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Aussie Heroes/Olympic Games song

Celebrate the achievements of the Olympic atheletes going for gold - Chloe Covell in skateboarding, Ariana Titmus in swimming, Jessica Fox in slalom canoe and many, many more. Download this song and send it to them!

Aussie Heroes/Olympic Games Sneak PeekElvis Pavarotti
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Aussie Heroes/Olympic Games lyrics

Here are the words and chords so that you can sing along and play along with this song of celebration! Back our heroes at the Olympic games!

Known affectionately as Chlo the Flo, this champion skateboarder now has a song that celebrates her athletic artistry!

Chloe Covell Song

Chloe Covell

Chloe Covell is a real champion - bright, quick to learn and humble enough to know that others can give her ideas that she can play with, she adapts quickly and adds her own moves on the flow.

At 14 she is the youngest woman ever to represent Australia in the Olympic Games, this year in Paris. While preparing she hangs out with her friends at the skate park in Coolangatta.

Chloe Covell Song

Sing along on the chorus. The words are easy - "Skateboard! Skateboard! Skateboard! Skateboard!" Firstly, listen to the chorus below. Then download the song onto your device.

SkateboardElvis Pavarotti
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Chloe Covell Song Lyrics

These lyrics also have the chords written above them, so you can play them on your own instrument while singing the champion's song.

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