought? What on earth is going on?


Then I see three kids playing at the water's edge in front of me. And their father walks up to me gently and says "Lovely day" with an unusual accent.


"Beautiful day," I reply. "Are you local?"


"Two suburbs away, but I work here often,"


"What do you do?"


"I'm a musician."


At last I get it! I laugh! "Do you have an online presence?" I ask, now fully expecting him to say yes.


"Yes, we have a website."


"I have a website!" I exclaim excitedly. "I'm setting up a website."


"We're on Wix," he says. "Pretty easy really."


"I'm stuck on setting up the payment pathway. Are you doing it?"


"No, the monkey doing it is up north, but it should be simple. Just google how to set up a store on Wix."


Now THAT'S a miracle of relationship - brining me together with the right person, who has just the right information for me. I decide to look up his website and follow it as a model.


The next day I do just that. The whole thing becomes clear - how I can set up this website's payment pathway. Thank you Jesus for the friendship, guiding me to the right place at the right time to get the information that I needed.


Yes, it felt restricted and frustrating at the time, but with listening patience I got through that and succeeded at a new behaviour easily and quickly.


My faith in Jesus is now 100% as a healer, 100% as a teacher and 80% as a friend. It's not faith that rests on perfect knowledge. It's not bible based. It's tested. It rests on the weight of evidence. If I follow his promptings, through his communication with me through Upper Belly Breathing (supported by Lower Belly Breathing) I can respond to His guidance.


Not that Jesus Christ is infallible. If the musician had not decided to walk up to me and have a friendly chat while his kids were playing at the water's edge, I would have been none the wiser.


We have choice, and Jesus knew that there was a possible meeting between us and gave me the best chance to make something of it. If I had not realised my opportunity and asked the questions that I did - once I realised what was going on - I would have been none the wiser too. Both the musician and I had choice, and both of us exercised that choice in a loving manner. If we had chosen differently, the miracle would not have occurred.


My lesson was clear. If I want relationship miracles in my life I need to listen ... and obey. My Upper Belly Breathing will tell me what to do. It is His channel of communication with me, whereas God's is Lower Belly Breathing.


You see, for the last year and a half I have been following Lower Belly Breathing. I have asked for a dry path, and God has given it to me. It rains while I am inside, I pray for a dry path, I get my bicycle and the rain clears. When I get to where I am going, it rains again!


Except for last Sunday. I was riding out of church when my pastor from my Saturday church drove past in his car and stopped me. He had a large, Christmas hamper for me.


We arranged for me to cycle in front of him, which I did. But I forgot to pray, so it poured with rain!


Communication is vital to success, either for a dry path or for the right person. You have to check in with God, or Jesus, or both of them, and ask if what you want is okay and ask for it.


Breath Testing is vital for relationship success with God, Jesus and perhaps other monkeys too, and it needs to be respectful. You ask permission first.


It's a basic principle of prayer as well. You need to ask permission to pray for somebody else. It gives that person choice.


The Miracle of Parkinson's

One man was a thief and a drug dealer. He was quick of hand and good at making deals. Then he got Parkinson's dis-ease, in which lack of dopamine in a small part of the back of his brain caused his hands to shake.


He turned to God for help, and stopped his wicked ways. He went to a church that prays for demons to be cleansed, and found help. And he was not tempted to continue with his old ways because his Parkinson's dis-ease continued.


Perhaps when his demons have cleared his Parkinson's will clear too. His pastor says that you have a large spiritual field and so you can have 10,000 demons - bigger and smaller ones - all hanging out with you and influencing you at the same time.


I watched how people came to the front of the church and got cleansed of their demons. The pastor did a good job, but the same people turned up week after week. With 10,000 demons to cleanse, I can see the need for that.


What I found to be disappointing, however, was their behaviours after the service. The pastor said that there are three ways to open the doors for demonic possession. The first was trauma. The second was opening yourself to other spirits - attaching spirits - by working with the occult. The third was taking drugs.


After the service, in the next room, they encouraged them to take drugs - coffee, tea and sugar. It's common knowledge that caffeine causes an immediate jolt to the nervous system - it "gets you going" in the morning. Even drug compendiums admit that it increases blood pressure and weakens blood vessel walls.


Sugar also weakens blood vessel walls. So this is trauma at the biochemical level. Even worse, many of the parishioners have taken poisons from medical doctors.


On Saturday I went to another church, a few blocks away. They had a vegan lunch of whole foods and no drugs. They were much freer of demons than the demon-cleansing church, and they didn't speak about demons at all.


As a person with gifts, it has become clear to me that those who live a clean life - free of toxins such as drugs, animal products and abusive relationships - have much less attachment to spirits such as demons than those who partake of drugs (smoking, alcohol, caffeine, for example) and animal products. So by all means go to churches where they cleanse demons, but stop recycling.


