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Scientific PROOF that God Exists

Biology is a science. If God affects you biologically, he exists. This blog shows you that YOU can prove to yourself that God exists and affects you biologically. Simply DO the following, biological experiment. The results will amaze you!


In preparation, remove all metal - including watches, earrings, wedding rings and piercings - and synthetic clothing from your body. Natural fibres, like cotton, will do fine. Have no computers, mobile phones or TV screens near you.


Secondly, place the tip of your tongue through your teeth and lips so that it touches the air. This is sometimes called the Trauma Turning Tongue Position, because it releases trauma.


Breathe 14 times with a slow, deep, relaxed breath, to settle yourself down. As you settle down, notice that the centre of your breathing gets lower.


Correct breathing - called Diaphragmatic Breathing - occurs when your diaphragm pulls down. This pushes your belly down and out on the in breath, and when you release your breath it goes in and up.


When singing, you push from your lower belly or - if you need extra power - from your upper belly. If you use your upper belly only - without the support and the starting of your lower belly - your voice will sound harsh.


In other words, sweetness of voice comes from correct, lower belly breathing and extra volume comes from upper belly involvement. This is true also when speaking.


Now to the experiment. Hold a banana. Say "This banana exists" over and over again in your mind. Do it for 14 breaths, with your tongue in the Trauma Turning Tongue Position. You get Lower Belly Breathing. YES, the banana you are holding does exist.


Now say "This banana does NOT exist" over and over again in your mind. You get shallow, tight, constricted, chest breathing with rising shoulders - hardly any movement at all.


Always use the Trauma Turning Tongue Position when testing.


Now put the banana down and place your left hand on your upper belly and your right hand on your lower belly. Close your eyes, relax and feel your breathing.


Now say "God exists" over and over again in your mind, for 14 breaths. You get Lower Belly Breathing. YES, God exists just like a banana exists.


Now say "God does NOT exist" over and over again in your mind. You get shallow, tight, constricted, chest breathing with rising shoulders - hardly any movement at all.


Now say "Science exists". No Lower Belly Breathing! The word "science" means "knowledge". It's a concept. It does NOT exist in the same way that a banana exists.


Now say "Religion exists". No Lower Belly Breathing! Again, it's a concept, not a physically existing thing.


Of course, you can try this with "Jehovah", "A Higher Power", "Allah" or any other name for the one God. What you are proving is that God is not just a concept but exists - like a banana - in physical reality.


So you can now make statements like "God, it will rain between 11am and 2pm in the Twin Towns Park, under the trees at the back of that park, this Sunday, the 25th December". If God approves of this statement you will get Lower Belly Breathing. If not, you won't.


In this way, you exercise your faith by preparing for your Christmas picnic in the park. Faith is a muscle that needs daily exercise, so if you don't do this and don't exercise your faith daily you are not walking your talk if you say that you have faith in God.


Scientific PROOF that Jesus Christ exists

Now say "Jesus Christ exists". Do it for 14 breaths.


You get Lower Belly Breathing with Upper Belly Breathing rising on top of it. In other words, each in and out breath start in your Lower Belly then rise to your Upper Belly, which dominates the breathing pattern.


Now say "Jesus Christ existed". NO Lower Belly movement. NO Upper Belly movement. In other words, he is still here.

Scientific PROOF that your Soul exists

Now say "Souls" exist.  You get Lower Belly Breathing supporting Upper Belly Breathing which supports Lower Chest Breathing. 


Scientific PROOF that heaven exists

Now say "Heaven exists". You get Lower Belly Breathing supporting Upper Belly Breathing which supports Lower Chest Breathing which supports Upper Chest Breathing. Jesus Christ said "Allow the little children to come to me, for theirs IS the kingdom of heaven". In other words, Heaven is "within you - and without you".


Scientific PROOF that the Holy Spirit exists

Now say "The Holy Spirit exists" while taking 14 breaths. Lower Belly Breathing supports Upper Belly Breathing supports Lower Chest Breathing supports Upper Chest Breathing with rising shoulders.


Now make each statement with a NOT in it, such as "God does NOT exist". Your breathing reverses. In other words, when you breathe in your belly goes in and when you breathe out your belly goes out. This is incorrect breathing, Bad Baboon Breathing, Perverse Breathing.

At the Lower Belly level you could call it Satanic Breathing. At the Upper Belly level you could call it Devil Breathing. At the Lower Chest level you could call it Ego Breathing. And at the Upper Chest level you could call it Hell Breathing.


