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Health and Healing

Health and healing come through many modalities, especially your own compassion.

Magnetic Massage

"What's going on in your Magnetic Massage?"

Magnetic Massage Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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No Added Sugar

The sweetness of love is well demonstrated by Joel. His wife cooks food that is amazingly tasty and nutritious, but he doesn't get fat because he has no need to overeat - his wife's love fulfils him!

No Added Sugar Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Cheeky Monkey wrote this after his wife ran off with the wedding photographer. 

Magnestone Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Mad Cow's Dis-ease

If you love animals you will love this song, which is all about compassion for cows. 

Mad Cow's Disease Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Hey Daddy

Written in honour of my father, who was detained in concentration campe for three, long years of starvation, went up the Burmese railroad in World War II (300,000 went up and only 50,000 came back) and was partially responsible for the engineering of the brdge over the River Kwai (and placing holes in it for explosives). And who had red hair!

Hey Daddy Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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