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Back Relief Sunshine

Insulin receptors open during the day when you are active and close during the day when you rest. And they open during the night when you rest and close during the night when you are active. 

So go to bed with the sun and wake up with the sun. This is called the Circadian Rhythm. When you follow the Circadian Rhythm you are obeying the Law of Sunshine and avoiding high blood sugar from the abuse of your insulin receptors, thereby building muscle better and avoiding diabetes.


The real cause of diabetes 2 

Think of it this way. The man who caused more diabetes 2 than anybody else was Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb, which keeps us awake at night. If you go to sleep with the sun and get up with the sun, and rest during the night, you will be in much better health in the long term, including back health. If you wake up before dawn, meditate.

Billions make themselves ripe and ready for diabetes 2 by their sleeping habits. Older gorillas have a "nana nap" in the mid-afternoon, which leaves them weak and sleepy afterwards. 

Those in countries of Latin origin - Italy, Spain, Mexico and the like - have a siesta after lunch, which is in the afternoon. Then they go to sleep late a night, wake up in the early morning and try to work! Of course they feel weak compared to how they could be.


Of course they are prone to diabetes 2. They are breaking the Law of Sunlight, a Law of Nature given to us by God, which you can see in the insulin receptors, the circadian rhythm of sleep and the common behaviour of yawning after night falls. 

So if you want the best rejuvenation possible, and certainly if you need to recover from diabetes, pre-diabetes, hyperglycemia, metabolic syndrome, insomnia, disturbed sleep and much more, follow the sun. Yes, you will wake up before dawn. Stay in bed and get a massage from Jesus Christ (the way to do this is given to you in my book called "Saved!") or turn on the sublime, meditation music of Jeremiah Stone (commissioned by Elvis Pavarotti) or listen to or sing the Christmas Carol "Christmas Light" to straighten your spine in preparation for a full on day.

Supersoft Sunshine

Primates need sunshine to make Vitamin D. That's why monkeys love to sunbake, sometimes for hours at a time, sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. Too much sunshine, however, can cause burning, so Breath Test how much you need on any, particular day.


it is better to exercise in the sun than sunbake. That's because when you are still jelly coagulates. You see, when you make jelly you pour a protein, called gelatine, into a bowl of water. The protein is hydrophilic - it attacts water. Hydrophobic proteins push water away.


There are 20 types of protein that we eat - amino acids such as cysteine, which is highly hydrophilic and methionine, which is highly hydophobic. These are the two main proteins in your eyes, so when you get blurring in your eyes it's not methionine causing the gelling of the water in the lens, it's the cysteine.


Similarly, when you get cancer, the cause is gelling of the fluid between your cells (interstitial fluid). This suffocates your cells, they get less than 60% of their normal oxygen and turn to sugar for more energy, becoming cancerous.


When you remove the jelly the cancers disappear because the cells know that oxygen gives far more energy than sugar, so they return to normal cells. That's how I got rid of seven, small sunspots on the backs of my hands in 7 hours.


So when you sunbake it's easier for the gel to stay in place and suffocate your cells. But when you move - such as exercising in the sunshine - it moves the gel so that you have less cancer occurring.


Thus, to prevent cancer, stop sunbaking and move in the sun. BUT mainly, it is the suffocation of the cells which causes the cancer - anywhere in your body including the skin - so lower the protein content of your foods.


So simply enjoy a Vitarian diet - organically grown fruits and vegetables ONLY plus, if you are in Australia, 2-3 Brazil nuts a day from outside of Australia (because Australian soil is deficient in selenium) and including seaweed and coconut yogurt or kefir. The high protein foods include all animal products, legumes, nuts, seeds and grains.


To prevent and overcome cancer it helps to let them go out of your life. Overload - including protein overload - causes stress and inflammatory dis-eases. In fact, most dis-eases are caused by acids burning (damaging) your cells, and the two major sources of acids are fats (fatty acids) and proteins (amino acids).


"But aren't proteins good for you?" you may ask. The answer is simple - yes, but not an excess of protein. Fats are good for you too, but not an overload of fats.


"What's an overload of protein?" More than 2% in any food.


Read your labels. Most supermarket foods have an excess of protein, as well as an overload of fats. So shop at your local markets, make friends with the organic growers, and, if possible, grow your own in your back yard - especially your greens, such as dandelion, cat's ears, comfrey, sage, parsley, dill, coriander, mint.


If you have four cups of deep green, leafy vegetables per day, freshly picked from your garden and not washed (inspect them for bird poo) without dogs around (their poo can give you hydatids) you get plenty of iron, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and, amazingly, Vitamin B12 (the bacteria on the deep green, leafy vegetables make the Vitamin B12, so don't wash them off.


A friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. He stopped eating anything else and just ate deep green, leafy veggies from his own back yard. 3-4 months later he had no cancer. He was very thin, so he added more food to rebuild his bulk.


How much sunshine do you need per day?

On light skin about half an hour per day. On olive skin about an hour a day. On darker skin it can get up to 2.5 hours per day. Do not go beyond a healthy, pink glow, or you will burn.