Life and Hell

Instead of your lower belly going out when you breathe in, and in when you breathe out (think opposites), your lower belly goes in when you breathe in and out when you breathe out. It's poor breathing, reverse breathing, dis-ease causing breathing, shallow breathing, constricted breathing. Breath is life, so it's against life, not pro-life. And God, Jesus Christ, your Soul, Heaven and the Holy Spirit all give you life.


So try each statement now, over the course of 14 breaths.

"God does NOT exist".

"Jesus Christ does NOT exist."

"My Soul does NOT exist."

"Heaven does NOT exist".

"The Holy Spirit does NOT exist".

None of them are supported, all of them give you reverse (Perverse) breathing.


Now try "Hell Breathing". You get Rising Shoulders Breathing with Perverse Breathing.


Try "Ego Breathing". Same result.

Try "Devil Breathing". Same result. The Devil is someone who keeps on telling lies about God. 


Try "Satan Breathing". Same result. Satan is an enemy or one who opposes God.


Now try "God Breathing". You are back to your Lower Belly.


Now try "Jesus Christ Breathing". Lower Belly supports Upper Belly.


Now try "Heaven Breathing". Lower Belly supports Upper Belly supports Lower Chest supports Upper Chest.


Now try "Holy Spirit Breathing". Lower Belly supports Upper Belly supports Lower Chest supports Upper Chest with Rising shoulders. And after that you breathe in the back. Yes! Your back moves when you breathe well!

Your in breath starts from your tailbone! Now try "Purgatory Breathing". It's restricted, back breathing, with your in breath starting from your neck. 

So you can choose to be in close communication with God or Satan, Jesus Christ or the Devil, your Soul or your Ego, Heaven or Hell and the Holy Spirit or Purgatory. 


This is a scientific, biological way to PROVE that God, Jesus Christ, your Soul, Heaven and the Holy Spirit are real things - they exist. If they exist, you can have a relationship with them. A relationship requires receptivity as well as expression.


So you need to meditate and pray. For example, you need to ask God "Is it best for all concerned that I go to the Vine Church today?" If God approves you will get Lower Belly Breathing, not Perverse Breathing.


Now try asking "Is it best for all concerned that I go to the Border Church today?" If God does NOT approve you will get Perverse Breathing, or at least no Lower Belly Breathing. If God approves of neither, you could try "Is it best for all concerned that I go to the library today?"


Sometimes God's answers may be confusing. You could get YES on all questions. Specify the times - GET SPECIFIC WITH GOD.


And MAKE STATEMENTS, which give you clearer answers. So use "It's best for all concerned that I go to the Vine Church today."


Now try "Charles Darwin is God". And try "Cheeky Monkey's parrot is God". You get Perverse Breathing on both statements. If you just laughed at the above statements, realise that God is perfect so He has a perfect sense of humour.


Now try "Jesus Christ is God". Same result.


Now try "God is my Lord". You get Lower Belly Breathing. "Lord" means that you follow His decisions. If He does not approve, you don't go there.


Now try "Jesus Christ is my Lord". You do NOT get Lower Belly Breathing. You get Upper Belly Breathing which is NOT supported by Lower Belly Breathing.


Now try "Jesus Christ is my healer". You get SUPPORTED Upper Belly Breathing.


Now try "Jesus Christ is my teacher." You get SUPPORTED Upper Belly Breathing.


Now try "Jesus Christ is my friend". You get SUPPORTED Upper Belly Breathing.


Get your relationship with God and Jesus Christ right. Then you can have 100% faith in God as your Lord and Jesus Christ as your healer, teacher and friend.


The Miracle of Obedience

Breath Testing said to have lunch at Govinda's, so I did. Nothing remarkable happened.


So I decided to go home again. Breath Testing said NO. I sat at a table by myself, bored, going nowhere, and Breath Testing wouldn't let me get up.


I obeyed and sat. Less than 10 minutes later a stranger asked to sit at my table. All other tables were taken and I had three spare chairs.


Breath Testing said YES so I motioned him to a seat. I asked questions and let him talk. I remained in Catchy Conversation mode.


He is a cook. I ask who for, expecting a local hotel. He says "Mainly bands."


"Music!" I ask "Such as?"


He says "Have you heard of the Rolling Stones? Paul McCartney?"


"So you tour with them?"




"Are you a cook or the head of a group of cooks?"


"The head of a team."


"Can you do vegan?"


"Paul McCartney's vegan ... well, vegetarian."


