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Faith, Hope and Charity

This blog assumes that you have already read and practised the previous pages in this Christmas Light series.  If you haven't, please don't read on. You won't understand the extraordinary information here. Simply go back, practise for 3-6 weeks, then come back and try what's here.



Faith, Hope and Charity

Ankle Sustain – cross your left ankle over your right – then Sing Down, ONCE ONLY “Faith”. Notice that it gives you Lower Belly Breathing.


Uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths and cross them again.


Then do the same with “Charity”. Notice that it gives you Upper Belly Breathing.


Uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths and cross them again.


Then do the same with “Hope”. Notice that it gives you Lower Chest Breathing, supported by Lower Belly Breathing and Upper Belly Breathing.


Uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths and cross them again.


Then do the same with “Heaven”. Notice that it gives you Lower Belly and Upper Belly Breathing, and Lower Chest Breathing, and Upper Chest Breathing, in order, on both in and out breath.


Uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths and cross them again.


Then do the same with “Hell”. Notice that your breathing almost stops. All you get is rising shoulders. They rise and fall on the in and out breaths. You barely survive. In fact, you get Perverse Breathing in the Upper Chest as it goes back and up when you breathe in!


Remember to uncross your ankles, wait for 14 breaths and cross them again after every experiential experiment.


Then try “Earth”. Upper Belly Breathing – trapped between Heaven and Hell!


Your Breathing Muscles

Your in breath is done by pulling your diaphragm down. Your diaphragm is your largest, most powerful, central muscle – the core of the core. When it relaxes all of your muscles relax, and when it tenses all of your muscles – in your entire body – tense!


When you breathe out your belly pulls in. To sing it’s your lower belly. To sing with power you add your upper belly. If you use upper belly predominantly it sounds forced. DO these experiential experiments!



Now try “Love”. You get lower, upper and chest following each other in the correct order, like “Heaven” but with a stronger breath. Hopefully you are now realising that you govern your state of consciousness by your thoughts and therefore can change your metabolism and wellness by your thoughts. Thoughts are things. Prayers are powerful things.



Now try “I am a non-believer”. You get Rising Shoulders breathing – Hell.


Now try “I believe”. You get Earth Breathing – upper belly breathing but all around your torso at your lower chest level.


Now try “Faith”. Lower Belly Breathing, all around your hips.


Now try “Hope”. Chest Breathing all around your chest.


Now try “Charity”. Upper Belly Breathing all around your lower chest.


Now try “Liberation”. You get Full Breathing including lower belly, upper belly, chest and face.


Now try “Enlightenment”. Lower belly, upper belly, chest, as with “Heaven”.


Now try “Monkey”. Lower belly!


Now try “Gorilla”. Chest!


Now try “Orang-utan”. Upper belly!


Now try “Human”. Upper belly!


Now try “Chimpanzee”. Upper belly!


Now try “God”. It starts with lower belly, then moves to around your whole body, then throughout your aura.


Now try “Jesus Christ”. He starts with Lower Belly, then predominates with Upper Belly, then moves to around your whole body, then your aura.


Then try “Me”. Lower, upper, chest, like “Heaven”.


Then try “Soul”. Lower, upper, chest, whole body.


Then try “Holy Spirit”. Lower, upper, chest, whole body, aura.


Then try “Qi”. Lower, upper, chest, whole body.


Then try “Prana”. Lower, upper, chest, whole body.


Then try “Devil”. No breathing, not even Rising Shoulders.


Then try “Lucifer”. Same thing.


Then try your favourite enemy. For me, that’s my sister, who threatened to kill me hundreds of times, tried to kill me at least three times and stabbed me in my right eye. Same thing.


Conclusion: no breathing, no life. Stay away from the devil regardless of the shape she comes in. Use the other ways of breathing to clarify your physical, emotional, mental, social, business and spiritual life. If it starts with Lower Belly, God approves.


Remember that Upper Belly Breathing relates to your social life – relationships. So consult Jesus Christ for his wisdom on that as well.


Jesus Christ said to keep all of your commandments, including non-violence (do not kill). He also said to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. In other words, focus on God as much as you can.


You can do this by Humming Down your God Breathing Tongue Position before you pray. It releases the trauma that blocks you from fully understanding God’s will, so that you can become closer to God. You can sustain this by Angel Sustain, so that you can focus on God for 20 hours a day.


