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Back Relief Ice Creams

Yes, water gives you back relief by filling the gels inside your intervertebral discs. If they are not full you get back pain from the pressure of gravity pulling your vertebrae down onto your spinal nerves, which exit and enter your spinal cord at the level of your intervertebral discs.


And while your Back Relief Ice Creams give you long term nutrition for back relief via their high quality of vitamin, mineral and enzyme content, you can also have other ice creams for breakfast every morning so that you get a wide variety of those nutrients. Try Covid Conquering Ice Cream (also called the Incredible Hulk Formula), Super Memory Ice Cream and Wrinkle Softening Ice Cream, or any of the healthy ice creams below that you might like to taste.

Incredible Hulk Ice Cream            Energy. Strength. Power.

I reduced the symptoms of Covid to zero in 7 minutes using massage on Lamina Propria 1.1 with a repeated affirmation. I woke up with the symptoms again the next morning, so I reduced it in half the time using the massage with prayer!

The virus did its normal thing in my body over the next 14 days. I could feel its progress, but enjoyed my life normally, except for keeping social distance. On the eleventh day I cycled (not an electric bike) 60kms to a friend's birthday party and back, had a swim and did more exercises. I felt great! Why? Nutrition!

You see, Covid strips the walls of your red blood cells (RBCs) of selenium. So I had Brazil nuts - some days 3, some days 6, some days 9 and even 12. I also had tahini, which has 3-4 times the amount of iron than red meat. My RBCs thrived!

Then, a couple of years after Covid, I added pecan nuts for their copper to the formula. It's part of hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen from your RBCs to your tissues.  I felt like the Incredible Hulk - strong, energetic and powerful!

So the formula is 2-3 Brazil nuts from South America (certainly not from Australia, whose soil is deficient in selenium) plus a tablespoon of unhulled tahini (the unhulled variety has 20 times the calcium than the hulled) plus 4-5 pecan halves, blended or at least grated for better absorption. 

Then I added Vitamin C by grating the rind of half a mandarin. It helps the absorption of iron. And I mixed it together with the juice of a mandarin, for taste, until the whole mixture turned into a cream. At this time please avoid tea, which inhibits the absorption of iron, making you feel weak.

Incredible Hulk Ice Cream (also called Covid Conquering Ice Cream)

The blending chews the nuts 1,000 times, making them more bioavailable. And if you freeze the mixture the freezing and thawing process bursts open the cells for even better nutrition. That's why I like making ice creams of fruit and nuts.

The best fruits to overcome Covid - and so the ones to add into your blender to make Covid Conquering Ice Cream - are the citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, mandarin and, best of all, sweet lime/lemon from India. If you don't have those, try pineapple, mango or kiwi fruit - fruits high in Vitamin C.


Just add one third of a can of coconut cream into the blender. And if you have a large blender rather than a one-person bullet, multiply the amounts of the ingredients by four for four people.

If you have children tailor the amounts according to weight. So if your child is half your weight, give the child half the amount. 


The cream is the first pressing of the coconut and the milk is the second pressing, thus far less nutritious, so use the cream rather than the milk. This will add sweetness to the mixture.


Nuts and seeds are extremely high in protein. You only need a closed fist of nuts per day, and one of seeds. Once you have that, make the rest of your day without excess protein. 

You see, excess protein causes congestion, catarrh, colds, coughs, covids, cataracts, clots, cancers, flus, viruses, bacteria and other germs to thrive. Human mother's milk has 2% protein, and protein is for growth. Infants grow 2-3 times their weight in 6 months, much more than a body-builder.

Foods with excess protein

All animal products

All legumes except whole, brown rice, which is 2% 

All nuts

All seeds, including grains

That's why if you follow the instructions from Genesis 1:29, about what food suits the human metabolism best, you get the best health and you recover fastest from most metabolic dis-eases. Genesis 1:29 says "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed". In other words, eat fruit and greens. I like to have fruit in the morning, with a closed fist of seeds, such as tahini (yum! especially if you mix it with a bit of water into a cream first), and greens at lunch with a few, grated nuts, such as Brazil nuts and pecans.

How does this work?

Most metabolic dis-ease comes from toxicity. Protein such as gelatine forms jelly. 14 out of the 20 proteins that you eat are hydrophilic - water-loving. They coagulate. The protein in the AstraZeneca "vaccine" - a drug which is now banned - called histidine, is hydrophilic, as well as being the basis of histamine, a hormone that causes inflammation. 


Just six proteins are hydrophobic. They push water away. So excess protein helps to cause constipation (impactions in your bowels, like protein balls), cataracts (excess protein in the lenses of your eyes), clots (coagulations in your bloodstream) and cancers.


