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The Art of Romance

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This Romance

A light, romantic, fun song to get your wife up and dance to. When my wife ran off with the wedding photographer - five months after the wedding -- my business manager asked "Did you take her out for a romantic night just by yourselves, without any children, 2-3 nights a week, just to show her how special she was to you?" I hadn't even thought about it.


We were poor and struggling financially. He said "You could have taken her for a walk on the beach - anything romantic with just the two of you together by yourselves." I realised that I had a lot to learn, but it was too late. My trust was broken and, for decades, I didn't get it back enough to stay with her or marry again. 

Then she got breast cancer, then brain cancer, and died. So value your spouse while you can, take her out 2-3 nights a week without the children, and give her the love that she deserves because she, like you, is a spark of light in the eye of God and in your eyes. 

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How to Create Rapport

This is a spoken word track telling you how to create rapport. It helps to mend a relationship in which trust has been broken.


My love for this special lady never came to fruition, because she was with another man, and so I couldn't go there. One day when she walked into my seminar I dropped the pencil I was carrying, such was my surprise!

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The Six Languages of Love

Another spoken word track. Please play this time and time again, and learn all of these love languages. With them your relationship with your spouse will flourish. Without them you may find yourself on the wrong end of a divorce lawyer's dream - he gets the house and her lawyer gets the unit.


Stoke the fires of love with ginseng, muira puama and other awesome herbal mixtures, or, for women, dong quai, licquorice and other, awesome herbal mixtures. I personally know vegan men and women in their 80s who are still enjoying a great sex life!

Firelove Sneak PeekElvis Pavarotti
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Sensory, Dramatic and Power Languages

Make your business, social and family relationships dramatic, powerful and fulfilling by committing these words to memory. They will also help you to write well.

Kiss Me Again

Oh the scintillating joy of a divine kiss!

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Spirallic Seduction

In 1981 I met a professional prostitute who had done cold turkey on heroin in a Thai jail. She had gone back to the drug and wanted to come off it because of the expense, so that she didn't have to work her butt off!

I taught her a special meditation and diet, and she came off easily. In exchange she taught me Spirallic Seduction, although we didn't have sex.


She had a boyfriend and, to tell the truth, she wasn't attractive to me. You see, I had been vegan for several years then, and a non-smoker all my life. Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray, and kissing a non-vegan is like licking lard. The taste is simply disgusting. 

So kiss your wife before you marry her, and learn this spoken word track on Spirallic Seduction. Share it with her so that both of you get to treasure the pleasures of married leisure.

The First Time I Saw You

I knew 10 days before I met my wife that I would meet her at the solo concert that I was giving 10 days later. She was introduced to me before the concert and I fell in love with  her clear, blue, shining eyes.  Towards the end of the concert I sang this song and, because she was sitting in the front row, got down on one knee and sang the last verse right in front of her, and kissed her hand. 

I invited her backstage afterwards and proposed to her formally. She said "I'm thinking of becoming a nun." Great reply!

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