Jesus Christ also said to love your neighbours as yourself. This includes respect. Seek permission always – to speak to them, to touch them AND to pray for them.


Even if your prayers have care and love, they may not want them, and God gave them choice. You can offer, but do not give if they are not well received.


Jesus Christ also said not to judge another, or you too will be judged. In other words, stop criticising others – out loud or in your mind – because they have their own cross to bear. Simply share what you can that’s positive.


Jesus Christ also said to pray for your enemies. In other words, if someone attacks you, you can pray for them without their consent.

If, however, you pray for someone who doesn’t attack you, and who doesn’t give their consent, you are preying on them. Do not be a predator – that’s based on judging.


Monkey Heaven, Monkey Hell – how to be sure that God is speaking to you and it’s not your Ego, an Attaching Spirit or the Devil

I was sharing my miracle of Zero Pain Tooth Extraction (both during and after the surgery) and mentioned that Jesus Christ had been massaging my feet for 10-20 minutes on most mornings of that year. One Mama Monkey said “Are you sure?”


I looked down and felt my breathing. My Breath Testing said YES, so I said “I AM sure.” She was wondering if it was Jesus Christ or if it was simply a random ghost spirit leading me astray.


This raised a huge question in my mind. How can you be sure of your promptings or leadings?


You see, God guides you in many ways. This can include repeated instances or new circumstances, including miracles – things that you could not have thought possible even if you had planned them. And you receive that guidance through 14 senses.

Some "get it" by reading, using the visual sense. It works for them to read the Bible. 

Some "get it" by hearing, words from the Bible, other works of wisdom or what others say. They hear voices or "the still, small voice of God within you". 

Some "get it" by feeling, by what the body tells them. When it relaxes its a YES and when it tenses it's a NO. 


Unfortunately all of them have NO WAY to be sure that the messages that they are getting, or the signs that they are following, come from a good source - God, Jesus Christ, their own Soul, Heaven or the Holy Spirit. With breathing, however, they have such a way. 

That's because Correct Breathing is true and Perverse Breathing is untrue. At any level, if you get Correct Breathing - deeper, fuller, more relaxed breathing in which the belly goes out when you breathe in and in when you breathe out (think opposites) you are going in the right direction. 

And at any level, if you get Perverse Breathing - shallower, more constricted, more tense breathing in which the belly goes in when you breathe in and out when you breathe out you are going in the wrong direction. Change your direction!

Alternatively, change your timing. Sometimes you need to wait patiently for others or the environment to respond. This is especially true in Catchy Conversation. 

Breath Testing

Breath Testing

When you place your right hand on your belly and your left hand on your ???? you touch. You feel for pressure. You then listen to the air passing through your nose and throat.

You look down and watch the pattern of your breathing - such as lower belly, then upper belly, then chest (YES) or upper belly dominating (YES) or just chest (NO). And you feel kinesthetically, the movement of you belly and diaphragm.


So you are using five senses all at the same time, all supporting the YES or NO answer. You get a multi-sensory response, in which the sense are all in agreement or not. Thus, it is far more accurate than other testing as a way of checking your leadings. You may get a leading through one sense, but was it symbolic or literal? Do you just need the lesson or do you need to go and do what you saw in your vision? How can you be sure?


And following that, how can you be sure of the place and timing of what you do? Maybe you feel moved to go and talk to a stranger about God or Jesus, but how do you time it? Now or in half an hour? Wait for the stranger to approach you? All of these questions can be answered in the moment by your Breath Testing.


Thus, the best way to be sure that it's God or Jesus Christ giving you the leadings is to check your pattern of breathing. Make the statement "God is leading me to do ... " The answer will come as Lower Belly Breathing if it's a YES.


Then try "Jesus Christ is leading me to do ... ". The answer will come as Upper Belly Breathing SUPPORTED BY Lower Belly Breathing if it's a YES.


Always remember to check if what you need to do is nothing. Perhaps God or Jesus Christ, or both of them, have got it sorted and don't need you to be involved. Maybe you simply need to focus on getting your own life together or your own Ministry. Test, test and test again!

God's Voice

A man was in a light plane, a four seater. He heard a loud noise, a bang. There was so much pressure in the cabin that if the front window had blown inwards the plane would have nose-dived.