Imagine a cell inside a coating of jelly. It cannot get oxygen. When it loses 60% of its oxygen it turns to sugar for more energy. This is called cancer. 

This process of losing oxygen causing cancer was described first by Dr Otto Warburg. He won the Nobel prize for his discovery.


The biology is clear. If you eat excess protein you can get cancers. If you remove excess protein from your diet the cancers slow or reverse. I had seven sunspots on the backs of my hands. I got rid of them in seven hours.


It was easy. I had fruit for breakfast - that's all. I did a special breathing technique and sustained it for seven hours. The sunspots dis-appeared as the cancerous cells returned to normal because they got normal levels of oxygen. They slowly sunk back into the normal skin as normal cells.


Dr Rudolph Breuss has proved this by putting 45,000 on a juice diet for 42 days, which reversed their cancers.

Incredible Hulk Nut Butter

Normal, unhulled tahini has twice as much absorbable iron as red meat. Activated tahini has four times as much, so you only need to eat half as much to get the same amount of iron.

So 15-50 year old (menstruating) women need 7 steaks a day to get enough iron, or ??? tablespoons of unhulled tahini, or ??? tablespoons of activated tahini. 

How to Activate Sesame Seeds

Soak them in purified water overnight. Pour off the liquid, which contains the oxalates and phytates that prevent absorption. Do the same with 2-3 Brazil nuts and 4-5 pecan nuts.

How to Boost Bioavailability

Grind activated sesame seeds into a paste with a mortar and pestle. Or use a blender, which makes them very bitty - not as good. Or use a coffee grinder, which makes a smooth paste or halva.



























Sweet and Tasty Tahini

Add the activated Brazil nuts and activated pecan nuts. It makes a sweet and tasty Incredible Hulk Nut Butter, which delivers a massive oxygen hit to your tissues. This gives you high energy, strength and power all day long, without the up and down energy rollercoaster given by caffeine or sugar. You then sleep well at night, without the disturbed sleep given by caffeine or sugar. Your need for caffeine and sugar falls away because you simply don't need them for artificial stimulation any more - you feel GREAT!

Iron Woman 

Red meat has 0.7mgs of absorbable iron per 100 gms. You need 700 gms or 7 steaks a day! Activated Tahini has 1.7mgs  of absorbable iron per 100 gms. You need 2.5 times less than red meat, which is 280 gms per day, or 18.5 tablespoons!

Luckily, you can increase absorbability by having Activated Tahini drizzled on citrus fruit or pineapple, which have plenty of vitamin C, which helps with iron absorption. The same is true for deep green, leafy veggies, so I like to have four handfuls of raw, deep green, leafy veggies a day with activated tahini. 

activEarth are are in stores all over Australia. They produce activated nuts and seeds, including activated tahini, which contains, I believe, 9mgs of iron in 100gms of their activated tahini. That's 3-4 times the iron of red meat. They make 500gm bottles, so one bottle should last you 5 days, because you should also be getting iron from deep green, leafy veggies (4 open handfuls per day) such as fennel and dill (which has 16 times the iron of beetroot) and red veggies such as beetroot, hibiscus flowers (don't eat the stem unless you have diarrhea), rose petals, nasturtiums and, of course, pecans and olives.


HFC in Tweed Mall and Kingscliff

Garden of Eden in South Tweed

Wholelife Health Food South Tweed

Tweed City Health food

BP Tugun - Fox’s Pantry


Or you can come direct to us in Burleigh Heads 5/17 Leda Drive


Iron Metabolism

After being on the Incredible Hulk formula for a couple of months I could feel a lack. I was losing strength. So I tested for Vitamin B12, which is very important for metabolising iron, and it was true that I needed some. So I took a Vitamin B12 tablet, and my strength returned.

Not one to like taking pills, I waited until the loss of strength and energy returned. It wasn't great, just a dip in my levels. This time I took a punnet of alfalfa sprouts, which helped half way. So I tried Kim Chi, which is a Korean recipe for cabbage. That worked well too, then continued for a day as the B12 bacteria grew in my intestines. 

Then I tried banana skin, which didn't work well, mushrooms, which didn't work well and potatoes, which didn't work well either. And I tried coconut yogurt, which didn't do a lot either. So it became obvious that the best source of Vitamin B12 is the bacteria in my own intestines. 

So I tried sauerkraut, the German formula for fermented cabbage. The Edgell brand did very little, as did a Polish brand, but the Wicked brand did well. Its cabbage was softer, so it had more culture in it. 

I tried another brand of Kim Chi as well, and that didn't work as well as the Wicked brand of Kim Chi. The cabbage wasn't as soft, so it had fermented for less time and contained less bacteria. 

