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Laughing Monkey Medicine

Start by laughing, which is boosted breathing. Remember to keep your tongue forward while you read the following jokes, so that your laughter is infectious and you take your next in breath from your lower belly. Laugh using 14 out bursts on one out breath.

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How Cheeky Monkey got his Name

I was born in South Africa in 1954. Monkeys were a fun part of life for me, and baboons a scary part. 

Sometimes I would tease my mother or father like the monkeys would tease the dogs on my walk to school. So they called me "Cheeky Monkey".

Sometimes, in my little monkey's imagination, I would run away from home and join the monkey family in the forested park, swinging through the trees!

So if you have any cheeky, little monkeys or big gorillas at home, show them this website so that they too might benefit from the natural knowledge in Forest Park.

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About Cheeky Monkey
who loves sharing comedy, comedy songs and ways of laughing for relieving pain, ache, discomfort, cramps, stress, tension, sag, tiredness and fatigue and boosting energy through natural health methods that you can do at home, for yourself and your family, for the rest of your life.

Early Life and Education

Cheeky Monkey was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, then lived in the quiet, coastal town of Scottburgh, Natal. His clear thinking father was one of the top three chess players in South Africa at the time, having drawn in a game of chess with the world champion chess player, Grandmaster Max Euwe, at the age of 20, prior to World War II.


Due to political persecution the family moved to Australia when Cheeky was eight years old. He completed his basic schooling at Watson Primary School, in the high, cold, Australian capital city of Canberra, where he served as School Captain in 1965. In the following year, at the fresh, young age of 12, he began beating his father, who was one of Australia’s top five chess players, at chess, and won the Australian Capital Territory Junior (under 18) Chess Championship. The year following he drew in a game of chess with one of the world’s top ten chess players, Grandmaster Yuri Averbach, then retired from the game to focus on meditation and develop his intuitive mind.


In 1970 he received a scholarship to finish his last two years at Watson High School, where he focused on written English. In 1972 he received a fruitful scholarship to the Australian National University, which is now recognized as one of the top ten universities in the world. He completed a double major in Psychology, mixing it with Sociology, Political Science and a sensational course in Philosophy and Logic.


During this time he felt to take part in dietary, cholesterol experiments by the National Heart Foundation. At one stage he was asked to go for 10 days on a vegetarian diet. He complained vociferously.


Remarkably, the dietician of the study told him that, in fact, statistically speaking, vegetarians have many times (about 12½ times) less the risk of contracting or dying from many diseases, including heart disease, cancer, kidney disease and food poisoning. He asked the head of the study “If a vegetarian diet gives you the lowest cholesterol and triglyceride levels, why don’t you advise the population of Australia to turn vegetarian?”


The reply shocked him. The drug and dagger dealer (now Professor) said “I like my meat” and “I don’t think we could persuade many Australians to turn vegetarian” and “All dietary studies done in Australia, to this point, except one, have been financially supported by the meat and dairy industry. If is wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have a job, and neither would you.”


At last the penny dropped. Cheeky grasped hold of the fact that the pseudoscientific quackery at the basis of dietary advice was supremely flawed by money. So he asked one, last question. “Why is it that the dietary study has no women in it?” Again, the answer shocked him. “Because of the menstrual cycle it takes three times longer to do dietary studies on women. So we do them on men and assume the results for women.”


Not surprisingly, Cheeky began to lose faith in the drug and dagger industry, because of its dark, financial dealings. He discovered that "General Practitioners" study diet for less than six hours in four years of medicine, and have no qualifications to be handing out diets for anyone, especially women. He reasoned that hormones could completely change the need for cholesterol and other dietary factors, and he realized that women have a completely different balance of hormones than men.


He felt completely vindicated in his skepticism of the drug and dagger industry when the Dr Death case came to light in Bundaberg, Queensland, in the first decade of the new century, especially when the then Minister for Health in Queensland, Gordon Nuttall, said “This could have happened in any hospital”.


In hindsight, he also discovered that a “doctor” is not a Doctor. Those who have done the study and made an insightful contribution to any discipline may be called a Doctor, but drug and dagger practitioners have the common title of “doctor” as an honorific and have only completed an undergraduate degree in the discipline of medicine. No wonder chiropractors call themselves “doctors” of chiropractic after a three year undergraduate degree!


