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You get older the more toxins you take in and store. You get younger the more toxins you release. This includes physical, emotional and mental toxins. Now you can get healing at miracle speed for FREE, at home, for you and your family, for the rest of your life.

Rejuvenation - How to Look Younger, Sound Younger and                      Feel Younger Now

Acid burns, causing cellular damage. Pain nerve endings (nociceptors) alarm your repair response, called inflammation.


This gives you redness, as more blood rushed to the area. It gives you swelling, with more fluid flushing the area. And it gives you heat, with more activity crowding the area. Lastly, you lose function, partially or fully.


The inflamed area is ten times or more the size of the damaged area, and too much inflammation shuts down the cells around the damaged cell. You get more damage!


Thus biochemical injury can set in, causing long term damage to many cells and long term or chronic inflammation. The cause of this deterioration or "inflammaging" is acids, which are toxins, and other toxins, which damage your cells.


Thus, the key to reversing the deterioration or "aging" process is to release the toxins, including the acids, and to STOP taking in the acids.


What acids do you take in? Fats - fatty acids - and proteins - amino acids. Carbohydrates are neutral.


What foods are acidic? All animal products except honey. Plus caffeinated drinks and eats (cola, coffee, black or fermented tea, green tea, cocoa, cacao and guarana), sugar (maltose, maltodextrin, glucose, sucrose, corn starch and much more) and white flours (wheat flour, rice flour, white rice, rice noodles and so on).


What foods are alkaline? Organically grown fruits and vegetables, almonds, tofu, tempeh, quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat and whole, brown rice, plus seaweed.


Mock meats

I had mock, plant-based pepperoni. My sight became a little more blurry. A cataract is not a thing. It's excess protein in the lens of the eye. The excess protein causes the blurring.


Mock cheese

These are often plant-based but contain soy. Today, most soy is Genetically Modified so that it can stand the pesticides that keep the bugs away. So it's full of pesticide poisons.


90% of pesticides are carcinogenic (cancer causing). A similar story is true for fungicides and herbicides.


Toxicity causes inflammaging

Here is a list of poisons that we take, from highest toxicity to lowest toxicity, in rough order from top to bottom, with comments as to why they are sooo toxic.


Poisonous substances

  • Medications. I say medications first because I got bitten by an Australian Brown Snake, which has the second deadliest venom of all land snakes in the world. It wasn't its fault - I was standing on it and it nipped me and slid away. The hospital did not want to give me the anti-venene because its side effects are worse than those of the snake bite, so they just measured my blood coagulation. I breathed my way through it for the whole night and so avoided the worst toxicity - the medication.

  • Snake poison, depending on the snake

  • Spider poison, depending on the spider

  • Less poisonous medications

  • Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, especially from Genetically Modified foods which are grown to withstand the effects of the sprays. When asking for "spray free" fruit and veggies ask "How long since they have been sprayed?" because some farmers simply mean that they have not sprayed them "in the last six weeks".

  • In other words, the toxicity from the sprays is there in the skin of the fruit, but no new spraying has been done since then. They may have dusted them with chemicals instead, so you need to check both "spray and dusting free".

  • Smoke - cigarettes, pipes, vapes, marijuana, smoked salmon, smoked eggplant and other smoked substances

  • Alcohol. We make two glasses of alcohol in our bodies every day, so more is excess. If you are deficient you may try a teaspoonful.

  • Caffeine - cola, coffee, black or fermented tea, green tea, cocoa, chocolate, cacao, guarana. Caffeine raises blood pressure and weakens blood vessel walls. It raises eye pressure. It causes many deaths and stroke injuries, but gives its addicts "get up and go" which you could also get by massaging your points for adrenaline and noradrenalin.

  • Sugar - pure, white and deadly


Toxic animal flesh

  • Most of these have excess fatty acids and excess amino acids.

  • Crab = 18% amino acids, which is 900% excess protein!

  • Lobster = 19% amino acids

  • Prawns = 25% amino acids

  • Shrimps = 23% amino acidsPig (pork, ham) = 20% amino acids

  • Bull, cow (beef, veal) = 27 % amino acids

  • Sheep, lamb = 26% amino acids

  • Goat = 23% amino acids

  • Chicken = 25% amino acids

  • Turkey = 25% amino acids

  • Fish = 13-36% amino acids, which is 1,900% excess protein!

  • Egg = 13% amino acids


Toxic cow's milk products

  • Cheese = 25% amino acids, which is 1,200% excess protein! Plus fatty acids.

  • Cream = fatty acids

  • Butter = fatty acids

  • Milk = 4% amino acids, which is 100% excess protein! Plus fatty acids.


