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I Like Sex with Chocolate (poems - men only)

Like all good bush poets Laurie hails from Kikatinalong, just west of Wheelabarraback. Him and his mate Vulga Bill are the truckin' bluebloods of outback livin'. They love crackin' jokes about sheds, sheilas and shitty stuff, and Laurie writes poems about 'em too.

His poems are rude, insensitive, politically correct and lots of fun.

I Like Sex with Chocolate

"I like sex with chocolate 'cause it's the better way."

The Night I Wore Three Condoms

If one condom gives you 98% protection and you have sex - like any other, true blue, Aussie cobber - 4.000 to 6,000 times in your lifetime, then you will produce a large family! But if you add two more condoms that's 98x98x98 = at least 3 times more safe, because all true blue Aussies know that 1+1+1 = 5!

How I Learnt to Attract Women Magnetically 

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The 2,000 Truckin' Olympics

The real story of the truck blockade??? Pull the other one, cobber!

The Mammogram

By Laurie van Driver and Vulga Bill, this classic Aussie poem makes you glad you don't have a testagram to squich the nuts that way!

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