No wonder any fix-it merchant can call themselves “doctors” as well – Doctor Piano, Doctor Pool, the Deck Doctor, the Rug Doctor and so on. None of these fix-it merchants have contributed to their discipline in any way – they are calling themselves by their business names.


After graduating brilliantly with Distinctions in 1974, Cheeky was offered a continuation in Honours, but declined in favour of a two year course in Professional Writing. He completed this in one year under the oversight of journalist David Swain and mentor David Morgan.


In 1976 Cheeky became debilitated by chronic bronchitis, pleurisy and a scar in his lungs. His drug and dagger dealer's drugs were making him feel worse, and his drug and dagger dealer was over- charging him and his family, while running around in his Alfa Romeo sports car and not paying his taxes (he owed $30,000 in back taxes at the time). Cheeky lost faith altogether in the stained approach of the drug and dagger profession, and turned to natural self-healing.


He overcame his chronic bronchitis and pleurisy in 10 days, and began his lifelong study of natural health. Cheeky opened his first natural health and Yoga teaching centre, called Agape (the Greek word for platonic love) in 1981. His colleague and illuminating Yoga teacher, Eileen Nettleton, was a student of Swami Gitananda of Pondicherry.


Her breathing mudras (hand positions) changed Cheeky’s voice dramatically, and he began sharing Voice Yoga with his students. Cheeky continued his studies during the early 1980s, searching deeply for a technique that would be strong enough to regrow, reduce and realign body parts naturally. He attended many healing workshops and meetings, and in 1984 formed a research group of five kinesiologists.


Over five weekends they discovered how to rejuvenate the body’s organs – spleen, lungs, kidneys, liver, serosa, heart, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder, gall bladder, submucosa and small intestine – using a special breathing technique and gentle, magnetic fields. In 1985-86 Cheeky began seeing accelerated healing. For example, one student used a special breathing technique, pure water and a hip aligning Hasta Mudra (Hand Position) to realign her hips in a second! He also observed a scar on a palm reduce in size as the skin regrew.


His article in DISCOVERY MAGAZINE, 1988, said “… breathing is now being used by professionals in NZ hospitals, nursing and naturopathic colleges, chiropractic, osteopathic and acupuncture clinics and the touch for health movement … has assisted world-class national club and school athletes … also teaches skin improvement techniques including natural facelift and how to grow skin where once there were scars.”


Cheeky’s Career

In 1987 Cheeky’s sparkling career really took off. He discovered how to regrow muscle (to reduce polio), skin (to reduce scarring), bone (to reduce fracture) and tendons and ligaments (to reduce back spasm and Dupuytren’s contracture). And he taught this method in information-packed weekend seminars, mainly to natural health practitioners and lay enthusiasts.


During the same year he appeared on radio and television programs in Australia and New Zealand, teaching audiences how to relieve pain, ache and discomfort at home, for FREE. His appearances on talkback radio were wildly popular, attracting hundreds of phone calls and extending for one, two or even three hours at a time.


By 1991 Cheeky had discovered how to regrow, reduce, realign and rejuvenate most bones and body parts, including sensory receptors (to overcome colour blindness), sensory organs (nose, ears, eyes), joints, ducts and vessels (to reduce varicose veins), exocrine glands (such as skin glands, to reduce dry skin), organs, major tissues (to reduce muscular aches and pains) and hormones (to boost energy). In 1992 he founded Bluegold Health Teaching Services to train others in his method, and continued researching, moving from bones to cartilages. He discovered how to relax bronchial cartilages and ease breathing using Special Formulas which included breathing, hasta mudras (hand positions), mantras (special sounds) and marmas (special massage points).


In 1996 he was doing one captivating interview a month with Radio 4BC in Brisbane, when he was invited to promote the Mind, Body, Harmony Expo. He was named “Elvis Pavarotti” by Anthony Frangi, a 4BC announcer, and sang like Elvis and Pavarotti to the Brisbane media, helping to attract a crowd of 22,000 through the Expo doors and serenading many women, personally, inside.


In 1998 Cheeky moved back to his favourite part of the world, Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, with Donna Phillips, a casting agent, photographer and acting coach to stars such as Wendell Sailor. Donna had been bucked off a camel, landing on her tailbone, and had two car accidents.


She had massive, spinal damage and 24/7 pain, ache and discomfort. In four years Donna overcame 97 different conditions of distress, including heart disease (angina), cancer (melanoma), arthritis, chronic fatigue, massive lower, mid and upper back pain, turned tailbone, stiff neck, sore shoulders, cramps, stress, tension, under eye sag, anosmia (inability to smell) and low energy.