Toxic plant products

Legumes are even higher in amino acids but lack the amount of fatty acids that animal products have.

  • Tofu, tempeh = 44% amino acids, which is 22% excess protein!

  • Borlotti beans = 26% amino acids

  • Kidney beans = 27% amino acids

  • Peanuts = 23% amino acids

  • Lima beans = 22% amino acids

  • Fava beans = 30% amino acids

  • Chickpeas = 10-15% amino acids

  • Broad beans = 27% amino acids

  • Lentils = 26% amino acids

  • Dahl = 9% amino acids, which is 450% excess protein!

  • Yes, they all make you fart, because protein is slow to digest and they have a lot of carbohydrates, which ferment while held up in your stomach is digesting the protein, at 38 degrees heat, causing bloating, wind and gas.


Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are also high in amino acids, and have excess fatty acids that animal products have. Their fats, however, are not as damaging to you as the animal fats. Compare the baking tray of a beef roast with that for baked vegetables.


The lard is thick and sticks to the tray. It's hard to get off, and has the same effect on your kitchen plumbing. My father was an architect and would never allow me to wash it down the kitchen sink. I had to scrape it into the garbage bin.


Vegetable oil, however, runs out of the tray easily and is easy to wash off. In other words, lard sticks to your blood vessel walls and clogs them up, and vegetable fats do that too, but less so. As a long term vegan I have discovered that kissing a meat eater is like licking lard, whereas kissing another long term vegan tastes fine.

  • Pumpkin seeds = 27% amino acids

  • Sunflower seeds = 25%

  • Sesame seeds, tahini = 20% amino acids

  • Cashew nuts = 21% amino acids

  • Almonds = 20% amino acids

  • Chia seeds = 19% amino acids

  • Hazelnuts = 15% amino acids

  • Walnuts = 15% amino acids

  • Brazil nuts = 14% amino acids

  • Macadamia nuts = 8% amino acids

  • Pecans = 8% amino acids



Grains are usually lower in amino acids and fatty acids than nuts and seeds.

  • Amaranth = 15% amino acids

  • Quinoa = 14 % amino acids

  • Millet = 7-12% amino acids

  • Oats = 11-15% amino acids

  • Wheat = 8-20% amino acids

  • Rye = 6.5-14.5% amino acids

  • Corn = 10-15% amino acids

  • Barley = 7.5-18% amino acids

  • Rice = 7% amino acids. Whole brown rice, organically grown, cooked in water, is the only grain to fit into the 2% mark. So it is the best grain available.


Vitarian food - Age Reversal Nutrition

Vitarian living uses fruit and vegetables, especially deep green, leafy vegetables, because these are all acceptable in that they don't have excess fatty acids or amino acids. In other words, they are highly alkaline, if organically grown, not cooked, not dried, not processed and packaged on the supermarket shelves, but fresh and ripe.


Ripe fruit

Mama Monkey taught me to eat ripe fruit, because of its high enzyme content. Unfortunately most people now lack the education to eat ripe fruit - they eat it too green and miss out on the fruit's vital enzymes, making it harder to digest.


  • Mangoes, for example, are best when mooshy, like a mousse.

  • Bananas are best when their skin have little, brown freckles on them. Their skin may be blended with them for superfood nutrition, including dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, magnesium, potassium and other minerals, B vitamins and the release of endorphins (natural pain relievers).

  • Avocados are best when the area around the stalk joint begins to soften.

  • Limes are best when eaten yellow.

  • Lemons are best when eaten soft.

  • Blood oranges and oranges are best when eaten soft, as are grapefruit.

  • Dragon fruit (pitaya) are best when their little ears are starting to turn brown. Their skin may be blended with them for superfood nutrition.          Vine fruit

Potato, sweet potato, taro and other vine fruit can be the staples of your diet due to their normal protein content. They are highly alkaline.


Protein is for growth. The type of person who grows the fastest is the baby. Human mother's milk has 2% protein. As adults we don't need more, and the excess gives us dis-eases due to toxicity of excess protein, including cataracts, cancer, back pain and kidney disease.


Stop burning your body from the inside out with acids. Then it can recover from the damage that you have caused it and reverse the dis-ease (aging) process.


Now that you have learned this, as Jesus Christ said, "go your way and sin no more". A sin is a mistake and you have been sinning against your biology all of your life. Changing your lifestyle is the key to reversing aging. There is no short cut.



Breath Test for which ones you need, how much and when. For example, to prevent cancer tumours, lower your level of cancer cells. On average, each Australian has 750,000 cancer cells in the body. Lower that level to less than 50,000, so you have less of them clumping together in a lump (tumour).