I show him my website on his mobile phone and establish contact. What will happen if he sends my songs to his contacts? My songs could go viral quickly!


I thank the Holy Spirit for creating that meeting, for guiding my Breath Testing, and learn that, when in search of something (in this case, going viral on the internet) it's good to Breath Test - to listen for the possibilities that God, Jesus Christ, my Soul or the Holy Spirit may bring your way.


How well you use these opportunities is another matter. You need to realise that this is an opportunity, and guide the movement of the conversation by the principles of Catchy Communication to get the best results.


Now how do I, through email, inspire this amazing cook to share my songs? Just feed them to him, one by one. That's what my Breath Testing says.

Are Hand Positions from God?

My friend Paul asked me this question after taking photos of them. This is a great question.


Are hands from God? Are ears from God? There are hands in the Bible, as well as ears.


Cars are not. Cars are not in the Bible. The wheel was invented in China. Are wheels from God?

How do you know what is Godly and what is Satanic? You ask God!

If it's Godly Lower Belly Breathing will be Correct, because God gives you life. If Lower Belly Breathing gives a Perverse response - your lower belly goes in when you breathe in and out when you breathe out - it's Satanic.

Compare these two Hand Positions. The first interlaces your fingers at your first (distal) bones. It activates Correct Lower Belly Breathing. It's Godly.

The second reverses the interlacing of your fingers at your first bones. It activates Perverse (reverse) Lower Belly Breathing. It's Satanic.

Now compare these two Hand Positions. The first interlaces your fingers at your second (medial) bones. It activates Correct Upper Belly Breathing. It's Christly.

The second reverses the interlacing of your fingers at your first bones. It activates Perverse (reverse) Upper Belly Breathing. It's Devilish.

Now compare these two Hand Positions. The first interlaces your fingers at your third (proximal) bones. It activates Correct Lower Chest Breathing. It's Soulful.

The second reverses the interlacing of your fingers at your third bones. It activates Perverse (reverse) Lower Chest Breathing. It's Egotistical.

Now compare these two Hand Positions. The first interlaces your fingers at your third (proximal) bones and brings your palms together. It activates Correct Upper Chest Breathing. It's Heavenly.

The second reverses the interlacing of your fingers at your third bones and brings your palms together. It activates Perverse (reverse) Upper Chest Breathing. It's Hell.

In other words, you can breathe to change your state from focussing on God to focussing on Satan at any time. Observe your breathing. Are you doing God Breathing (Correct, Lower Belly Breathing) or Satanic Breathing (Perverse, Lower Belly Breathing). If the latter, change it. 

About 20% of people are locked into Perverse Breathing most of the time. If you are, practise Correct Breathing at all four levels until you breathe normally this way. Most people who are so afflicted take about 3-6 weeks to change. One woman took a year, but after that most of her ailments subsided or dis-appeared.

So please, when you wake up in the morning, Sing Down a little prayer, sip two glasses of purified water and do half an hour of Laugh Downs to heal yourself and boost your energy.

God Breathing

God breathes through you with every breath. So when you spend time paying attention to your breath you are spending time with God. 


If you wish to walk more closely with God, pay attention to your breathing, especially what your lower belly breathing is telling you. Does God approve of what you are doing or thinking?


Pay attention to your breathing. If you are getting more breath flow you are getting more life, so God approves.

If you are getting less breath flow you are getting less life, so God does not approve. You know this and can feel this in your lower belly breathing.


This is not about feelings or emotions. It’s about life flow. 


Firstly, free up your breathing with Laughing Monkey Medicine. Then, when your breath flow is free, make a statement that is true and one that is false, and notice the difference in your breath response.


When you make a true statement your belly will go out when you breathe in, and when you make a false statement your belly will go in when you breathe in … or at least get less.

God breathes you. God laughs you. God loves you.

The Three Commandments of Jesus Christ

Jesus said 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. ' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbour as yourself.'

Love God.

Love others.

Love yourself.

To learn how to love more, get the book called "God Breathing - the Three Commandments of Jesus Christ".

This book is for you if you want to

1 Pray 20 hours a day without losing any sleep.

2 Get over 40 hours of healing a week while you sleep.

3 Stay in close communication with God, Jesus Christ, your Soul and the Holy Spirit in each and every minute of your day, by observing how your breathing responds to what is happening around you and what you intend to do about it.

4 Go your way and sin no more. Sins are mistakes, and you are probably mistaken in your consumption of thoughts, exercise, breathing, consumption of food and drinks, sunshine and rest - sleep and meditation.


