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How to Reduce Fat by Drinking Water

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How much Water to Drink

Your body needs 1 litre of purified water for every 23kgs that you weigh. So if you weigh 46kgs, you need 2 litres of water per day. 

23kgs = 1 litre

46kgs = 2 litres

69kgs = 3 litres

92 kgs = 4 litres

115kgs = 5 litres

138kgs = 6 litres

161kgs = 7 litres

184kgs = 8 litres

207kgs = 9 litres

230kgs = 10 litres

When to Drink Water to Reduce Fat

Your body is 70% water. Some foods, like melons, are over 90% water. So you can eat them without drinking water.

The same is true with all fruits and vegetables. They have plenty of water to make you feel full. So eat a 9-5 diet - 9 servings of vegetables to 5 servings of fruit.

Have 5 servings of fruit for breakfast - such as 5 medium apples, pears, oranges, persimmons bananas, dragon fruit or custard apples. That's all you need to have until lunch time, except for water. You will feel full for a while, but then the water will be absorbed and you will feel empty. But then you are engaged in doing something else - whatever work you do during the day - so you won't notice your stomach shrinking.

Now do an experiment. The next day eat two pieces of fruit and two pieces of dried fruit. You won't feel full. So for every swallow of dried fruit you ate, drink two swallows of purified water. You will feel full after drinking the water!

Again, the water will be absorbed. Again, absorb yourself in daily tasks before eating at lunch time, and keep drinking more water.

The point is that dry food needs more water added, preferable before eating. In this way you eat less food, drink more water and reduce weight. The water also moisturises your skin and eases back pain due to the increased water content in the gel in your intervertebral discs.

If instead you add caffeine - which irritates the stomach lining - or sugar, you will want to eat more. So only drink purified water with your meal, not coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks or alcohol.

Thus, depending on the dryness of any food, swallow more water in an exact ratio. 

  • For fruit, swallow no water.

  • For dried fruit, swallow three mouthfuls of purified water for every swallow of dried fruit.

  • For salad veggies, swallow no water.

  • For tubers (potato, sweet potato, taro, cassava), swallow two mouthfuls of purified water with every swallow of tuber.

  • For grains, swallow two mouthfuls of purified water with every swallow of grain product.

  • For nuts, swallow three mouthfuls of purified water with every swallow of nut product.

  • For seeds, swallow three mouthfuls of purified water with every swallow of seed product.

  • For seaweed, swallow four mouthfuls of purified water with every swallow of dried seaweed.

  • For extremely dry food, such as biscuits, bread and packeted chips (potato chips or corn chips), swallow four mouthfuls of purified water with every swallow of bread, biscuits or chips. These foods are not recommended for a Vitarian diet, whose aim is not convenience but growing in health.


  • Besides, the fastest food is fruit, so grab a banana, apple or date if you need a top up. If you lack the energy it's likely that you are not having enough selenium or iron, so learn more about them and how to best access them (Brazil nuts from South America for selenium and iron from dill, fennel, pecans, olives and beetroot for iron).

  • For soups it depends on the thickness of the soup. It it's root soup, mainly made from potato, beetroot, sweet potato, taro and yam, probably one swallow of soup followed by one of water will be enough.

  • If it's a clear soup such as a consomme or miso soup, then there is no need to swallow water afterwards. With ramen soup or laksa noodle soup it depends on the thickness of the ramen or noodles, so Breath Test to discover how much water you need with it, if any.

What about peanuts?

Peanuts, like rice, are a legume. They reduce your vitality, so they are not on a Vitarian diet. A Vitarian diet only includes foods that boost your breathing - fruit, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds.

What about animal products?

All animal products give you Perverse Breathing. They are strongly acid-forming so they cause damage to your cells, thereby increasing your pain levels. They are not part of a Vitarian diet.

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