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Purify your water. If you drink tap water from the Gold Coast of Australia you may get 57 different chemicals in the water and four pounds of fecal matter per year. Ugh!

Once you have realised that toxins cause pain, you need to discover the source of your toxins.


Usually it's acidic food. All animal products are acidic. Most legumes are acidic. Most grains are acidic.


Fruits and vegetables are alkaline. So eat less of the acids - which are mostly fatty acids (fats) and amino acids (proteins) and more, organically grown fruits and vegetables.


YES! Your diet CAN ease your pain! And you can flush away the acids with purified water!

Nature's Champagne,                           Easy Fat Loss and your             Sweet Water Angel

Acid burns. Toxins overload. Pain is the result, leading to the repair process called inflammation. Many dis-eases are directly caused by lack of water to flush away the toxic overload.


So purify your water. Tap water on the Gold Coast of Australia has 57 chemicals in it plus four pounds of feces per year. Ugh!


A carbon filter in a jug will take out 80% of the toxins. A kitchen bench filter will take out 98% of the toxins. A water distiller will take out 100% of the toxins.


Then add life back into it. Place an Affirmation or Prayer Angel with its BLUE (-) face onto the side of your flask, hold it with both hands and affirm, ONCE ONLY


"Water heals rapidly now".




In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray that this water heals me completely

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


Sing the affirmation or prayer down scale (pitch), down volume and down speed. To hear how to do this, press the BANANA button right now.


Let this Amplifier Water stand for half an hour, then drink it. You need one litre of Amplifier Water per 23kgs of body weight each and every day to flush your wastes away - especially your accumulated wastes such as fat. You're only seven years old, because all of the cells in your body are replaced every seven years (except a few, which take 10 years).


You are seven years old but you may be 70 years toxic. Use Nature's Champagne - Amplifier Water - to flush your toxins away.


23kgs = 1 litre

46kgs -= 2 litres

69kgs = 3 litres

92kgs = 4 litres

115kgs = 5 litres

138kgs = 6 litres

161kgs = 7 litres

184kgs = 8 litres




Drink two thirds of it in the morning, otherwise you will get up at night to have a pee, thus disturbing your sleep.


Sing right, pee white

When you sing you need more water, so that dryness doesn't damage your vocal cords. So take a couple of litre flasks with you and sip them between songs.


You can improve your singing massively by laughing practise daily. See the Blogs Laughing Monkey Medicine, Grinning Gorilla Medicine and Gorilla Monkey Medicine.


You can also boost your quality of voice massively by using an affirmation


"My singing improves rapidly now"


or a prayer


In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray that my singing improves

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


If you sustain this affirmation by placing the BLUE face of your Singing Amplifier in your navel (belly button) you may be amazed at your singing improvement. For more information, go BANANA.


Your Sweet Water Amplifier

A Sweet Water Amplifieris an Affirmation Amplifieror Prayer Amplifier. It's a ceramic disc with a BLUE dot painted on one pole. It's half-life is 125,000 years, so keep it on you or in your jewellery box and it will look after you for your lifetime, then will it to your children and grandchildren so that it looks after them for their lifetimes too.


Yes, like the Earth it has two poles, and the BLUE stripe indicates the BLUE pole. it's made of 16 different Earth elements - such as iron and cobalt - then harmonised, consolidated, condensed, transformed, magnetised - to a specific, unipolar design - and accelerated.


You may wonder how this works. Here's the secret - it centres the mind and keeps it centred, giving you access to your superconscious abilities in a sustained, rather than a fleeting, way.


To sing like an angel you want it to be easy, safe and quick. You need to drink plenty of Sweet Water at room temperature (cold water constricts your throat). You can simply place the face nearest the BLUE stripe towards your navel, sing down your affirmation or prayer ONCE ONLY, and go to sleep. Drink this all day to flush more toxins out of your body, and ease lumps such as stones and micro-clots.


Enjoy the sweetness of Nature's Champagne

It activates the water into micro-clusters, so even distilled water, by its micro-cluster structuring, tastes sweeter!


Try it on essential oils. Let a small bottle of, say, lavender, stand on your Sweet Water Amplifier.


Within a couple of minutes the scent will fill the whole room! It's a great way to scent your toilet without chemicals. Just stand a few drops in the lid of a jar, on the floor beside the toilet.

All you need to do is three, simple steps


1 Take hold of the metal on your body and remove it - watches, rings, bracelets, bra hooks, zips, necklaces, earrings, studs, buckles, brooches, hairclips and even eyelets in your shoes. Also remove all synthetic clothing.


2 Remove your mobile phone, computer or other device of radiation. Stand away from wifi or, preferably, turn it off.


3 Quietly sip 2-3 glasses of purified water.


4 Sing down an affirmation, such as "Sweet water heals rapidly now". Sing it down scale (pitch), down volume and down speed - in other words, from high to low, loud to soft and fast to slow. This simple technique drops it into your water, which cleans out your body.