5 Be sure, absolutely sure, that Satan, the Devil or your ego are not leading you astray through temptation or poor thinking each and every minute of the day. 

For example, my bike was stolen and I was walking the streets looking for it. I prayed for a bike and began walking up to Thomson Street, where it could have been lost in the bushes. Immediately Jesus said no and God did not approve! I got that message immediately, through my breathing. 

So I turned the other way and began walking down the hill. God approved. Jesus was fine with it.


Then I was faced with the choice to go left along Enid Street. Again, God approved and Jesus was fine with it.

Then I was faced with the choice to go right to a cafe nearby. Again, God approved and Jesus was fine with it. They said YES! 

This was strange because I don't take drugs - neither coffee nor tea nor sugar. I don't frequent cafes. But I went obediently to their say so, as communicated by them through my lower belly and upper belly breathing.

My friend Pat was at the cafe, chatting with his friend John. I told them my story. I had not met John before, but his first words to me were "Would you like a new bike?"


"It will take 2-3 days and you will need to pick it up at South Tweed."

"How much?"


I got a down rush of the Holy Spirit. John walked away to arrange it. I asked Pat how this could be, and he said that John had been helping others like this for 40 years and when he asked others gave. 

The question you need to ask is this. When I was going towards Thomson Street, how did I know that I was going to be offered a free bike in a cafe two blocks away by a man I had not met before? And if not me, was it some wandering spirit or was it Jesus and was it God?

The answer is simple. If it is a wandering spirit you will get Perverse Breathing (also called Bad Baboon Breathing, on this website). If not you will get less breathing in your lower belly (God does not approve) or upper belly (Jesus is not okay with it). 

And if God approves and Jesus is okay with it, you will get stronger breathing in your lower belly and your upper belly. To learn more and master this simple way to communicate with God, Jesus Christ, your Soul and the Holy Spirit, and know for sure when a wandering spirit, Satan or the Devil are misleading you, practise the breathing techniques in this book, called "God Breathing - the Three Commandments of Jesus Christ", so that you make decisions that always love God, love others and love yourself.


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The Satanic Churches

Cheeky went to a "Christian" church in Forest Park. They accepted his attendance, but afterwards they only had tea and coffee and sugar - drugs. He knew that relying on drugs opens the door to demonic possession, so he refused them and offered them $20 for turmeric latte on oat milk. 

The following week he was offered the $20 back because they had no "policy" on the matter and wanted to have a "conversation" between themselves about it. He had to laugh!

So he wrote the pastor this email.

Dear Pastor,

Jesus Christ knocked on your door last Sunday, and you closed it in his face. 


Jesus Christ sat at your table last Sunday, and you ignored her.


Jesus Christ said that in as far as you serve the least in our society, you serve me. 


Please converse with your group about these facts.


1 Relying on drugs opens the doors to demonic possession.

2 Jesus Christ cleared the table of all moneys in the temple.

3 Coffee, tea, cola etc all contain caffeine, and usually sugar, two well known stimulant drugs. The reason 99% of Australians take these stimulants is that their red blood cell walls lack selenium, because Australian soil is deficient in selenium. It gets worse with Covid, because Covid strips selenium from the red blood cell walls. 


As soon as you give your parishioners selenium their energy levels will soar and their dependence on drugs diminish or disappear. Adults need 2-3 Brazil nuts per day to achieve this - not from Coles, which derives its Brazil nuts from Australia. Woolies has them wild harvested from Brazil.


Yes, I am the poor, partially blind, homeless (no kitchen, can't make turmeric latte) man that knocked on your door. And the name of the poor woman sitting at your table is V..... I have been buying her bottles of water. 


Considering that I will not be returning to your church, please give the $20 as four TURMERIC LATTES to V...., and a fifth one from your heart. She used to sit in your garage, and I got her down to your table by bringing her cups of tea. 


May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you,



If three monkeys walk down the street hand in hand, aiming for the same purpose, going to the same place,  in harmony with each other, in that sense, they are "one". 


But their hands have not melted together. Each has a separate personality. You know by "God Breathing", "Jesus Breathing" and "Holy Spirit Breathing" that all three are separate. They communicate with you from the Lower Belly, Upper Belly and Upper Chest. So they are one in harmony with each other, but not one with their hands melted together. 

When I was sitting in the toilet with hemorrhoids the Light of Jesus enveloped me first, followed by the Holy Spirit downrush a split second later. They came separately. 

