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"I Don't Believe Anything I Can't See

This is a parable. It's fictional, but it gives you an idea of what to do with those who have an open mind. Please notice the strategy of making a time ahead to test their commitment to having the experience. Don't do it right on the spot. If they don't turn up for the experience, they are not ready. Tell them that when they make their excuses.

How to Handle Non-Believers

"I don't believe anything I can't see," said Sam's brother-in-law. 

Sam slapped the bonnet of his car. "Do you believe that this is a carriage?"

"No," said his brother-in-law. "It's a car."

"And car is short for carriage, which our great-great-grandfather's used. They were pulled by horses, so motorised carriages were known by the horsepower that they had from their motor. But you don't believe in motors, do you?"

"I do believe in motors!" snapped his brother-in-law.

"But you don't believe that this car has one, do you?"

"I do believe that it has one!"

"But you can't see it, and you don't believe in anything that you can't see."

"But it goes, so it must have a motor!"

"So you can deduce something from the behaviour of it?"

"Yes mate! I've got brains! Look! I'll show you!" He opened the bonnet. "See, there's the motor!"

"So YOU are prepared to deduce from effects AND look further! Congratulations!" replied Sam. "Are you prepared to do that with God?"

"I've heard the arguments and argued with lots of others. Nothing they say convinces me."

"This is not an argument," said Sam. "It's an experimental experience."

"YOU are going to give ME an experience with God?!!!" laughed his brother-in-law. "I'd like to see that!"

"It takes an hour," said Sam. "Can we make a time to do it."


"Next week? I'm sorry, but I'm pretty busy this week."


"Say, Wednesday before lunch?"


"At our favourite restaurant in Forest Lane?"


Teaching a Non-Believer - ask permission every step of the way

"Welcome Mike! Great to see you!"

"You too, Sam! I told Annie you were going to give me an experience of God! She laughed!"

"Not an experience of God, Sam, an experience of communicating with God."

"Hey! Lay it on me, Sam!" he laughed. "What do I have to do?"

"First of all, Mike, feel these two magnets. See how they stick together."

"Got that."

"Now turn one over. Notice that there is space between them. No matter how hard you push them together, they push back from each other."

"Like me and Annie this morning!" laughed Mike.

"Sorry to hear that, Mike," comforted Sam.

"It'll come right," said Mike. "She's a good woman."

"She's a good sister, Mike, so apologising always works, as long as you promise to do better next time AND do better next time."

"I've noticed that."

"So now peer between the magnets. There is space there where you cannot see anything, but you can feel the bounce back so you can deduce the magnetic field."


"And if I asked you to jump off the roof of your house, would you?"

"No, I might hurt myself."

"Why would you fall?"

"Because of gravity."

"Can you see gravity, or see its bounce back?"

"No, but you can feel the effects of the fall!" Mike laughed.

"Good," said Sam. "So what if I could show you that God has effects on your body - not harmful ones - that you cannot deny?"

"What are you going to do - hit me and ask God to heal me?"

"No," replied Sam. "I'm not going to touch you at all, and what I ask you to do won't hurt."

"Okay," said Mike. "Show me."

How to Breathe Correctly

"How well do you know biology, Mike?" asked Sam.

"I know my lungs are in my chest!" exclaimed Mike, laughing.

"Excellent!" replied Sam. "They certainly are! Do you know that your diaphragm is your largest, most powerful muscle and that it's all around your torso and shaped like a dome?"

"No, can I see a picture of that?"

Your Diaphragm Pulls Down

"Can you see that your diaphragm pulls down?"


"It pulls down to pull your air down your throat."

"That makes sense."

"This action is responsible for inviting 75% of the available oxygen into your lungs."

"I get it."

"If you don't do it - that is, if you only use your chest muscles to pull up - then you are only getting 25% of your oxygen."

"I could die."

"Or feel very sick and lacking in energy. You need energy for healing."

"True, but the muscle is inside your body. How do you make it work well?"

"Great question, Mike! You realise that when it pulls down it pushes your abdomen down, so that your belly and your lower back move outwardly."

"Then I would look like I have a beer gut - which I do - or bloated."