In 2010 Cheeky discovered the Quantum Resonator™, a remarkable machine which sends out healing at a distance. He worked out a way to send massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy and other modalities of natural healing to any, particular person.


This resonant device enabled him, in 2011, to teach the mastery of over 177 modalities of healing to any practitioner in a weekend! His work was also featured in The Star, Monday, September 28, 1987, in an article by Jacqueline Steincamp, which said “He uses a variety of approaches, with a particular integration of ancient Himalayan and Chinese medicine, together with European systems of breathing, energy balancing … woke up the next morning to find the rash almost entirely disappeared … relief for headaches, stress, tension and fatigue, arthritis and rheumatism, neck and back problems, RSI, chilblains and poor circulation.”


His work was also featured in The Southland Times, Thursday, November 19, 1987, which said “improve all parts of the body, so that people breathe better, their blood circulation improves, and stiffness and pain is reduced; people will sleep better, feel less tense, less tired … relief of headaches and stress, tension, fatigue, arthritis, rheumatism, back problems …”


His work was also featured in The Bay of Plenty Times, Friday, June 3, 1988, in an article which said “Today he spoke to the Foundation for the Blind on improving their health. Tomorrow … asthma, fatigue, back problems, headaches, cramps, insomnia and high blood pressure. On Sunday … eczema, dry and oily skin, nappy rash, scarred skin, aging skin, sunburn, wrinkles and acne … he had been brought to full health by using herbs, relaxation, diet, exercise …”


His work was also featured in The Whangarei Report, 1988, in an article which said “His health philosophy is centred around breathing techniques … correct breathing is central to well-being and can be used therapeutically … He says as a young man he was very ill, with lung problems and partial blindness but recovered his health with his ‘natural’ techniques and now wants to teach others how to look after their own bodies.”


His work was also featured in The Sunday Express, Vol 1243, November 13, 1988, which said “… breathing techniques, has helped him overcome a number of personal health problems as well as improving his singing voice.”


His work was also featured in The Northern Star, Wednesday, November 18, 1988, which said “Due to ill health as a child and teenager, he developed an interest in a wide range of health techniques and has regained full health.”


His work was also featured in The Daily Mirror, Monday, November 6, 1989, in an article by Kimberly Scott, which said “he uses his voice to ease their pain and teaches his patients to sing to themselves to do the same … And if you close your eyes … you would swear Elvis, Pavarotti, Sinatra and other famous were performing in front of you … he has sung to cancer patients, AIDS sufferers and even headache victims and eased their pain … will conduct a free lecture at Sydney University on Thursday night, during which he promises to sing to the masses in a variety of voices.”


His work was also featured in The Christchurch Star, Monday, June 18, 1990, in an article by Alan D’arcy Erson, which said “… an expert on natural medicines from Canberra, is in Christchurch for two weeks for seminars at the Christchurch College of Natural Medicine and a series of public meetings on How to Relieve Pain for Free … natural measures such as herbs, exercises and breathing … Natural breathing increases the flow of oxygen around the body … increased oxygen can stop pain, increase vitality, and enhance performance in specific physical and mental tasks.”


His work was also featured in The Chronicle, Wednesday, March 25, 1992, in an article by John O’Brien, which said “Are aches and pains making your life a misery? If so, try this technique. Take all metal off your body, including watches and zippers. Stick your tongue out as far as comfortably possible. Close your eyes, relax and breathe for 15 minutes. With any luck, you’ll be one of the 80% of readers who get almost instant relief … will be on a talkback program on Radio 963 from 10am to 11am today.”


After the lucicrous lockdowns imposed on the Australian continent by the Liberal and Labor Parties, Cheeky began to rewrite his books, turning them into ebooks, so that the whole world could have access to his deep and detailed information about natural health and natural self-healing, including body regrowth. He began releasing these ebooks, some of them coauthored with other people, on this website, and will continue to rewrite, edit and release them in different categories.