Jesus Christ himself said "Love the Lord your God". He didn't say "Love me" or "Love God and me". He walked towards God, with God's support, with his disciples. 

There is a doctrine which is NOT in the Christian Holy Bible. If you follow that doctrine you think that, in some way, Jesus is God. Therefore, it is okay to worship Jesus, to idolise him. There are plenty of idols on TikTok that you can idolise, such as the pop stars. 

There is even a "Christan TikTok" which idolises Jesus. This is idolatry, and Jesus did not ask for it. His first commandment was "Love the Lord (the decision-maker in your life) your God with all your heart, with all your strength and with all your mind". 

This false doctrine is called the Trinity. One pastor says that it is the "best explanation" for certain verses in the bible which mention all three - God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit - together. It's not. The best explanation is that they work harmoniously with each other. 

Unfortunately, the Trinity Doctrine gives us millions of false prophets, pastors, priests and whole churches who use it to lead their parishioners in the worship of Jesus rather than God. They forget the first commandment not to have any idol other than God, and the back up commandment that Jesus Christ gave us to love God. 

This is not the fault of Jesus Christ, just the tendency of sheep to follow a leader. Cheeky has had many idolise him as a healer, teacher and seminar presenter, a man of wisdom and knowledge, and he keeps deflecting it back to the idolator by teaching self-healing, either on your own or with the help of others (God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit). 

Please remember that in all miracle healings Jesus Christ asked God for them. God is Lord, the ultimate decision-maker in the life of Jesus Christ and my life too. Cheeky was the third person to learn Foot Reflexology in Australia and has taught many others. Jesus is better. Cheeky is the World Master of Seven Element Acupuncture. Jesus is better.


In fact, Jesus is Master of all Modalities, including Pranic Healing, homeopathy, orthobionomy and herbal medicine, but he is Master because he defers to God. He is not God. He referred to himself as a Son of God, and a son is not a father. They are separate personalities.

So please, discard your idolatry of Jesus Christ and shift your focus to God. Use the prayer formats given in this website for your healing, because both God and Jesus Christ are your friends and will support your healing with amazing grace and speed. And use them also to sing for the glory of God, because that is where the credit lies. 

Jesus Came: Testimony

My name is Sarah. I served Jesus Christ with half a glass of water when I was 13 years old. Yes, this is back 2,000 years ago, in an upper room in Jerusalem. There were three men present, two women - one called Mary, who was not his mother - and me. He had a hearty laugh and a rich, baritone voice. 

At a later time I also cleaned the blood from the nine stripes on his back. I counted nine.

I also saw him being taken down from the cross on which he was crucified (John 19:38). My mother had her right arm around my shoulders and, like some few, scattered groups witnessing the event, we were about 100 meters away. The light became very dark and my mother led me away. These are my memories of Jesus Christ, the greatest healer who has ever walked on this Earth, and an amazing teacher. 

Jesus is back

After  Jesus was resurrected and ascended to heaven, all Christians who sincerely believed in Him began to look forward to His second coming. In particular, we who have been born into the last days even more so look forward to His second coming when He shall raise us up into the heavenly kingdom.


While we hold onto this hope, are we aware of the way in which the second coming of the Lord will appear to us? This question relates to the important matter of whether or not we are able to welcome his coming, so it is essential that we discuss it in earnest.

Someone says that he will definitely come with clouds in great power and glory, for there are many such prophecies within the Bible. For example, “Behold, He comes with clouds; and every eye shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him” (Revelation 1:7).


“And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory” (Matthew 24:30).


Also, when  Jesus was resurrected and He ascended to heaven, an angel said, “You men of Galilee, why stand you gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as you have seen Him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11). In light of these prophecies, some brothers and sisters believe that the second coming of the Lord in the last days will definitely be Jesus coming with clouds.

In fact, besides the many verses in the Bible that prophesy the Lord coming openly with clouds, there are also the prophecies that say the Lord will come in secret as a thief. For instance, “Behold, I come as a thief” (Revelation 16:15). “If therefore you shall not watch, I will come on you as a thief” (Revelation 3:3). And in Matthew 25:6, the Lord Jesus said, “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom comes; go you out to meet him.”


These verses say very clearly that, when Jesus returns, not everyone will be able to see him, but that he will come without our knowing about it at all. Instead, His arrival will be announced by a cry, that is, by someone testifying to us of the gospel of the Lord’s return.


