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The 7 Secrets of Running a Successful, Natural Health Business

80% of students of natural health end up doing other jobs because they don't know to run a triangular business of classes, consultations and seminars. 20% of your income needs to be from classes,  60% from consultations and 20% from seminars.

The Law

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Front End/Back End, Money-Back Guarantee, A, B and C Class Customers

This information is vital for you if you wish to sell your services well, so that you create a great business as well as a successful healing or health teaching centre.

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The Customer Buying Cycle

In all good businesses there are nine steps to satisfying your customer's real needs. 

1 Attention

2 Attraction

3 Commitment

4 Conversion

5 Retention

6 Expansion

7 Reproduction

8 Uplift

9 Referral

You might grab a customer's attention by wearing a headband or T-shirt. It might say "Back Pain relief in 7  secs, Ask me how, now."

Your attraction might be a card saying "Back Pain Relief Centre".

You might give them a reason for commitment such as "Back Relief Short and Long Term".

Your conversion might be an offer on the card saying "First class FREE".

Your retention might be an offer on an appointment card saying "Third lesson FREE".

Your expansion might be to offer Affirmation Superchargers for $50 deposit and $20 per week. 

Your reproduction might be to offer Affirmation Superchargers for sale.

Your uplift might be to offer a weekend seminar on a topic of natural health, such as Back Pain Relief, How to Realign your own Spine, Wrinkle Reduction in 7 Seconds, Skin Smoothing in 7 Seconds, Face Lift Yoga or Face Lift Massage or even Sing Better in Half an Hour.

Your referral might be an offer that for each referral to a class you can come with your friend for FREE.

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The Formula for Attraction

This information is crucial for you if you wish to sell your services easily.

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How to Market anything on Facebook

1 Facebook wants to help you to succeed, because that's how they make their money - Facebook ads.

2 They want you to succeed with goods products and run ads continuously.

3 Set up a Facebook Account.

4 Add a business page focussed on one product - for example, the Glenn Maxwell song. 

5 Make a video. Send it to friends. Make new friends.

6 Join Groups. Send your video to groups with most followers interested in your video topic, such as Glenn Maxwell Fan Clubs. 

7 Make Facebook reels. Send them to your top five groups. 

8 Divide your reels in half and send them to your groups separately, one at a time. Say something like "To hear the other half of (this story/verse/performance) click the link right here now." Most of them won't due to Link Resistance - lack of trust.

9 Convert reels into Facebook Stories. Copy the link and paste it onto your group posts. 

They will go to another part of Facebook, which they trust, which is the Stories section. 

10 The Facebook Story can just be a photo or a picture or may be a full reel. Keep it short. It's just there so that at the bottom a Facebook button (not a link from you) that says Learn More or See More (your choice of four) which they trust because it's from Facebook connects them to your website, so they have little if any Link Resistance. Thus, they tap onto your Landing Page, where you

11 Offer them the product.

Congratulations! There are nine steps in the Customer Buying Cycle. Your customer has just completed the first four.

1 Attention - seeing your title in their Groups or on a reel.

2 Attraction - liking your reel.

3 Commitment - tapping onto your Facebook Story.

4 Conversion - tapping onto your website. Simply give them the product and charge them a little for it, which may only be $1. THEN you have them on your Customer Resource Management list and you can sell more to them.

12 Facebook owns Instagram, so set it up for your reels to go automatically to Instagram. Some of this can only be done from a mobile phone, not a computer.

13 Repeat the learning on TikTok and Twitter (X). Once you have mastered all four of trhe main social media outlets you should be doing well.


1 TikTok counts a view if they click on it. Facebook counts a view if they stay for 3 seconds.

2 They go by the photo. Koala photo gets nobody from cricket.

3 They then go by the video. Photos are not good enough.

4 Cover photos of celebrities work best - for example, Pat Cummins.

5 Cover photo must be obvious - cricket bat AND ball works best, or celebrity face.

6 TikTok pays 2-4 cents per 1,000 views. So 1 million views gives your $20-$40. So 10 million views gives you $200-$400. So 100 million views gives you $2,000-$4,000. So 1 billion views give you $20,000-$40,000, like Ed Sheeran, Adele, Taylor Swift and so on.

How to Create Facebook Stories

You cannot post Instagram STORIES from a computer, only from Facebook. So if you don't have a mobile phone you can only work in a limited way with Instagram, by sending your reels there.

My website helper, Sammi, has now set my Facebook so that it is linked to Instagram IF I SELECT IT. If I post the reel on Facebook it will automatically go to Instragram.

Using Facebook Stories you can turn a video or reel in a story and attach a link to your website. The link comes from Facebook rather than you, so they don't have the same Link Resistance.

1 At the top of your Home Page see Create Story.

2 Do text only or upload a photo to do photo plus text.

3 Grab a photo from google and put it in, then add text,

4 Click the Add Button to choose what you want to say - Learn More, See More, Shop Now or Book More.

5 Enter link

6 Share to Story

7 Click the 3 Dots

8 Copy the Link. It automatically puts it on top or your Facebook page so that those looking at your page can see it first.

9 Your customer goes to your photo OR REEL OR VIDEO and then to the Learn More or See More button. I cannot post the reel onto Stories because it's not from my Phone, which I do not have.

10 Make a Reel and SHARE it using the curved arrow to take it to STORY. Facebook does it automatically, showing it at the top of your Home Page.


1 Go to the three dots and copy link to story.

2 Go to Group.

3 Create a post.

4 Paste the Link. It goes to the Story. They tap on the Learn More button. All Stories are currently posted on Arrow Buttons at the side.

5 All Stories last 24 hours, so they come back for something different every day. 

6 Make the story of the video - it's a phone thing, not for computers.

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