"That is how you look anyway, Mike. I don't mean to be rude, but because your Core Abdominal Muscles are underused you do have obvious, abdominal sag."

"Ouch! Do you have an easy remedy for that?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. Simply breathe in so that your belly goes out, and out so that your belly goes in. When you do that correctly you will rebuild your Core Muscles and look and feel slimmer."

"I don't have time to do breathing exercises!"

"You do. You have time while you drive, while you sit and wait for food to be served and while you are watching TV."

"That sounds easy, but I don't promise to do it."

"It's your health, Mike, nobody is going to bless you or curse you for doing it. It's all about how well you wish to feel, because breathing is 14,000 times more effective than food in boosting your health."

"Well, Sam," laughed Mike. "That's a statement I find hard to believe too!"

"Think about it, Mike," replied Sam. "You can go 30 days without food."


"But you can only  go three days without water."


"That makes water 10 times more effective in boosting your health than food."


"But you can only go three minutes without breathing."


"So breathing is 1,400 times more effective in boosting your health than water."

"But I breathe all the time."

"Not well. If you breathe poorly all the time you are lacking oxygen all the time."


"So one molecule of glucose turns into two molecules of energy (ATP or Adenosine TriPhosphate). But in the presence of oxygen, in every cell in your body one molecule of glucose turns into 38 molecules of energy."

"That's 19 times the energy if you have oxygen!" exclaimed Mike.

"So if you breathe well you run more quickly, dance better, sing better and remember more," said Sam.

"So how do I breathe well?" asked Mike.

"You learn and practise Correct Breathing, also called Diaphragmatic Breathing, Belly Breathing or Core Breathing exercises."

"Can you show me those?"

"Yes, place your RIGHT hand on your lower belly and your LEFT hand on your upper belly. Now breathe in and feel how your lower belly moves outwards." Mike did.

"And now breathe out and feel how your lower belly moves inwards."

"Got it."

"Good, now relax while I explain how to do the Call Down technique." Mike relaxed.

How to Call Down

Sam said "Your health, including your natural, unconscious breathing, is not governed by your Conscious Mind. You cannot tell your blood sugar or blood pressure to go down and expect that it will. That's because it's governed by your Unconscious Mind."

"I accept that," said Mike. "You can only tell your postural muscles what to do. This includes your breathing muscles, which are governed, most of the time, unconsciously, such as when you sleep."

"Correct," said Sam. "So what if you want to change the behaviours of your Unconscious Mind? Can you talk to it from your Conscious Mind? The answer is no, BUT you can communicate to it by music because your Unconscious Mind loves music. Have you ever heard music playing from far away? Your Unconscious Mind picked up on it first, after which your Conscious Mind began listening."

"True," said Mike. "I often hear a far away saxophone player in the park when I go for my daily walk."

"Luckily," said Sam, "the sweetest sound in the world to your Unconscious Mind is your own voice. So if you Call Down - from high to low, loud to soft and fast to slow - your Unconscious Mind will listen to what you Call Down and follow its suggestion for 14 breaths."

"Exactly 14 breaths?" asked Mike.

"Exactly 14 breaths," replied Sam. "After that it returns to regulating your blood sugar, blood pressure, posture and much more."

"So if i want to relax my neck and shoulders, which are always stiff," asked Mike, "can I Call Down to relax them?"

"You can," replied Sam. "Try it now. Call Down 'Neck and shoulders relax rapidly now' and feel how they do."

14 breaths later Mike opened his eyes and said "They do."

"Great Mike! Now YOU are beginning to learn how to control your own body with sound, using the word or words."

"Really, it's intention, expressed by the words, because if I was to use another language the result would be the same, wouldn't it?"

"Correct. So now Call Down 'Lower Belly Breathing'". Mike did.

After 14 breaths he said "Yes, it's true that I am getting Lower Belly Breathing right now. So?"

"Please have patience, Mike," said Sam. "Now place your LEFT hand on your lower chest and your RIGHT hand on your upper belly. Where is your breathing centred?"

"In my upper belly."

"Now place your LEFT hand on your upper chest and your RIGHT hand on your lower chest. Where is your breathing centred?"

"In my lower chest."

"Good. Now place your LEFT hand on your throat and your RIGHT hand on your upper chest. Where is your breathing centred?"