After we hear this testimony, we must open our doors and receive Him, and only then can we welcome Jesus. We can therefore confirm that the Bible prophesies two ways in which Jesus shall return: One being that Jesus shall come in the Spirit, riding openly on clouds, and one being that the Son of man shall come in secret.

Now disasters are happening frequently. Many frightening signs have appeared. What warnings do these signs bring us? 

Now, it is the end of the last days. Many brothers and sisters, who truly believe in the Lord and wait for His return, must have such questions.  Jesus has said, “And, behold, I come quickly” (Revelation 22:12). How quick is quickly? Certainly it has a time component. It is a movie, not a photo.


He has promised us to return, so has He come back yet? How can we know whether He has returned or not?

1. The Occurrence of All Sorts of Disasters

2. The Love of Believers Shall Become Cold

3. The Return of Israel

4. Celestial Phenomena Have Appear

5. The Gospel Shall Be Preached to the Ends of the Earth

6. The Appearance of False Christs

Sign of the Second Coming of Jesus (I): The Occurrence of All Sorts of Disasters

One of the signs of  return is that disasters will occur all over the world. Just as Matthew 24:6–8 say: “And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that you be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

In recent years, disasters are getting worse and worse all over the world—earthquakes, wildfires, famines, and plagues occur frequently and are widespread; the world is in a state of constant upheaval and turmoil, with wars, violence and terrorist attacks on the rise.


For example, the coronavirus-infected pneumonia, which occurred in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019, has spread to many countries around the world, causing a serious situation. The United States saw an outbreak of a deadly flu, which resulted in many deaths.


Australia’s bushfires have lasted for several months since September 2019, causing significant damage and loss. East Africa suffered its worst invasion of desert locusts in 25 years, which led to food crisis in many African nations. In November 2019, the worst flood in 50 years hit Venice, Italy, with 80% of the city flooded. At the beginning of 2020, a blizzard rarely seen in a century struck Newfoundland, Canada. Torrential rains flooded Indonesia. There were also earthquakes in Kuril Islands, in Elazig, Turkey, in the Caribbean near Cuba, and in other places.

Sign of the Second Coming of Jesus (II): The Love of Believers Shall Become Cold

Matthew 24:12 records: “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Nowadays, in all religions and denominations, believers in general lust for worldly things and take no thought to working for God.

Some of them are engaged in business, and some run factories and are busy with making money. Moreover, some pastors and elders scheme against one another and have jealous disputes with each other.


They even form factions, separate into their own cliques, steal offerings, and commit adultery. Followers become colder and colder in their faith and love and churches are becoming more and more desolate now.

Sign of the Second Coming of Jesus (III): The Return of Israel


Matthew 24:32–33 says: “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near: So likewise you, when you shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.”


In May 1948, Israel was restored. Shortly after David Ben-Gurion announced the establishment of Israel in Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948, Soviet Union recognized it quickly and set up an embassy there on May 26, and later supported Israel in many ways. On May 11, 1949, Israel was accepted officially as a member of the United Nations with the support of the Soviet Union and the United States.

Sign of the Second Coming of Jesus (IV): Celestial Phenomena Have Appeared

Matthew 24:29 says: “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.” Astronomers frequently publish news of stars falling, new stars appearing, and regular sight of meteor crash.


At 9:15 a.m. of February 15, 2013, Chelyabinsk, Urals Federal region, Russia was hit by an asteroid, and a huge shock wave and explosion caused 1,491 people injured and plenty of glass broken. It was said by scientists that the diameter of the asteroid was about 15 meters and that it weighed about 7,000 metric tons.


This has fulfilled the prophecy “the stars shall fall from heaven.” On May 17, 2016, a meteor streaked across New England sky, turning night into daylight. In January 2018, a super blue blood moon occurred in the sky. Prior to this, a series of blood moons had appeared. All this has fulfilled the prophecy “fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”

Sign of the Second Coming of Jesus (V): The Gospel Shall Be Preached to the Ends of the Earth

Matthew 24:14 records: “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations; and then shall the end come.” “And this gospel … shall be preached in all the world” means when all nations have heard the gospel, Jesus will return. (It doesn’t mean when everyone has heard the gospel or believes in Jesus Christ.)


After Jesus completed the work of redemption through His crucifixion, the Holy Spirit began to guide God’s chosen people to testify about Jesus. Through radio, the Internet, books, gospel flyers, evangelism, and so on, the Lord’s gospel has been spread more and more widely and finally preached among all nations.