When a demon goes, don't open the doors to more demonic possession by going back to your old ways. Jesus Christ said "Go your way and sin no more."


That's why I love a healthy, whole foods, vitarian diet. It simply lets go of the attachment to food and drugs that causes demon possession.


How to exercise your faith

Faith is a muscle. It needs daily exercising. Unfortunately, many Christians don't walk their talk - they lie often.


For example, one pastor lied to me week after week, for months. He told me that he would do his breathing exercises "this week". He never did.


He's very visually dominant and I'm very kinesthetic. He doesn't speak my language. I left his church.


He also said that he has faith in God, but he relies on the weatherman to decide whether to have church in the park or in the building. He doesn't exercise his faith.


So to exercise your faith is easy. Get a diary and keep it with you wherever you go. Then, when you make appointments, look at your diary.


If there's space in your diary at the date and time suggested, say "Yes, just let me test first". If Breath Testing says YES, write down and keep the appointment. THAT'S exercising your faith.


When Breath Testing, make sure that Lower Belly Breathing says YES (God approves) and Upper Belly Breathing says YES ( it's okay with Jesus Christ, who is a good friend when it comes to giving social advice). In other words, Upper Belly Breathing is supported by Lower Belly Breathing - each breath starts in your Lower Belly and rises to your Upper Belly. Then you are most likely to achieve success in keeping your appointment.


If Breath Testing says NO, make another date or time, or cancel altogether because it's not for you. Check your commitment to that project - over 0%? 10%? 20%? 80%? 100?


Jesus Christ, my friend

I get half way through writing some technical blogs on breathing when I get a nudge from Jesus to go for lunch. It's a bit early, so I keep writing, but the nudge gets stronger.


So I go to the local Hare Krishna restaurant called Govinda's - because I asked and Jesus was okay with it and God approved. I graze - dessert first, then samosa, then Tahini Veg Curry which is YUM! And some salads, which are always awesome at Govinda's. Why am I here?


I don't know that but I need to be, because my Breath Testing says so. Suddenly I see an old acquaintance behind me. He's gone viral with his cat training videos and retired. He's feeling more outgoing than usual, so Catchy Conversation reveals some new and exciting information.


"To get to the top of Google," he says, "you need to set up a Google page. Then you can link the page to your website. The algorithms will rank you higher."


Thank you Jesus for leading me to be in the right place at the right time. Thank you God! Now I know how to promote my website.


For more stories on Miracles read the book "Saved! How to Make Miracles with Sustained Healing Prayer", available from this website on the Christmas Light page right now. Simply press the BANANA button. 

Clothing Miracles

I rode off intending to go home, but never made it. Instead, my Soul said "Go to Agape." God agreed. Jesus agreed.

When I got there I asked if they knew anyone who sews, because I got curcumin over my clothes and need a new set. At that very time two ladies had come in who sew covers and clothes for those in need in the hospitals - retirees who love sewing. When I said I was homeless they offered to make me a set ... for FREE!

So now I can afford to buy the non-allergenic material (organic cotton) that I need. How blessed am I?

For more stories on Miracles read the book "Saved! How to Make Miracles with Sustained Healing Prayer", available from this website on the Christmas Light page right now. Simply press the BANANA button. 

The Divine Appointment with the Car 

We are here for our learning, so we are always on a learning path. My little vaxx injured girl almost jumped down my throat when she said "I need to rest from all of this. Whenever I think about it I get more itchy, more symptoms!"

I said "That's not the way to handle it, you need to build your program". I left her with a sad heart, knowing that her suffering was partly mental and that she didn't have control of her mind. 

Then I realised that the vaxx injures the nervous system, and that her lack of mental control may be due to where it had damaged her nerves. Thus, it could be handled by massaging the correct points.

So I prayed to find the right points. Then I went to the beach. On the way back a car hit me. It was a gentle bump, as you might get during a massage. No bruises! I didn't even fall over, just stepping a little to my right. 

I screamed angrily at the driver, out of anger due to fear, although I had had no physical injuries. Then I kept going, feeling the protective shield of Jesus around me. Why hadn't he shielded me from the car? I had a shower, did my exercises and went to bed.

As I drifted off to sleep I got shooting pains in my hands as I had when the snake venom was in me. I found the right points, one for anger and the more causal one for fear. Perhaps this was the state of uncontrolled mind that my little vaxx injured girl suffered from. If so, thank you Jesus for protecting me as much as I needed but giving me the experience so that I could find the points that would stop her mental torture. If so, it was a miracle for me to learn more about healing. Then I went to sleep.

The next day I  tried the points with my little vaxx injured girl. She eased down mentally. Thank you Jesus, thank you God.

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