"In my upper chest."

"Good. Now you have learned that there are four parts to your breathing, and you can choose which part to breathe with. The wisest choice is to start with lower belly breathing."


"Because it gives you the most oxygen. Breath is life, so you will get the best breathing by starting from your lower belly. Try it, test it, discover that this is true based on the science of biology. Do it every day for the next week and I will show you something that will blow your mind."

"You mean beyond showing me that you think that God exists?" laughed Mike.

"Waaay beyond that," replied Sam. "And please, this week Breath Test your foods."

"How?" asked Mike.

"Place your LEFT hand on your upper belly and your RIGHT hand on your lower belly. Then test statements like "This body needs water right now" and keep testing until it doesn't. Drink and eat according to Breath Testing.

"It's an interesting experiment. Let's meet again next week, because I need to go."

"Enjoy," said Sam, "Breath Testing will change your health."

How to Communicate with God

The following week Sam and Mike had lunch again. This time Sam asked Mike to pick his lunch using Breath Testing, which he did! Sam became excited.

"You can Breath Test!" he exclaimed. "You are now ready for the next step on your journey to spiritual health."

"It's a long way from choosing foods to believing in a God!" Mike laughed.

Sam laughed too. Then he said "Place your LEFT hand on your upper belly and your RIGHT hand on your lower belly. Now Call Down 'God breathing now'".

Mike did. After 14 breaths he said "All I get is Lower Belly Breathing. There's no change."

"That's right, Mike," replied Sam. Now Call Down 'Jesus Christ breathing now'".

Mike did. After 14 breaths he said "I get Upper Belly breathing - so what? I did that just by Calling Down for upper belly breathing last week, and at home this week."

"Correct, Mike, with your hands in the Lower Belly position. Now Call Down 'Soul breathing now' with your hands in the Lower Belly position. What do you get?"

"Lower Chest breathing. This is confusing."

"Not at all, Mike, you're doing well. You're discovering that God communicates with you via Lower Belly breathing, Jesus Christ communicates with you via Upper Belly breathing and your Soul communicates with you via Lower Chest breathing."

"But there isn't a God!" exclaimed Mike.

"Test it out, Mike, replied Sam. "Call Down 'God exists'".

"Again, I just get Lower Belly breathing."

"Now test for Jesus Christ. Call Down "Jesus Christ existed." What do you get?"

"I don't get much, Sam," replied Mike. "My breathing is constricting. In Breath Testing that's a NO! I'm sorry to disappoint you."

"You haven't disappointed me, Mike - not at all. I get the same thing. Jesus Christ did not exist."


"But you are a Christian! How can you say that?"


"Because I am a Breathing Based Christian, Mike, not a Bible Based Christian. I base my faith on the next statement, which I have tested again and again and again."


"What's that?"


"Jesus Christ exists. Test it now, Mike, go ahead. Tell me after 14 breaths what you get."


Mike tested. "I get the impossible, Sam. I get a YES to a ridiculous statement, because we all agree that Jesus Christ was a historical figure who lived 2,000 years ago."


"No, Mike, we don't all agree that. He overcame death 2,000 years ago and he is still living," replied Sam. "Your own biology told you that, and I encourage you to keep practising Breath Testing on many decisions, including food and drink, and keep testing that statement."


"I will do that, Sam. If I believe that Jesus Christ still lives in some spooky form, it's a big change in my world view."


"Also keep testing the statement 'God exists'". Do it with and without your hands in Lower Belly breathing position. That's a game changer too."


"I can see that," said Mike. "But you said that today you would blow my mind. Is there anything else?" 

The Real Game Changer - How to Blow your Mind

"Yes, Mike, there is. Now place your LEFT hand on your Lower Belly and your RIGHT hand on your Upper Belly. Reverse the polarity of your hand position."

Mike did. After 14 breaths he said "When I breathe in my belly goes in and when I breathe out my belly goes out."

"Yes Mike, it does. That's Reverse Breathing, also known as Perverse Breathing. It stops you from using belly breathing and forces you into chest only breathing, which means that you only get 25% of your oxygen. You lose life ... and breath is life.