He prayed, and God answered him with peace in his heart and a voice that said that he would make it. The plane survived the next 10 minutes to the airport and he arrived safely.


You can get many signs from God. He can answer you in an infinite number of ways. Breathing is one of them, and, for me, the best because you are getting auditory, feeling (touch), kinesthetic (internal feeling) and visual (belly movement) feedback.


It's feedback from the Holy Spirit - inspire means to breathe in. You can also open the Bible and words that answer your question will leap out at you. Or you can be answered by your circumstances - you ask a question and a person comes into your life with the answer to it even though you don't ask that person - for example, you overhear a conversation in which that question gets answered.

The Shepherd

I had no money on Monday morning, having spent the last of it on the weekend. So I couldn't buy my morning cup of turmeric latte.


I thought "I need it. Something will happen, though I don't know what. I feel like I will need one around 11am."


At 10.40am an acquaintance walks into the library, sees me and walks over to me. She says "Would you like a cup of coffee? I don't know why, but I feel moved to shout you one." Thank you God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Kaye.


God knows what you need. So does Jesus. Sometimes they nudge those who are open and arrange what seem to be "chance" meetings.


I told this to a man at our church and he put his arm around my shoulders and said "The Lord is my Shepherd, I'll not want". It's an old song that I learned as a child. All you need to do is accept the friendship and test these statements with your Breath Testing. "Kaye did that." "Jesus Christ gave her a nudge." "God was in on it."


My Breath Testing said that it was Jesus and Kaye, and God wasn't in on it. It's good to have friends.

Your 14 Senses

You have 7 Yang and 7 Yin senses.



1 Your first sense is nociception. Nociceptors tell you when you have cellular damage. It works like this.


You take in toxins - such as acids, preservatives, additives, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and drugs of various kinds (caffeine, sugar, white flour, white rice). Acids burn - mainly fatty acids and amino acids (proteins). This damages your cells.


Nociceptors register this damage as pain, setting up the inflammatory response, which includes redness (from extra blood moving into the area), heat (from extra activity in the area), swelling (from extra fluid in the area, which removes the toxins and the wastes from rebuilding) and loss of function (weakness).


If you look at an old nursing textbook you might find a map of nociceptors and what they relate to by reflex. For example, pain around your right shoulder relates to your liver, whereas pain around your left shoulder relates to your spleen and pancreas. And pain in your lower back relates to your large intestine and constipation, whereas pain in your mid back relates to your kidneys.


2 The second sense is proprioception. This is your sense of position. You can close your eyes and stand, knowing where you are in space.


Close your eyes and make a bulge in your bicep muscle. You know that it's there without looking at it, due to proprioception. It's awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body by means of sensory nerves (proprioceptors) in the muscles and joints. It gives you the ability to perceive diaphragm breathing and where it is as it moves.


3 The third sense is touch. Close your eyes and touch your fingers. Slide one hand over the other and down in a curve over your fingertips. You have over 50,000 nerve endings in your hands, which is why Hand Reflexology works so well.


When the hands of Jesus Christ touch me they are soft and gentle, with about 1.5 pounds of pressure. They are respectful. He puts his hands on my shoulders first, so that I know it’s him. I can feel his golden presence. My whole body relaxes and I move into Upper Belly Breathing (CHECKKKK)


You don’t go into Chest Breathing or Rising Shoulders Breathing and your whole body doesn’t tense up. If a random, interfering Spirit or Ghost or an attaching spirit from one of the animals that you have eaten enters you, you go into Rising Shoulders Breathing (Hell) because your boundaries are being overridden.


4 The fourth sense is balance. You can use this sense to receive YES or NO answers. For most people YES is back and forth swaying and NO is side to side.


5 The fifth sense is acceleration – speeding up or slowing down.


6 The sixth sense is electricity – energy moving through you. If you feel the Holy Spirit flowing through you, you are sensing something significant. You may pick this up as a warmth or tingling in your hands. I get this when I hold my hands in prayer position and pray for another monkey. Feel the peace that attends this energy flow.


I might use a prayer such as

In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray for [name] to recover gently, safely and speedily

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


Breath Test to discern if it is the Holy Spirit or simply and adrenalin rush! The adrenalin rush may come from fear or simply too much caffeine! It’s a hit, yes, but the Holy Spirit’s guidance is gentle and allows you to sleep.