2012 Face Lift Yoga

2012 Tummy Tuck Yoga

2012 Face Lift Massage



2013 Rainbow Tapping

2013 Rainbow Reflexology

2013 How to be Blissfully Happy for the Rest of your Life


2013 Psychic Sight

2013 Instant Enlightenment

2013 The Heart of Aura Healing


2013 Back Pain Beaten in 7 Minutes

2013 Back Pain Relief Yoga

2013 The Heart of Back Pain Relief


2013 Nipple Therapy and Breast Reflexology

2013 Burn Fat Faster, Burn Cancer Quicker

2013 The Heart of Cancer


2013 Instant Income

2013 How to Make Money without Money

2013 The Condom Close

2013 Smart Business

2013 The Heart of Business

2013 The Customer Buying Cycle and your Wealth Cycle

2013 The Seven Secrets of Running a Successful, Natural Health Business


2013 Energy Boosting Yoga

2013 How to Get more Sex

2013 My Wife Ran off with the Wedding Photographer …


2013 Fat Burning Yoga

2013 The Heart of Breathing


2013 Hot Spot Body Rock

2013 Centreline Therapy

2013 Doc Spot Body Rock

2013 The Heart of Healing


2013 Heal your Family, Instantly

2013 Your Superconscious Workbook

2013 Mudras hold Mantras


2013 The Relaxation Method of Skeletal Realignment

2013 The Relaxation Method of Rapid Rejuvenation

2013 The Relaxation Method of Rapid Emotional Release


2013 Pain Relief Yoga

2013 How to Relieve Back, Neck and Joint Pain at Home, for FREE for the Rest of Your Life 2013 Pain Reflexology, Skin Reflexology and Skin Balancing


2013 How to Get Whatever You Want Whenever You Want It

2013 How to Master Seven Modalities of Natural Healing

2013 The Heart of Healing


2013 Sing Yourself Well

2013 Sing Better in Half an Hour

2013 How to Get a Standing Ovation Every Time


2013 FREE Stress Relief in 7 Minutes

2013 How to Go to the Emotional Toilet by Yourself

2013 How to Tell When your Husband is Cheating on You


Cheeky’s Music Albums

1996 Shakerobics

2003 Burn Fat Burn

2003 Magnetic Attraction

2005 Tiger Woman

2005 Hot Burnin Music

2004 Be My Valentine

Cheeky’s Spoken Word Albums

1987 How to Relax, Relieve Pain (and Cramps) and Boost Energy, with excerpts from Dunedin Radio NZ, 4ZB, Auckland Radio NZ, 1ZB, Tauranga Radio BOP and Canberra Sports Radio 2SSS FM 2003 Back Pain Beaten in 7 Minutes

2004 How to Overcome Your Energy Deficiency Syndrome

2004 The Art of Romance

2004 Health Magnets – the Shocking Truth that Could Save Your Life

2004 Hormonal Massage

2004 The Seven Secrets of Running a Successful, Natural Health Business

2005 Back Pain Relief – the Whole Truth – the Seven Secrets of Back Regeneration that Your Doctors won’t Tell You

2005 Relaxation Deeper than Sleep

2005 Enter Your Mental Workshop – Create a Brilliant Future Cheeky’s Poems Be Love Serve Unconditional Love Cats and Butterflies Space Time Energy Trust Cheeky’s Radio and Television Appearances

1987 Talkback with John Cordorey, Auckland Radio 1ZB, and thereafter with most radio stations in New Zealand, from 1987-1996, plus interviews on the Holmes Show and 3,4,5 Live! 1987-2009 Radio 3AW Melbourne with Kashonia-Louise Carnegie, and thereafter with many radio stations around Australia, including Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Tamworth, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Sydney, Woollongong, Bega, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Bunbury

Cheeky’s Newspaper Articles

1987-1996 Most newspapers around New Zealand, including Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill

1987-2009 Most newspapers and magazines around Australia, including Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Tamworth, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Bega, Perth and Bunbury His work was specially featured in The Star, Christchurch, New Zealand, Monday, September 28, 1987, in an article by Jacqueline Steincamp.

Cheeky’s Spiritual Journey

During his first eight years Cheeky was highly influenced by the foresight of the Reverend Theo Kotze of the Methodist Church in South Africa. Kotze believed all people – black or white, male or female – to be divine sparks of light in the eyes of God. He preached love for all, including your enemy. He preached against the ugly doctrine of Apartheid. He believed it was not part of a gentle, non-violent Christianity.

Cheeky’s best friend was Theo’s son, Stephen, and his mother’s best friend was Theo’s wife, Helen, so even when his family moved to Australia the harmonious influence remained strong. Theo and his family moved to Cape Town, so Theo became Minister to Robben Island, and Nelson Mandela. He also became the enlightened Head of the South African Council of Churches, which he surrendered to Bishop Desmond Tutu, a black man.


