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Laughter Party

Play these songs at your next Laughter Party, for great group participation. Laugh Down as a group to lift your face, your health and your energy levels!

Laughter Party

Play this song to adults or children and get them clapping and singing along!

Laughter Party Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Every Day in Every Way

Play this affirmation song, to use auto-suggestion (self-hypnosis) in a tune to keep you feeling good throughout your day.

Every Day in Every Way Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Back in Line

If you have back pain sing this song with affirmations in it to ease your back through Buzzing.

Back in Line Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Smile with Magnetic Eyes!

Get happy! You cannot laugh and feel depressed at the same time! So play this song, smile and Buzz with Laugh Downs.

Smile with Magnetic Eyes Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Smile! Smile! Smile!

This is the same song as "Smile with Magnetic Eyes" but with a simpler chorus for children and large crowds.

Smile! Smile! Smile! Lyrics with Chords

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Happy Just to Hug

Hug for seven Laugh Downs to boost your hormones and your energy, including your bliss hormone (serotonin), your pleasure hormone (dopamine), your love hormone (oxytocin) and your pain relief wellness hormones (endorphins). If you have nobody to hug, hug yourself, keeping your left arm closer to your body than your right.


Laugh Down on the sound of "Shee" to lift your face. Do seven hugs like this - Face Lift Yoga! Place your hands on your shoulders to soften your wrinkles. Place your hands close to your neck to get more central lift.

Happy Just to Hug Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Mojo Risin'

Shine brightly so that your mojo rises!

Track NameArtist Name
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Face Lift Yoga

Laugh your face up!

Face Lift Yoga Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Laughter Party!

Download this Power Point Presentation, which includes 7 happy songs to get you laughing, healing and rejuvenating your body. Remember that laughing is boosted breathing, so it's at least 14,000 times more powerful than food in healing.

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