In other words, if there is a lack of peace that you feel when you imagine doing what you think you have been guided to, it’s not God’s will.


7 The seventh sense is immune sensitivity, which includes your boundary setting (personal boundaries)



8 The eighth sense is smell. How do you know that a beautiful coffee aroma is God approving of you drinking coffee?


You can try the “suck it and see” method. Drink the coffee and feel if you feel like going to sleep with the sun – which is the natural way that your insulin receptors work – or if the caffeine drug keeps you awake beyond sundown – which is nature’s way to live. Are you breaking the commandments of biology in your lifestyle, thus causing toxicity, pain, inflammation and inflammaging?


Is Jesus Christ okay with it (Upper Belly Breathing connected to Lower Belly Breathing)? Does God approve (Lower Belly Breathing)?


What about that beautiful bakery smell? Jesus didn’t eat cream buns or bread. Yes, he did “break bread” but it was NOT the kind of bread made from grains that you eat.


It was unleavened (often flat) bread made from sprouts, not grains themselves. You can find it on the market today in some Health Food Stores, under the name Essene Bread or Ezekial Bread. Jesus Christ was an Essene.


Alternatively, is what you really need a piece of fruit – which is the fastest food in the world!?


9 The ninth sense is taste. What about the taste of tawny port, champagne or wine? Are you being drawn to drink by an attaching Spirit? What kind of Spirits attach?


When you cut short an animal’s life its Spirit hangs around until its physical body has completely decayed. And this could be 4-5 days after you’ve digested its flesh. So unless you stop eating animal products you are always prone to being led astray by an attaching Spirit.


Do you need an exorcism? No, you just need to stop eating animal products, which are high in toxins, including, mainly, excess acids (fatty acids and amino acids).


Junk foods are high in salt, sugar and fat because they make you hungrier so that you eat more and buy more, increasing the manufacturer’s profits. So you get high blood sugar, high blood pressure and overeating, leading to overweight and obesity.


Your temptation is further compounded by buying healthy junk foods which say “High protein!” and say that protein is good for you. LESS THAN 2% protein is good for you, over that is EXCESS! Excess protein causes cancer, cataracts, coughs, colds and flus.


10 The tenth sense is pressure????.


11 The eleventh sense is hearing. I have been hearing music by Jesus Christ since I was 10 years old. It always comes into my right ear and it’s sublimely beautiful.


Prior to Christmas in 2020 I got his tune, learned it, then prayed and opened the Christian Holy Bible. In front of me were the words from Luke 1 & 2, so I placed them into the tune and called it “Christmas Light”.


There’s a world of difference between that song and my own song called “Toilet Music for Constipated Lovers”, which comes from my memory (the tune to Pack up your Troubles in your Old, Kit Bag) and from my head (the words), although both are loved by those who hear them.


Words, phrases, songs and tunes may jump out at you or pervade your consciousness for a time. Are they random or do they have deeper meaning for you at this time?


Listen for that still, small, inner voice and Breath Test its suggestions.

12 The twelfth sense is visual – dreams, visions, photos or audio-visuals, daydreaming, flashes. This may include trance visions and the “shimmering” we see with open eyes, and seeing auras (fields of colour around monkeys, divas and fairies).


13 The thirteenth sense is magnetism, the kind of magnetic attraction that draws the Divine to us, not the sucky kind that robs others of their energy. You get a feeling of peace and relaxation, the kind in which you and another monkey can sit together in profound meditation without needing to speak to each other.


14 The fourteenth sense is rhythm – rocking, vibration and holding.


Literal or symbolic?

Now that you know each sense you can be more aware of God’s leadings. They will always be in the direction of peace – a deep, inner peace that goes beyond your mind.


Also test for the meaning of the leadings. Are they literal or symbolic? Test a statement like “This leading is symbolic,” or “Its real meaning is …” or “This meaning is literal” or “I need to go and receive the baptism at the harbour tomorrow”.


But how can you be sure it’s God or Jesus Christ and not an attaching spirit? You can’t unless you test.

Faith Building

The best way to test is to look down (visual). Place your hands on your body (touch, or pressure) – right hand on your belly and left (palm) on your back – and feel your breathing (proprioception). As well, you can hear the sound of your breath flow in your nose, pharynx and throat.

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