You might test for Turkeytail, Astragalus, Reishi mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Chaparral or other herbs. One of the greatest drummers in the world got diagnosed with cancer and decided simply to eat greens from the garden - nothing else. After 3-4 months he was very, very skinny, but had no cancer left!



Wash out your bowels. The famous comedian, Bob Hope, had 30 pounds of feces in his bowels when given an autopsy after he died. That's almost 14kgs! No wonder he was sick!


Once your large intestine has been washed out, give yourself a Sealine Colonic once a week. That's a wash out from top to bottom - from your mouth to your rectum.


Simply add four, flat, measured teaspoons of sea salt - such as Celtic salt - to body temperature water (test the water with the front of your wrist). The water must be purified.


This salinity of water cannot osmose through your intestinal walls, because it has the same salinity as your bloodstream. So it forms a water bomb. Drink two litres (one quart) of it first thing in the morning after a light meal or no meal at all the night before, so that your stomach is empty.


Roll around on the floor every now and again in a relaxed way, so that it swishes any impactions around and they go out. An impaction is a ball of protein in your intestines and may have been there for years, causing constant irritation and inflammation.


If you feel like farting, don't. Go and sit on the toilet. You will "piss from your bum hole".


After two hours drink purified water according to your thirst. After four hours you can start eating, using a salad with probiotics and greens. That's lunch.


Have steamed greens for dinner, with a squeeze of lemon, bits of ginger and a sprinkling of seaweed, or a green juice, then start eating fruit again in the morning.



Bacteria in your large intestines make ketones which feed your liver with energy. Your liver detoxifies your bloodstream.


The bacteria feed on pre-biotics - different types of fibre. So have at least 30 types of fruit and veggies per week, to get a broad variety of pre-biotics.


When I first realised this I wrote down my list of pre-biotics from the week before. It was avocados, bananas with skin, citrus, passionfruit, dates, custard apple, pawpaw, celery, sweet potato leaves, pumpkin, dahl, rice, seaweed, capsicum, eggplant, broccoli, nasturtium, hibiscus (petal, not stem, which constipates you and reverses diarrhea), carrot, potato, tahini, cashew, almond and brazil.



These form only 1% of your intestinal flora needs, but balance the flora (bacterial environment) when they go out of balance. You can make kefir or yogurt out of coconut cream or any nut or seed milk.


The cream is the first pressing of the coconut, so it is highly nutritious. The milk is the second pressing of the coconut and lacks the nutrition. Only use the cream if you can.



Elimination is vitally important for age reversal, so remember that your lungs eliminate 70% of your toxins, your skin (sweat glands) 20%, your kidneys and bladder 6% and your bowels 4%. That's why laughing (boosted breathing) reverses aging the fastest.



At the age of 80 you might have 5% of the normal testosterone level that you had when you were 30. To boost it back up means that you need to focus on the cells that produce that hormone (your testicular cells) by massaging its points daily.


So refer to your Hormone Reflexology Chart, and Sustain the Massage by Singing Down for whichever hormone you need by using your Singing Angel.


For example, if you have diabetes or high blood sugar, vaspin reduces the high blood sugar and relaxes your hepato-pancreatic ampulla, hepato-pancreatic ampullary sphincter and common bile duct sphincter, allowing fat out of your pancreas, bile out of your gall bladder and liver and reducing the Dawn Phenomenon. So massage the point for vaspin while at the same time Singing Down


Vaspin increases rapidly now




In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray to boost my vaspin levels

Right now.

Thank you, God. Amen.


Sustain this with your Singing Angel in your navel or a Clarity Angel on the vaspin point.



In the 1930s American scientists Albert Roy Davis and Walter C Rawls Jr did an experiment with rats. They discovered that when they left the rats to live in a magnetic cage of 600 Gauss, the rats doubled their lifespan. In fact, they had to remove the rats from the cage for them to grow old and die.


That's because your cells are electromagnetic. They have a North and a South pole. And at the moment the Earth is very, very low in magnetic strength, and going lower, giving you the Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome.


So when you expose your cells to a magnetic field at your navel, which is the central, most powerful, reflex point, and under which lies your aorta (largest blood vessel, carrying your blood from your heart to your body), you boost their magnetic strength and rejuvenate them.


So when you use a Prayer Angel in your navel you boost your whole body.


Unfortunately magnets also have a static field, which is carcinogenic. Fortunately you can smooth this by applying another field to them - the Harmonic Field. And when you add another five fields you get a seven field object - a Prayer Angel. So Prayer Angels are not magnets, although they have a magnetic field.


They Sustain affirmations or prayers in your Unconscious Mind and support your wellbeing.

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