For example, you can say "Skin smoothes rapidly now" and nothing will happen to your skin, but you can sing down the same affirmation, holding both your hands around the glass, drink 14 mouthfuls and your skin will smoothe in 14, deep, slow, relaxed, belly breaths.


Simply place your tongue forwards so that its tip touches the air. The root of your tongue sits on your airway, so this pulls it up to open your airway for faster healing.


Sing Down ONCE ONLY. This way you won't over energise, making your skin worse! Once is plenty enough.


Possible affirmations include

  • ""Skin beautifies rapidly now"

  • "Toxins leave rapidly now"

  • "Intestines heal rapidly now"

  • "Lymph frees rapidly now"

  • "Blood decongests rapidly now"

  • "Eye fluids cleanse rapidly now"

  • "Eye pressure decreases rapidly now"

Alternatively, if your heart moves this way, you can pray, ONCE ONLY. Use this prayer format.


In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray to feel freer

Right now.

Thank you, God, Amen.


When you Sing Down open your eyes at the beginning of the affirmation or prayer, and close them towards the end.


Your Sweet Water Amplifier sustains the suggestion in your unconscious mind until you remove it.


The field strength of your Sweet Water Amplifier is hundreds of times your own, so you can overdo the wearing of it or the sustaining of your affirmation or prayer. When you have had enough you may get chest-started breathing, shallow breathing, prickly feelings, burning ears, overfullness in the stomach and chest, restless legs, general weakness, pressure in the head and eyes and overheating. These are indications of too much food, magnetism or other energy field nourishment.


If these appear, remove your Sweet Water Amplifierfor 14 breaths. Then watch and feel again? Is it belly-started again?


If so, repeat the affirmation while wearing the Affirmation or Prayer Amplifier again. Look and feel again - does your breathing still start from your belly? If not - that is, if you see that the in breath and out breath start from the chest - remove your Sweet Water Amplifier for at least two hours.


Beware of a large outburst of negative emotion, such as swearing in anger. One woman shouted "Shit!" and half an hour later she did. Previously she had had stubborn constipation.


Other useful affirmations include "Hips adjust rapidly now", "Blood pressure optimises rapidly now" and "Pain releases rapidly now".


Please note that there are no curative claims about your Sweet Water Amplifier. It is not a medical device. It simply sustains affirmations or prayers in the unconscious mind, which does the job.


For example, one man Sung Down the affirmation "Buffalo hump improves rapidly now" and his curve at the bottom of his neck became more rounder. The hump grew!


So he removed the Amplifier, relaxed for 14 breaths and Sung Down a different affirmation - "Buffalo hump releases rapidly now." The hump flattened!


So be careful with your wording. It's a good idea to write out your affirmation or prayer first.


The paint on the Sweet Water Amplifier is non-toxic, craft paint. When it comes off repaint with a similar type of paint.


How to Sustain your Healing Prayer

Tape the BLUE or painted face of your Prayer Amplifieron your navel or other massage point on your body. Your navel is the most powerful, general, reflex point on your body, but it cannot be needled by an acupuncturist or massaged deeply by a massage practitioner, because your main artery – your aorta - is behind it.


Your Sweet Water Amplifier is pictured here on top of a stack of Freedom Angels, and you can see that the BLUface of the Freedom Angels is up because you can see the blue.


On top of my old Water Angel you can see the old paint. Yes, it’s been there a long time, but it was, originally, blue.


Sweet Water Amplifier on stack of

Freedom Amplifier








How to Check the Polarity of your Sweet Water Amplifier


Eventually the paint comes off your Sweet Water Amplifier. You need to buy some non-toxic, blue, craft paint and mark it again. You see, even though it is spherical, your Sweet Water Amplifier has two poles. That’s because it has seven fields – harmonising, condensing, orgone, transforming, magnetic, accelerating and integrated – and the magnetic field has two poles – North and South.


That’s why you keep it at least two inches (2”) away from your credit card, cassette tape and other magnetically sensitive equipment that it could wipe. Otherwise you will have to go to the bank and get another credit card!


Sweet Water Amplifier with Compass









But when you wear your Prayer Amplifier on it, it affects your whole body from its centre. So wear your Sweet Water Amplifier there to sustain singing improvement, or wear your Sporting Amplifier there to sustain sporting improvement, or wear your Dancing Amplifier there to move more gracefully, or wear your Memory Amplifier there to improve your mind power.


Each Prayer Amplifier sustains a specific set of prayers, all of which you do in the same format.


In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray that/for/to/…………………..

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


Here are some example prayers.



In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray that my singing improves

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


Your Sweet Water Amplifier has a half-life of 125,000 years – provided that you don’t drop it on a hard surface such as concrete, tarmac or tiles in the bathroom. Look after it like jewellery and it will look after you for a lifetime!


Although it is highly expensive it is worth its weight in gold. Sustaining affirmations or prayers makes an enormous difference to your healing time. Instead of two minutes a day after a prayer, it can be 20 hours a day!


Be specific with what you pray for. The more specific you are, the more focus you get, the faster and more effective the results.