He was placed under house arrest, his car was bombed and he and his family were pressured into exile. On the day that Nelson Mandela became President he flew to Cape Town to discuss South Africa’s future with Theo and Desmond, and they found a peaceful solution to South Africa’s discordant turmoil – the Amnesty Tribunal, which took five years to complete.


At the same time Cheeky’s father was writing to his younger brother, a millionaire with a plant nursery, a whip and 300 rugged, black, wage-slaves on his property. He was a hardened, lay preacher with the Dutch Reformed Church, a former, card-carrying member or the Nazi Party, and firmly of the belief that black people were subhuman.


When Nelson Mandela became President his father’s picture of tolerance and love to his younger brother paid off, the whipping stopped and the blacks got running water and electricity. Cheeky’s father was a dyed-in-the-wool atheist. During World War II he was captured by the Japanese army, forced to work, starved and tortured while building the Burmese railroad, and incarcerated in the infamous Changi jail in Singapore.


He did not believe that any, loving God would allow the horrors of what he had experienced. So when his wife died in 1996 it surprised him to see her, standing at the foot of his bed, talking to him in the middle of the night.


He asked his son “Am I going crazy?”, to which Cheeky replied “No dad, do you talk back to her?”


His father said “No, should I?” and Cheeky replied “It would be rude not to.”


So for the next seven years Cheeky’s father talked to his wife at least once or twice a week and, in the last two weeks of his life, many times a week. Three weeks before his father died, Cheeky asked him “Are you still an atheist?”


His father said “Yes, of course.”


So Cheeky asked “So how do you reconcile your atheism with talking to mum at night?” asked Cheeky.


His father replied “I don’t think of them at the same time. Then I don’t go crazy.” At 5pm on the night of his death Cheeky’s father said “I think I’ll peg off now. Shall I do my exercise?”


To which his son replied “You won’t need them where you’re going dad, why don’t I give you a good dinner and then a massage on your bed?” And that’s what happened.


At the age of 10 Cheeky joined the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), experiencing profound stillness. At age 14 he began studying the work of Jidhu Krishnamurti and meditating on buses.


At 18 he got a full grasp on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation technique, and at 23 began studying the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, as explained by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and others. Then, after reading Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Cheeky wondered where he would find a Master capable of teaching him the Siddhis or Yogic Powers such as levitation, invisibility and compassion.


Not knowing where to go, he enjoyed a sweet holiday with his parents near Bateman’s Bay in Southern NSW, Australia. For two weeks he meditated, ate lightly and practised Yoga postures and breathing techniques. At 2am one night in early January, 1978, the Master Vyasa and two of his friends appeared before him and initiated him into Samyama, a combination of concentration, contemplation and bliss that produces Siddhis.


He began Yogic Flying – physically lifting his body off the bed by thought alone. He practised this technique to achieve many desires – invisibility, strength of an elephant and compassion, for example. And he practised steadily, with his mother, for the next two years. Altogether, he meditated with his deeply spiritual mother for 20 years.


Although he felt that Yogic Flying was fun, Cheeky wondered why he was doing it. And his question revealed the next step in his life – to discover how to regrow body parts using the magic of Samyama in ways that are so simple that anyone can do them without having to meditate for 20 years first. In the next 30 years Cheeky discovered how to make Samyama on body regrowth, reduction, realignment, reshaping and rejuvenation using breathing, water and mudras (special hand positions), mantras (special sounds) and marmas (special massage points).


Although he had already begun cognising mudras (1978) and mantras (1979), in the next 30 years he cognised over 2,000 mudras and collected over 1,000, and cognised 756 Healing Mantras for specific, body parts, down to as small as the Canal of Schlemm, which drains the eyeball, to relieve high eye pressure glaucoma.


On March 14, 2003, Cheeky achieved the constant State of Enlightenment, which he defines as “knowing the Light of your Soul at any given moment”. Since then he has passed through the illuminated States of Unconditional Love, Pure Awareness, Global Awareness, the Ascension Process and Clearing the Core, and is poised at the threshold of Unity Consciousness.


He has created his Heart’s desire – a desire he had when he was 13 and giving up chess – a medical model of progress in consciousness that everyone can use to move towards Enlightenment step by step, alleviate suffering and gain peace within.


