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Back Relief Buzzing

Buzzing is conscious shivering and the most restorative exercise for back relief and the relief of many conditions of distress that you can do. One lady came to a weekend seminar, learned Buzzing, and the following week had a stroke which paralysed her down her left side. So she lay on her bed for 3-4 hours a day Buzzing, until she recovered the full use of her left side.

Snow Monkey Shivering - Buzzing

Shivering warms you up by four degrees. So it boosts your microcirculation - the circulation of blood through your capillaries - wonderfully well. This benefits your vital organs, so that you can survive in the snow - brain, eyes, voice and skin.

Please notice that although it can be done homolaterally, it's much better to do it heterolaterally if you can. Homolateral exercise is one sided exercise, and blocks the flow of Qi, Prana or the Holy Spirit. Heterolateral exercise moves the left in alternation with the right, like walking when you move your right foot forward in time with your left arm (normal walking, as opposed to robot walking, which is right foot with right arm, which those lacking coordination can sometimes do). 

Cheeky Monkey attended a T'ai Chi class and many of the movements were homolateral (same sided), so he stopped going. You can't tie Chi, it flows. And when your Chi gone, pray to download a massive amount more. Prayer works awesomely well!


You simply stand and lift one heel, then the other, alternately. Then do it faster, until it's very rapid and your whole body vibrates.

Now tuck your elbows into your chest, with your hands at elbow height. Move your arms back and forth rapidly so that your chest moves back and forth too.


Now combine the two. Do not move your head voluntarily - you do not want to put your neck out. This is called Buzzing. To clarify this, you can shiver any, particular limb, Laugh Down with the related sound, and restore and rejuvenate that limb rapidly with  boosted breathing and microcirculation.

Buzzing can be done standing, sitting or lying down, when it's called the Dying Cockroach. If you are recovering from an injury, just shiver the parts that don't give you pain. The vibration will carry through to the injured part and accelerate the healing. 



Now practise Laughing Monkey Buzzing. Do your 14 laughs while Buzzing. To start with, simply laugh 14 times while Buzzing. If you find this difficult, count ONE two three four, ONE two three four, ONE two three four, ONE two, on one breath, singing it downwards - that is, from high to low.


After practising this until you have the emphasis on ONE, do it on all nine, pure vowels.


Once you have mastered the basics, select your tongue position, sound and hand position. In this way you can Buzz to heal any body part. To clarify this, go BANANA.


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The Benefits of Buzzing

Medical research indicates that vibration may

  • increase local blood flow

  • assist in the reduction of musculoskeletal pain

  • reduce excess oedema (lymphatic swelling)

  • assist in the treatment of wounds where the improvement of local circulation is a factor

  • assist in the treatment of cellulitis where an improvement in local circulation is a factor

Gratitude and Healing

Yes, Buzzing is a healing technique. It speeds recovery and rejuvenation. To achieve the quickest results get your five needs met - shelter, nuture, support, protection and limits.

Shelter is important for stability. Even if you are homeless, get a swag with a tent - a place to sleep, breathe and eat.

Nurture is important to feel grounded. Get good quality food and water, not toxic animal products, legumes or grains.

Support is important for social, mental and emotional wellbeing. Find those who love you and be with them. You know that they love you when, after spending time together, they compliment you. Compliment them as well, sincerely.

Protection is important to relieve apprehension, fear, anxiety and panic, which are the opposite of love. Then, while they are going, get more love, more hugs, more compliments and more smiles. Give smiles to others and some of them will smile back. If they don't, they need some loving attention ... at the right time.

Limits to your behaviour are important because they make you look with compassion at others. You are free to behave however you want WITHIN the boundaries of love. For example, to show others that you are exercising when you Buzz, move your arms or legs, or squat occasionally, so that they know that you are okay.

Your Buzzing movement releases unconscious blocks in your psyche. You vibrate them away, physically. This lightens the load of the stresses you have carried for years, decades and lifetimes.

Recognise the impact of the past. It slows you down.

Make gratitude your foundation. Say thank you to others and, of course, to God, for the good that they intend. Remain in a state of loving intent towards all. This is what it's like in Heaven, so it makes it easier to reach Heaven if you practise it.

Decide to practise the wonderful art of discipleship - practise the behaviours and techniques of the ones you admire and follow, such as God, or Jesus Christ, who practised healing before preaching.

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