Many monkeys sunbake in groups, or sometimes singly. Exercising would be better. Play games, try new movements, laugh a lot and Buzz as much as you can. Exercising builds bone, as does Vitamin D, which you get from sunshine.


Sudden Onset Death

About 60% of those who got "the jab" had micro-clots forming in their blood vessels. As well, there was congestion in the lungs, stomach and other organs and tissues. Congestion = excess jelly - whether it's in the lungs, stomach or blood cells. it's all about hydrophilic proteins.


Thus, Sudden Onset Death occurs very simply. The Spike Proteins settle into your blood vessel walls and attract water, forming jelly. When enough clots of jelly form and bunch together, they block the flow of blood to the heart, lungs or brain, or other parts of the body, causing hemorrhage, strokes, heart attacks, cancer and death. If you dislodge those clots you get symptoms relating to the blood vessels that they block.


How to get rid of the micro-clots

1 Drink plenty of Nature's Champagne, as described on this website. It's not just water, it's water with a balanced charge.

2 Vitarian Diet, as described on this website.

3 Buzzing - gently vibrating your body. Always remember that electromagnetism governs biochemistry. It lays down the blueprint for life, so correct use of vibration at the electromagnetic level, such as Sustained Healing Affirmations or Sustained Healing Prayers can make remarkable changes for you in your level so congestion. Try this


"Congestion reduces rapidly now"




"In the name of Jesus Christ

I pray for congestion to reduce immediately.

Thank you, God. Amen."


Use the BLUE (-) face of your Singing Angel in your navel to sustain the affirmation or prayer.


The Cancer Pathway

The cause of cancer is well known. In 1932 Dr Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for showing that cells turn (mutate) from oxygen to sugar as an energy source when they lack 60% of the oxygen that they should normally be getting. Cancer is a good cell crying out for energy.


So the cause of cancer is a blockage in the oxygen pathway to the cell or a blockage in the pathway removing wastes from around the cell. There are four possible blockages.


1 Poor breathing. You are not taking in enough oxygen.

2 Poor circulation. Your bloodstream is not carrying enough oxygen to the cancer cells because the pre-capillary sphincters are partially closed - they are not relaxed.

3 Suffocation. The fluid around the cell doesn't allow oxygen into the cell because it's too viscous - too much like jelly. The cell can get enough sugar from it but not enough oxygen.


Peanut butter, for example, is viscous rather than mobile, thick rather than runny. Mucous from your lungs forms thick goobies or, during a cold, can by runny. The fluid between your cells becomes too thick, like peanut butter or jelly, due an excess amount of some proteins such as cysteine. Some supermarket peanut butter has sugar in it, making it sweeter, so you can take the sugar from it, but there is a lack of oxygen in it.


4 Poor waste removal. Your lymphatic system is blocked. There are twice as many lymphatic vessels in your body as blood vessels, and they have lymphatic valves - as do blood vessels - and these are too tense. Your lymph is too stagnant because you don't exercise enough each day, especially exercise for the lymph surrounding those cancerous cells. For example, if you have a cancer in your prostate gland you need to exercise your hips more than any other body part, to shiver your hips. You are not doing enough Buzzing.


You can Buzz for your prostate, breasts or any part of your body. Just learn how to do it - with Buzz Breathing - and do it every day.


Unblocking your oxygen pathway

1 Laughing is boosted breathing. Laugh for no reason, with your tongue forward, on 14 short outbursts, in one out breath.

2 Buzz - shiver your whole body to boost micro-circulation (circulation through your capillaries). Red blood cells, which carry oxygen around your body, need iron need iron and selenium, so have Pecan and Olive Beetroot Stew (borscht - the recipe is given in the song by that name, on this website) and 2-3 Brazil nuts per day (NOT from Australia, which has soil that is deficient in selenium).

3 Remove the jelly from around the cells. Stop eating excess protein. In other words, eat ONLY organically grown (or spray and dusting free) fruits and vegetables, plus 2-3 Brazil nuts a day for selenium, plus seaweed. plus borscht or juices of the same vegetables in the borscht.


Some people cannot have the raw beetroot or silverbeet juice due to its oxalic acid content, causing anaphylaxis, so start with only a little at a time and if your throat starts to feel scratchy or close over stop drinking it.


Four cups of deep green leafy veggies a day will help to remove the excess protein causing the jelly around the cells, so have that in a juice or smoothie or as steamed greens with a sprinkle of lemon juice and Bragg's Liquid Seasoning for dinner.



Sunshine Dosages

The amount of sunshine you get matters to the strength of your bones (bone density) and your immune system. The darker your skin, the more you need.

Redheads are very fair so they need the least amount of sunshine.

Blondes are fair so they need half an hour to one hour a day.

Brunettes need one to one and a half hours.

Dark olives need two hours. Jesus Christ was dark olive so he spent lots of time walking from town to town.




Black monkeys need two to two and a half hours. That's often the case if you come from West Africa, such as Ghana. One of my students was an British diplomat, jetting around the world with a Ghanaian skin colour. He had to take Vitamin D supplements, even when we was living in England.

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