Christians have also already been throughout the world, and there are even millions who accept the gospel of in China, which is ruled by an atheist political party; the gospel of redemption has spread to the ends of the universe. What nation and what region in the world now has never heard the gospel of the Jesus?

Sign of the Second Coming of Jesus (VI): The Appearance of False Christs

Matthew 24:23–26 say: “Then if any man shall say to you, See, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”


As we know, deception from false Christs has now occurred in the religious communities of many countries. For example, in South Korea, many are deceived into following false Christs due to lack of discernment.


All false Christs can do is to perform some simple signs and wonders and preach some specious fallacies to deceive others. They simply can’t express the truth to resolve man’s problem of committing sins and then confessing, nor can they save mankind from corruption.


According to the prophecies of the Bible, when  Jesus returns there will inevitably be many false Christs and deceivers who will appear at the same time trailing and disturbing God’s work. Therefore, when false Christs appear, God has actually already returned and arrived in secret. It’s just that we don’t know it.

The facts above are enough to show us that the biblical prophecies of the return have basically come true, from which we know that Jesus Christ has already come back. Many people, however, will surely ask: “Since Jesus has come back, why haven’t we welcomed Him?” Have you ever thought that there could be some deviations in welcoming the return?


Regarding the return of many take guarding against false Christs as their number one priority. They think any preaching that says has come is false and they don’t seek how to be wise virgins and welcome the return.


Jesus has prophesied, “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, the Spirit of truth, is come, the Spirit will guide you into all truth: for the Spirit shall speak of whatever the Spirt shall hear, that shall the Spirit speak: and the Spirit will show you things to come” (John 16:12–13).


In other words, Breath Test!


In Revelation, “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” is mentioned many times, and Revelation also prophesies, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me” (Revelation 3:20).


These prophecies show that when Jesus Christ returns, He shall yet speak more words. Therefore, if we wish to welcome the appearance and work of Jesus Christ, we must seek God’s voice. Once again, we must Breath Test.


If we hear a particular church testifying that the Lord has returned and uttered new words, we should seek humbly, and if we recognize God’s voice, we should waste no time in accepting it. This way, we won’t miss the opportunity to welcome the Lord’s coming.

Yes, Breath Test this. Jesus Christ is back on the planet Earth in a physical body, in Canada, in the region of Montreal. 

Take a Personal Journey with God

A group of Christians murdered my best friend. I didn't go to church for 40 years. Then, during autocratic lockdowns, I saw a circle of Christians in a park, sitting at spaced intervals. I hoped that they might be the old-fashioned Quakers, who are pacifists. 

They weren't. But they seemed to be gentle. So I became a Sunday Christian. 

Then one of them gave me a New Testament. So I read it. I had read it before, but I actually read it every day. Some of it was helpful. I Breath Tested it. I discovered that 60% of it was factual and 40% fictional, for me. 

Then an old friend suggested that needed to walk more closely with God and Jesus Christ. Yes, I felt that to be true, because reading the Bible is holding God at arm's length from you. But the Bible holds the key to getting closer to God than arm's length.

Job 33:4 tells us that the breath of God is the Spirit of God, “And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” Since the Spirit of God lives inside the believer, each person who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ has ongoing direct access to the breath of life that will help them live abundantly.

Job 12:10 

In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.

2 Peter 1:20-21 

"men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit"

The way forward to closeness is clear. Focus on your breath because the breath of the Almighty gives you life, you have direct access to it, it is the breath of life and it will help you to live abundantly. In other words, with every breath God breathes through you. The Holy Spirit is in it, so pay attention to it - every in breath and every out breath. 

In other words, Breath Test everything! When there is more breath flowing it is true, approved by God, and when there is less breath flowing it is not true, not approved by God. Live your life not at arm's length to God (guided by an old book) but with direct contact with the Will of God. If Breath Testing says no, don't eat the forbidden fruit.

For example, if for breakfast you have a choice of apples and oranges, and your Breath Testing says to eat the oranges, eat the oranges, not the apples. Do not eat the fruit that your Breath Testing says NO to, because, on that morning, it is the forbidden fruit. 

Once you have mastered Breath Testing test the following statement "Jesus is back, physically, on the Earth". When you get a YES, try this one "He is living in Canada, near Montreal". I know that this is true because my Breath Testing says so. It will become untrue when he moves away from Montreal.

“Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Now five of them were wise, and five were foolish. Those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them, but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps."