If you don’t know what’s going on in your tummy and it’s upset, yes, start with healing of your celiac (solar) plexus. But a more specific branch of your celiac plexus – such as your hepatic plexus or your pancreatic plexus – may do a far quicker job if that’s where the problem is.


Your Sweet Water Amplifier sustains all prayers. Other, specific Prayer Amplifier  sustain many sets of prayers too, and because they are more specific they are more effective for that task. For example, the Sweet Water Amplifier may sustain “Swedish massage” but the Massage Angel will do it – and other muscle massages – with more focus.


That’s why there are specific Prayer Amplifiers like the Dancing Amplifier, Sporting Amplifier, Memory Amplifier and Releasing Amplifier.


Sustain your prayers in the best way possible. Use Prayer Amplifiers to support your prayers.


They are in limited supply, so order them now to ensure that you have one. Press the BANANA button.


Easy Fat Shedding

Food adds fat. Nature's Champagne subtracts fat. So every time you eat, drink water to feel full. To shed fat, for every swallow of bread, potato chips or corn chips drink four swallows of water. It is preferable not to eat bread, potato chips or corn chips, because they dry the body far too much, causing inflammation which may become long term. Fat gorillas, especially obese gorillas, have far more inflammation in the body than those of normal weight.


To shed fat, for every swallow of dried fruit drink three swallows of water. Do the same for nuts.

To shed fat, for every swallow of grains drink two swallows of water. 

To shed fat, for every swallow of tubers drink one swallow of water. 


Fruits and vegetables already have so much water (can be over 90%) that you don't need to dilute them further to feel full quickly. To learn more, read the book "Fat Freeing Hormones for Constipated Gorillas". Press the BANANA button now.

Your Body's Water Content

The fastest growing human body is the baby's body. Baby's can grow three times their original size in six months! That's waaay faster than a body builder growing muscle!

The only food and wate the baby has is human, mother's milk. The water content of human, mother's milk is 86%-88%.


Carbohydrates is 7%. Fat is 3%-5%. Protein is 2% at birth and 1.4% after 2 months. And yet they advertise high protein powders to grow muscle.


They should call them "excess protein powders"! That's because anything over 2% is excess. 

How do we measure up to a baby in terms of our water intake?

Rejuvenating foods that keep you well hydrated and youthful

Cucumbers are 96% water.

Watermelons are 96% water.

Dragon Fruit are 96% water.

Lettuce is 95% water.

Celery is 95% water.

Capsicums are 95% water.

Zucchini is 95% water.

Tomatoes are 94% water.

Pineapples are 95% water.

Eggplant is 93% water.

Rock melons are 92% water.

Strawberries are 92% water.

Grapefruit is 91% water.

Spinach is 91% water.

Pears are 89% water.

Peaches are 89% water.

Pawpaw are 88% water.

Blackberries are 88% water.

Plums are 87% water.

Oranges are 86% water.

Mandarins are 85% water.

Lemons are 86%-89% water.

Apples are 86% water.

Apricots are 86% water.

Dandelion leaves are 86% water.

Carrots are 86% water.

For one swallow of Rejuvenating foods you need 0 swallows of extra water.

Human mother's milk is 86%-88% water.

Aging foods that need water added

Blueberries are 85% water.

Kale is 85% water.

Guava is 83% water.

Parsley is 83% water.

Cherries are 82% water.

Currants are 82% water.

Grapes are 82% water.

Persimmons are 75%-80% water.

Cooked potatoes 77%.

Sweet potatoes 77%.

Bananas are 75% water.

Peas are 75% water, but dried peas are less than 24% water.

For one swallow of Aging foods you need one swallow of extra water.

Dis-ease producing foods that toxify you

Grains and rice are 60%-68% after cooking.

Taro is 63% water.

Yams are 50% water.

Capsicum is 43% water.

For one swallow of Dis-ease producing foods you need 2 swallows of extra water.

Dis-ease Causing Foods

Bread is 35% water..

Dried fruit is less than 30% water.

For one swallow of Dis-ease Causing Foods you need 3 swallows of extra water

Bad Baboon Foods

Medjool dates are 22% water.

Dried apricots are 22% water. 

Dried currants are 20% water.

For one swallow of Bad Baboon Foods you need 4 swallows of extra water.

Inedible Foods

Peanuts are 9% water.

Legumes are 5%-18%.

Nuts are 6%-15%  water.

Potato chips 3%.

Cracker biscuits are 1.5%-2.5% water.

For one swallow of Inedible Foods you need 10-50 swallows of extra water.

Dry skin ages more quickly, producing more wrinkles. So, to grow younger, have less dried food and more food with a moisture content above that of human mother's milk. These are all found in a Vitarian diet.

Cooked food is dry and inflames the intestines.

Inedibles that are highly toxic and age you quickly due to their low water content and their highly toxic composition (urine, feces, bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals) 

Egg is 74% water.

Salmon is 60%-75% water.

Chicken is 60% water.

Beef is 60% water.

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