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Trace Minerals

Your body needs trace minerals. But you don't eat food with trace minerals in it, and the deficiency causes all sorts of dis-eases.


The best trace mineral supplement is seaweed. No seaweed is poisonous to us, although some are very tough.


Colloidal Silver

Sometimes your body needs more of some supplements. For example, it may need more silver. I put colloidal silver into my ears after I go swimming, and it keeps my ears free of infection. Before I did that I got many infections, wax in my ears, ear inflammation and loss of hearing.


When I got Covid (the Omicron variety) I took a tablespoon of nano colloidal silver each day. It kept me well, along with selenium (from Brazil nuts that were NOT grown in Australia), liposomal Vitamin C, zinc (and quinine to open the doors for it to enter the cells easily) and N Acetyl Cysteine.


Does that mean that supplements are worth taking all the time? Is more better?


Clearly not. You take what your body needs. You test how much with Breath Testing.


So Breath Test the following supplements, which I find exceptional - seaweed, nano colloidal silver, fulvic (an electrolyte which neutralises many toxins), humic (an electrolytic friend to fulvic), liposomal Vitamin C (the liposomal pathway makes the Vitamin C available in much larger doses, which are useful for cancer and other metabolic dis-eases).



The Japanese can use up to one third of their dinner plate as seaweed, so it's very safe. Breath Test to discover which type you need most - nori, hijiki, wakame, arame or dulce (which can be eaten raw). They are all high in iodine, so you may need them sometimes and sometimes not.



I watched a man spray some diluted fulvic - which is an electrolyte - onto the skin of a woman who had and extremely itchy, red and inflamed skin over her body. After many years of itching and having tried many things, her itching stopped in about a minute!


Fulvic is useful in many emergency situations because it's a neutraliser. It is mined as pure fulvic in Australia or extracted as fulvic acid in America. The pure fulvic is much, much better, so try getting that. It also enriches plants, which grow bigger and more delicious.


Go to


You can get pure humic from the same place.


Go to


I have been using fulvic for over a year as a neutraliser, taking the standard dose each week or much more during my time with Omicron, and it worked well! It's a great electrolyte!


I have used the greenercleaner for decades and found it to be wonderful because it has no dangerous chemicals. It's a natural product that works very effectively.


Dr Bronner's soaps

In 1976 I had so much snow on my pillow that I gave up soaps altogether. I just used water. For most washing this works, but sometimes not, which is when I used Dr Bronner's. It's organic. I have used it for my hair, body, hands and face.


Liposomal Vitamin C

There are two pathways of digestion in your intestines. The first is through the portal system, a one way pathway of blood to the liver, where your food is broken up into biochemicals and remade into vitamins, minerals and other biochemicals.


The second is through your lacteals, small lymphatic vessels that carry fats straight to your bloodstream and then into the cells. That's why, if you combine fats with sugars at one meal, your blood sugar spikes, but if you keep them separate it doesn't spike as much because the fats don't get there before the sugars and clog up the insulin receptors.


So when you combine vitamin C with a fat made from soybeans, called lecithin, the vitamin C is absorbed rapidly into the system. Normally, at high levels it would give you diarrhea, but in this way you absorb so much more that you can take a lot more before diarrhea occurs, and therefore take advantage of the cleansing that vitamin C gives to all of your cells.

To learn more, check out the books that are relevant to you, such as "Virus! How to Reverse Viral Symptoms in 7 Minutes".

Nano Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for thousands of years to prevent the proliferation of bugs (bacteria, amoeba, algae, viruses) in food, water, wine and other liquids. These dis-ease related bugs did not survive in an environment with enough silver in it.


Today silver is used on bandaids to prevent infection, in water purification systems, by airlines, by NASA and domestically.


How silver works

The presence of positively charged silver ions near negatively charged virus, fungi and bacteria disables their oxygen metabolism enzyme. Minutes after contact pathogens lose their negative charge, suffocate and die.


They are then cleared out of the body by your lymphatic and elimination systems. The silver ion then goes on to destroy more pathogens, whereas antibiotics attach themselves to a single celled organism only once, and then are useless.


For general maintenance adults take about 25-50ml per day, and children about half that amount. In times of special need you may take that amount hourly for a short while. Many people spray colloidal silver up their eyes, throat and nose.


Keep it in your mouth for a couple of minutes before swallowing. If you are new to it start at a low dose and work up to it.


Colloidal Silver is highly effective for wound care and skin health. It helps in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and acne. It helps to sooth and repair tissue damaged by burns, including sunburn.


It also promotes the repair of enamel, heals mouth infections, ulcers and bleeding gums and helps to eliminate plaque and bad breath.


It also helps in the treatment of respiratory illnesses, including bronchitis and asthma.


It also helps with sinusitis, digestive issues, fever, cough, cold, flu, thyroid problems, lyme dis-ease, skin allergies, urinary tract infections, parasites, yeast infections, ulcers, ringworm, diarrhea, shingles, heat stroke and bad odours.


It relieves irritation, pain and infection. I use it under my armpits to kill the bacteria there which cause B.O. (Bacterial Odour - it's not "Body Odour"). 

Silver Sheen

I also use it on my hair to give it a silver sheen. It has gone to white, then to silver, then to grey. And my eyebrows have gone from brown with a bit of white to brown with a bit of ginger.

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