Cheeky’s Students Save Lives – in all of the following cases Cheeky did nothing, the students did the work themselves.


Cheeky grew up as a three-meals-a-day meat man. He has now lived a vegan, organic lifestyle for over 47 years, while continuing to research, write, sing and teach. He is a living example that you can live a long, healthy, peaceful and productive life without eating or wearing animal products.


Based on a change in diet, exercise, water and thinking, his students get amazing changes in their lives, including saving their own lives.


Genetic disease

In 2005 Robert Hayward flew from Melbourne to Brisbane to enjoy a weekend seminar with Cheeky, because his bright, yoga teaching daughter recommended it. At the follow up on the Tuesday evening he said “I have a genetic disease, called Pemphigus Vulgaris. You ulcerate on the inside and starve to death, and I have been told that I have 18 months left to live. Can you help me?”


Cheeky said that he had never heard of it, but if it was genetic it would respond to the genetic formula. Robert tried that and the ugly ulcers on his tongue went down. He learned how to handle it well himself and is still enjoying a healthy life.


Scheuermann’s disease

Two brothers in Cairns had a bulky malformation of the bones in the spine due to a genetic disease called Scheuermann’s disease. They both had large lumps in the mid back area and they both had back pain since they were children and they both were in their 50s and they both sat at the back of the seminar room, quite sceptical due to trying everything and getting nothing.


So Cheeky called them up and used two formulas, one for the back and one for the genes.

Both got pain relief and both lost their large lumps over the period of the following three weeks.



A young, vibrant Indian man attended Cheeky’s seminar in Auckland. He learned the power of group affirmations and persuaded his family to join him around his uncle’s bed in hospital. Five of them spent five hours holding hands in a circle, singing “Cancer reduces rapidly now”. His uncle recovered his colour and wellbeing and left the hospital. After five hours!


Cheeky met a delicate woman selling water purifiers. She said that she had an inoperable brain tumour. Two days later Cheeky heard that she was in a coma, in hospital. He began sending her focussed healing at a distance.


She recovered quickly enough to enjoy his weekend seminar four days later, learned the visionary material in a month and passed her examination in it.


Heart disease

One woman attended a weekend and insightful follow up with Cheeky in 1998. He taught her how to hold her hands, breathe and cough to get through a heart attack. Two years later she had a heart attack, took half an hour to work her way through it, then walked over the road to the hospital and told them she was having one.


They said she couldn’t be because she was standing up, but when they measured her heart they discovered that she was. She continued to breathe her way out of it. Cheeky’s mother had a heart attack and phoned him. He told her what to do on the telephone and sent her distant healing. She healed herself, at home, in five hours.


Cheeky’s 87 year old father had a heart attack. He massaged the right points and made his father cough hard to massage the heart, moving the clot through blood vessels. After an hour and a half he drove his father home and it took his father 2-3 days to fully recover.


Blocked airway

Cheeky taught a class to lift their arms suddenly and forcefully to eject a blockage from an airway. One woman was driving in the middle lane of a highway (Coronation Drive in Brisbane) when the food she was eating went down the wrong way. She popped her hands forward and up forcefully and the food ejected, saving her life and the lives of those around her. It was peak hour traffic.


Business saved

Cheeky hired a fine car regularly from Gary, in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. One morning Gary told him that his neck was so stiff and sore it was impossible to turn his head around enough to drive safely, and he would have to give up his business.


Cheeky taught him how to relieve the tension and a day later Gary could drive well again, saving his business, his mortgage and his family.



One alcoholic had severe liver scarring. He sat quietly at the back of a FREE public lecture by Cheeky, and all he could remember from the lecture was that if he used the Baby’s Natural Tongue Position it could extend his life. You see, he had just lost his job and his family, and was dying of liver sclerosis due to alcohol poisoning. The doctors had given him 4-5 months to live.


So he did the tongue position 24/7. After nine months he was no longer alcoholic. He could have a couple of drinks and stop. After 18 months he was no longer addicted to gambling. He could take a scratchie and stop.


He got his life back, his job back and his family back. Then he phoned up Radio Pacific as a talkback guest on the Felix Donnelly show, and told his story. Hundreds of people rang in for help, and Cheeky gave them FREE breathing techniques to relieve pain at home, for FREE, for the rest of their lives.