In other words, keep following your Breath Testing, keep the Holy Spirit in the breath going by following the truth as revealed to you by God and Jesus Christ through your Breath Testing. THAT is how to walk closely to God and Jesus Christ BEYOND the arm's length distance of reading the Bible. 

False Prophets, Pastors, Priests and Ministers, Missionaries

He talks: "Walk more closely to God."

He walks: "Read your Bible every day." He does not Breath Test. In my experience, James 5:15 is correct "The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Fervent prayer is prayer using the Prime Commandment of Jesus Christ, which most pastors, priests and prophets these days don't. "Righteous" means "obeys the Will of God" which they don't either, because they don't Breath Test to know for sure the exact Will of God. They don't pray and obey.

When I pray and obey, by the above method, I get miracles like winning a court case with no evidence (the defendant admitted stabbing me off mike but the mike in the court case is omni-directional and picked up what he said), Zero Pain Tooth Extraction, Divine Appointments and over 700 healing miracles courtesy of the greatest healer who ever walked the planet - Jesus Christ - and God. 


He talks: "Faith is a muscle. It needs daily exercise."

He walks: "I checked with the Channel 7 weatherman and he said it wouldn't rain on Saturday so we will have service in the park." His faith is in the Channel 7 weatherman, not in God.

He talks: "It's all in the Bible."

He walks: "Jesus is God." That's not in the Bible, it's Doctrinal and idolatrous. Neither does the Bible mention that Jesus Christ had a hearty laugh and a powerful, warm, baritone singing voice.

He talks: "I will meet you for a chat next Thursday at 11.30."

He walks: No show.

He talks: "I will forward that book for you to my friend."

He walks: "Oh, I forgot. I'll do it next week." Next week never comes.

He talks: "Hello, my friend."

He walks: He pulls the rug out from under the feet of half of his parishioners and runs his own seminars during services - yes, during worship time!

He talks: "My heart is good."

He walks: His heart is deceptive. THAT is in the Bible.

He talks: "We need to obey God's Laws."

He walks: "Would you like to come out on Thursday night?" even though it breaks God's Law of Sunlight.

He talks: "The Bible is truth."

He walks: The Bible has many parables - fictional stories to learn from, poems, songs and symbolic passages, including visions and dreams. So it's partly factual and partly fictional.

The Symbolic Story of Adam

"Adam was made in the image of God." Yes, his physical body was made inside his spiritual body (aura), which is much larger. He is not a physical body with a spiritual emanation, he is a spiritual body with a physical densification.

"Adam was the first Jew." Yes, he began a line of Jews.

"Adam was the first man." No, God is congruent. He has Laws against incest. If Adam was the first man, and Eve the first woman, their children had incest to keep the species going. 

For God to be congruent, he did not set up Adam's children to break the Law. He did not create a photo called "Creation", he created a movie called "Evolution", with many men and women available from different cultures.

"The Jews are God's chosen people." No, God breathes equally well through all people, regardless of race, creed or culture.

"The Jews deserve to live in the Promised Land." No, they have no right to land more than any other part of the population of the earth. They simply were slaves who moved out of slavery to a new land inhabited by others, who they massacred and cast out.

Those terrorise and displaced others went to the hills surrounding the "Promised Land" and fought back to regain their original land. The Jews called them "Terrorists". 

Messianic Jews (Christians) went further and conquered the world, bringing with them dis-eases, pestilence and war in the name of peace. They circumcised the children. Circumcised children are more trouble, more aggressive, more belligerent and more warlike than those not circumcised, because you cut off one, whole sphincter muscle. To gentle them down they need to regrow the foreskin.

He talks: peace.

He walks: war.

He talks: "We are open to all races, colours and genders."

He walks: Yes, all of the pictures of Jesus Christ are of a white man with a Teutonic (German/Austrian/Danish/Dutch) face. So? So Jesus Christ was coffee coloured with a peach shaped face.

He talks: "We try to be as close to the authentic, early church as possible."

He walks: We don't have any knowledge of reincarnation (the early church, before the fifth century AD, believed in it). 

He talks: "These are the last days, the end times. Jesus Christ will be back soon."

He walks: "Huh?" when I tell him that Jesus Christ is back now, living in Canada, near Montreal at the moment.

He talks: "Make kindness the norm." Having been used to the vegan movement, where the motto is "Be kind", I got excited to hear a church pastor saying that in front of the church!!!

He walks: "Everyone is welcome to the sausage sizzle next Saturday!" In the very next announcement!

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