So for the best results have some well-fermented sauerkraut or Kim Chi for B12. The better the flora in your intestines the better you will feel.

Laughing Monkey Ice Creams

Have you heard of Super Memory Ice Cream, Wrinkle Reduction Ice Cream or Death by Chocolate Ice Cream for Dropping Diabetes? No, because nobody else in the world knows the recipes except a handful of cheeky monkeys.


I tested each recipe on my monkey friends at classes. For example, they had two dessertspoons of Wrinkle Reducing Ice Cream, then closed their eyes, relaxed and breathed correctly 14 times, and their wrinkles reduced. We watched and felt it happen.


It's all about the right combination of fruits and vegetables with nuts and seeds to give you the best nutrition for that body part - for example, for your facial skin for wrinkles or for skin smoothing. The ice creams are delicious and so nutritious that you can eat them each morning for breakfast.


When you blend the fruit and vegetables into a smoothie it chews them a thousand times. When you freeze the smoothie into an ice cream it bursts open the cells for richer nutrition.


Cheeky Monkey has designed over 70 tasty, nutritionally dense ice creams for healing which you cannot get anywhere in the world. You make them yourself out of organically grown or spray and dusting free plant food. Yes, you need a blender and a freezer. Yes, they are all plant-based recipes.

Laughter Party song

When you run an Ice Cream party, start with this song!

Laughter Party Sneak PeekCheeky Monkey
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Laughing Monkey Lifestyle Poster

For your Laughing Monkey Lifestyle™ Poster with the 7 key factors to keep you at your best  press the BANANA button.

Laughing Monkey Medicine

Laughing is boosted breathing. Breathing is 14,000 times more powerful than food when it comes to health and healing, recovery and rejuvenation. 

So laugh with your tongue forward and in 14 short out bursts in one out breath. That's right, place the tip of your tongue over your bottom teeth and down into the front gutter between your bottom lip and bottom gum.


This reflex point, when touched (you don't need to press hard, just touch it or the "string" that runs across there) helps to relieve cramps such as asthma, angina, stitch, leg cramps, back spasm, muscular aches and pains, stiff neck and shoulders, high blood pressure, birthing cramps (about 50% of birthing pain), migraines (cramping of the muscles around the blood vessels in the brain) and much more. The root of your tongue sits on your airway, so it's lifted and you can breathe more freely.

Listen closely to discover sooo much more!

Taste Rating

We rate the taste of our ice creams from 0 – 10. The ones rating zero taste horrible but may be worth eating purely for their health giving effects.


The ones rated 10 taste awesome but may be just as medicinal as the ones rated zero. It’s up to you to choose what you want.

For example, when introducing others to the concept of laughing being the best medicine, we suggest that you do demonstrations using ice creams that taste great. For example, you could take a person with sunspots or moles, feel the sunspots for roughness and size, then have that person eat 7 – 14 tablespoonfuls of Cancer Conquering Ice Cream.

After 14 x 14 laughs using the sound "o" as in "hot", feel the sunspots or moles again to notice how their size and roughness have decreased. This decrease may not be by a lot if your demonstration model is a poor breather. It may only be minimal.


On the other hand, if your demonstration model is capable of relaxing and breathing in a relaxed, deep manner into the belly, then the amount of change in that short time could be up to 20%.

You can also do demonstrations like this with Pain Relief, Back Pain Relief, Lower Back Pain Relief and Spine Straightening Ice Creams. The key to great results is deep, relaxed, belly breathing and sipping purified water.

You can also do demonstrations with Wrinkle Softening, Face Lift, Skin Smoothing and Rosy Cheeks Ice Creams. How many women do you know who would love to attend a Skin Smoothing or Face Lift Ice Cream Party?

Taste Rating 0 = Ugh! Awful, but still good for you

Taste Rating 1 = Medicinal

Taste Rating 2 = Boring

Taste Rating 3 = Bland

Taste Rating 4 = Tasty

Taste Rating 5 = Yummy

Taste Rating 6 = Mouth-watering

Taste Rating 7 = Intense

Taste Rating 8 = Delicious

Taste Rating 9 = Wonderful

Taste Rating 10 = Awesome

Laughing Monkey Medicine

Remember to keep your tongue forward and laugh with 14, short out bursts on one out breath.

Wrinkle Softening

Wrinkle Softening Ice Cream for Dry Skin Types

Wrinkle Softening Ice Cream for Sensitive Skin Types

Wrinkle Softening Ice Cream for Oily Skin Types

Skin Smoothing Ice Cream for Dry Skin Types

Skin Smoothing Ice Cream for Sensitive Skin Types

Skin Smoothing Ice Cream for Oily Skin Types

Skin Healing Ice Cream, Taste Rating = 5