"That's true. So why do you want me to do it?"

"I'll come to that soon, Mike. For now, please be patient and keep experiencing the truth that your body is telling you. Place your LEFT hand on your upper belly and your RIGHT hand on your lower chest. Again, it's Reverse Breathing."

"And again I get chest breathing. Do you want me to die?"

"No, I want you to live with decisions that support you doing Correct Breathing, and I'm showing you how to tell when they don't. So now place your LEFT hand on your lower chest and your RIGHT hand on your upper chest. Once again, you get Perverse Breathing."

"That's true," said Mike. "And YOU are saying that Perverse Breathing is bad for me and that I shouldn't be doing it."

"And when you make a decision that makes you do Perverse Breathing it's a poor decision. You need to change the decision."

"Okay, that could be a game changer. Annie and I are thinking of buying a house."

"Then show her the breathing and don't buy one that will cause you grief. Both of you can test it."

"Okay Sam, this is a useful technique, this Breath Testing. I can see that, but what is going to blow my mind?"

"Mike, Call Down the words 'Satan Breathing'". 

"Hey! I'm not going to do that!"

"Why, Mike? If you don't believe in God you don't believe in Satan."

Mike called down "Satan Breathing". After 14 breaths he said "It gives me Perverse Breathing at the Lower Belly level.

"That's what I get, Mike!" exclaimed Sam. "Now try 'Devil Breathing'".

"Ho ho, this'll be good!" exclaimed Mike. "Devil Breathing!"

"What do you get?" asked Sam.

After 14 breaths Mike said "Perverse Breathing at the Upper Belly level."

"Me too!" said Sam. "Now Call Down 'Ego Breathing'".

"I get Perverse Breathing at the Lower Chest level," said Mike.

"Me too!" said Sam. Now here is where I blow your mind.

"Go ahead," said Mike.

"You can see your breathing by the movement of your belly and chest. You can hear your breathing in your upper air passages. You can feel your breathing with your hands. And you can feel your breathing internally with you body awareness.


That's four senses you are using, and you only required me to prove that God exists with one sense - sight. You said that if you won't believe anything that you can't see, and I have proved in YOUR biology - and biology is a science - that you can see it, hear it, touch it and feel it. NOW do you believe it?"

Mike just listened.

"Not only that, Mike," continued Sam, "but I have proven that you can communicate with God, Jesus Christ and your Soul and get YES and NO answers through Breath Testing and asking a variety of questions around the subject, and that you can also get answers from Satan and his friends, the Devil and your ego.


Who YOU choose to follow and the practise of following is now up to you. The ball is in your court, Mike. What are you going to do?"

"Keep breathing!" laughed Mike.


Sam laughed too. "Will you keep Breath Testing?" he asked.

"I'd be a fool not too," replied Mike.

The Truth inside your Bible

Three weeks later Mike and Sam met up again. "What's your opinion on the Christian Bible, Sam?" asked Mike. 

"Before I give you that, Mike, tell me what you see right now."

"I see you sitting on a chair with a street behind you. Why?"

"I don't see that, Mike. I see you sitting on a chair with a building behind you. Your truth is different to mine."

"Fair enough."

"Now Breath Test the statement 'My name is Sam'"

"That's untrue!" laughed Mike. 

"Does your Breath Testing say that?"

"Yes, of course!"

"Mine doesn't. Mine say it's true."

"The point being?"

"We all carry our own truths with us. Sometimes my truth can be different to yours. Clearly, from my testing, the Bible is not 100% true. It's over 60% true."

"But they say that it's the word of God and completely true."

"Some say that, Mike, but the words in one Bible are different to those in another."

"But the message is basically the same."

"And in detail it's different. That's why we have so many churches, all with slightly differing opinions. And hey, there are parables - made up stories teaching lessons - poems and songs in the Bible. Everybody has differing viewpoints on them.


The Bible is a work of art with a great deal of wisdom in it, which are very, very useful for us to learn from. I encourage you to test each passage and underline each part that is truthful to you, and then practise what it says. It's a game changer."

"Thanks Sam," said Mike.

"Would you like to join our choir?" asked Sam. "Or join us for lunch?"

"When I'm ready," replied Mike.

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