Via one of his students, Cheeky’s work was also featured at an international breathing conference in Moscow in 1993, on Russian television in 1993 and in the Russian hospital system in 1993, as reported in Insight Magazine, May, 1998, which said “Many professors and doctors applied these amazing techniques I’d taught them with stunning results. I taught and worked day and night in the Russian University and Hospital System. The demand was huge, especially after a half hour TV interview. Similarly, throughout newspaper and national magazine articles I’m amazed at the level of interest in self healing. The techniques draw on the fields of Himalayan breathing, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy and nutrition”.


His work was similarly featured in the NZ Woman’s Weekly, 29 May, 1995, in an article by Rowan Wakefield entitled “FROM BURNS TO BLISS”, which said “A fire left Alex so scarred he was ashamed to leave the house … Alex was engulfed in a wall of flames, suffering third degree burns that covered more than 60 percent of his body.


His body and face were hideously scarred, and Alex resigned himself to wearing those scars for life. ‘I went to an introductory evening … within about half an hour I could see and feel a distinct change.


I was amazed – the skin was beginning to soften up, and it felt a lot better. It’s made a huge difference to my life, because I’m a lot more confident. I’ve lost all my self-consciousness and even going to the beach isn’t a problem.’ …


The results are usually very quick, but it’s not a miracle cure … People just think of it as a miracle because they aren’t used to seeing the body heal that quickly.”


Via one of his students Cheeky’s work was featured in The Mountain Scene, Queenstown, New Zealand, March, 1996, in an article by Briony Hill entitled ‘EDUCATING & HELPING’, which said “His amazing therapy is focussed on … breathing, which aid circulation and bring oxygen to the damaged area … demonstrate natural face-lifts, scar reduction, spinal alignment and more.”


His work was also featured in Insight Magazine, November, 1997, which said “every 50,000 years the north and south poles of the earth change place and the magnetic field reduces to below 15% of its normal strength … so your energy deficiency is likely to get worse during the next 100 years” and “Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this system is the low cost, because you do it yourself .”


His work was also featured in Insight Magazine, May, 1998, which said


“You can feel happier, gain peace of mind, boost your energy and relieve your pain, cramps, stress, tension and discomfort with these simple methods” and “If you want to be healthy and have happiness, it’s best to live a harmonious life in tune with your body, rather than forcing it to do things it’s not ready, or able to do.


For long-lasting effects, your daily habits of how you nourish yourself determine the quality of your life … You can learn to easily cleanse, build and balance your twelve physiological systems.


You could do it waiting at the traffic lights or in a bus. It’s that easy and convenient, so you can fit it into your day without any problem. The beauty of it is that you can do it yourself, for free, anytime you want to.


The feeling is glorious. Self-doubt disappears, courage takes over, you are happier, life flows more freely because there is nothing in your energy field blocking you. Life feels wonderful, every second is just as sweet as nectar. Everything is exciting and nothing is any trouble. Being in love with life is the natural state to be in.


You can also learn to reverse your aging process with breathing … There is a saying ‘Happiness isn’t getting what you want, it’s being who you are.’


His work was also featured in Insight Magazine, May, 1998, which said “Look better … feel better … Sound better with this breakthrough health science, whose benefits include reversal of the aging process; regrowth or reduction of over 97% of body parts; relief of physical pain, mental ache and emotional discomfort of most diseases; boosting your energy levels, peripheral circulation, sports performance, reading speed, memory and IQ. You can even give yourself a natural facelift and body lift.”


His work was also featured in Insight Magazine, June, 1998, which said “You look younger when you learn how to do your own natural facelift, wrinkle and fine line reduction, reduce eye pad and under chin sag, walk taller by aligning your own spine for ease of back pain, scoliosis, stiff neck and shoulders, stress, tension and slipped disk plus many other general conditions … which you can heal yourself.”


His work was also featured in The Tablelander, May 20, 2003, which said “About 80 percent of people are able to reduce pain in a minute using this breathing technique… pain is a hungry nerve crying for oxygen … This is not masking or suppressing the pain but rejuvenating the body and allowing it to heal itself.”


“Cheeky is a dedicated, heart-centred Soul who has devoted his life to finding better and better ways to alleviate pain and suffering for all. With his achiever attitudes and behaviours and his enthusiasm for his work, he walks his talk and is an advocate for a vegan lifestyle and for everyone to learn the simple, yet powerful techniques he promotes.”

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