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Male Chauvinistic Pig (Men Only)

This page is full of crude, rude, politically incorrect songs for men only. Since the feminist movement men have been denied privacy in their pubs and clubs (whereas the women formed their exclusive women's groups), equality in jobs (women measure their jobs on time spent rather than efficiency of performance), and justice in the courts (men work for 20 years to keep women and children alive, then lose all their savings in the courts of Australia).


No wonder they have disgusting attitudes to women. So a few, good drinking songs may help to lose their pent up, violent emotions relating to the injustices forced upon them by the feminist system. 

Thus, this comedy album for divorcing men is necessary to release the violence from men to women and, hopefully, get them to reconsider their financial set up in which they get a Discretionary Trust in which they are the Appointor and Trustee and in which they have a trusted male friend as co-trustee. In this way they won't lose their asset base to the greedy woman and her children, who hardly know their fathers because they have been busting their guts to keep a roof over their children's heads.

Male Chauvinistic Pig (Men Only)

Rude, crude and lewd! If you love this kind of comedy, click now and release the bitterness and resentment that you feel towards the legal system because of what she stole from your legally. 

Male Chauvinistic Pig Sneak PeekLaurie van Driver & the Spare Parts
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Male Chauvinistic Pig Lyrics

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I'd Rather have a Beer than a Woman (divorcing man's drinking song)

One lawyer takes the house, the other takes the unit. And both take many years to take you and your ex- for a long, long ride. The name of the game is delay, because every Hearing makes them money and every Appeal Hearing makes them more money - so of course they are going to advise you to have hope and fight on!

Get free mediation if you can. Otherwise consider the cut and run - you're going to have to start over in the end. 

I'd Rather Have a Beer than a Woman Sneak PeekLaurie van Driver & the Spare Parts
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I'd Rather Have a Beer than a Woman Lyrics

It's not just lyrics, it's lyrics with chords for those who wish to strum along on the guitar!

Multiple Orgasm for Men

One hilarious song! Until you realise that it comes from a true story. If you know how to do tantra - a sexual technique over 5,000 years old - you can remain in the orgasmic state without ejaculating! The biggest sex organ in your body is your brain, because that is where you feel the bliss!

Multiple Orgasm for Men Sneak PeekLaurie van Driver & the Spare Parts
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Multiple Orgasm for Men Lyrics

Once again, it's lyrics with chords for those who want to play along on the piano.

The Full Clinton

If you loved the Clinton or hated him you will love this comedy song! "Her teeth are stained by her lawyer's not daft!"

The Full Clinton Sneak PeekLaurie van Driver & the Spare Parts
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Study Biology

If you study biology you discover that a sneeze is an orgasm! So enjoy this hilarious song and sneezing!

Study Biology Sneak PeekLaurie van Driver & the Spare Parts
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